Mark Giordano, Ryan Lomberg facing potential discipline after Wild period

Two Calgary Flames players are facing potential discipline from the National Hockey League’s Department of Player Safety following two separate incidents in the third period of Thursday’s game against the Minnesota Wild.

Mark Giordano was called for tripping in the third period on a play that sent Wild forward Mikko Koivu toppling to the ice. Koivu left the game and didn’t return, and the combination of that and the collision itself – with Giordano leading with his left leg and making knee-on-knee (or at least knee on high shin) contact merited a hearing from the league’s perspective.

As noted last night, Ryan Lomberg automatically was subject to a one-game suspension (and a fine for Bill Peters of $10,000) for getting an instigator penalty in the final five minutes of regulation. The suspension and fine could have been waived if the Director of Hockey Operations felt the incident wasn’t retaliatory in nature, which it obviously was, following directly on the heels of Matt Dumba’s hit on Mikael Backlund. Based on the wording of Rule 46.22, discipline was automatic, as the rule is designed from stopping one-sided games from becoming wild brawls as they wind down.

This one is less automatic. Rule 70.2 states that a player can be subject to supplemental discipline for engaging in an altercation immediately after a legal line change. It’s designed to prevent players from joining play legally, but for the express purpose of starting a fight. Given that Lomberg (and the fourth line in general) rarely hit the ice late in close games, it’ll be interesting to see how this is viewed by Player Safety in the hearing.

Dumba faces no supplemental discipline for his hit on Backlund.

Lomberg will continue to count against the Flames’ 23-man roster and salary cap during his suspension. We’ll have more on the Giordano hearing as it unfolds.

    • freethe flames

      After having just watched the game I have to disagree, Gio was clearly beat and stuck out hi leg to trip Koivu and should be held accountable for the hit. It will hurt if he gets suspended but the hit was dirty. I agree with your comments about the other stuff being bad but if Gio gets suspended it’s on him; he was responsible for his decision.
      How the ref does not call the penalty when Backs is on the blue line and award a goal is terrible. Why Monahan does not shoot the puck is just stupid, end the game.

      After watching Dumba’s hit on Back’s; watch how far he comes to make the hit and the area of the body he targets it’s clear he needs to be responsible for that decision. Also watching it he does leave the ice; this is exactly the type of hit the league needs to deal with; just like Gio’s hit hold the guy responsible. Also a nice suicide pass from Tkachuk as well.