The Flames will spend Christmas in first place in the Pacific Division

The Calgary Flames have been consistently sharp for much of the first half of the 2018-19 season. They’ll be spending their Christmas break in a somewhat unfamiliar position – first place in the Pacific Division.

Based on their recent hot streak, the Flames are in a position standings-wise that they haven’t been in years.

Heading into Saturday afternoon’s game with the St. Louis Blues, the Flames have 47 points – a product of their 22-11-3 record – and sit in first place in the Pacific. They’re four points up on both the San Jose Sharks and the Anaheim Ducks, with both those clubs having 43 points. The Flames have a regulation and overtime win (ROW) edge on both those teams, so if they ended up in a points tie the Flames would maintain position due to that tiebreaker.

The Sharks play the Los Angeles Kings on Saturday afternoon and the Arizona Coyotes on Sunday night so they could potentially catch the Flames, but they would lose the tiebreaker. The Ducks play just once more (against Buffalo) before the holiday break, so they’re not going to catch the Flames. As a result, the Flames are mathematically guaranteed to be in first place at Christmas. It’s the first time they’ve done that since 2008.

Here are their positions at their last five Christmases:

  • 2017: one point out of the playoffs
  • 2016: second wild card
  • 2015: six points out of the playoffs
  • 2014: two points out of the playoffs
  • 2013: 12 points out of the playoffs

The Flames made the playoffs in 2014-15 and 2016-17, and fell apart down the stretch last season. But you can see how important it is to be within striking distance this late in the season. This year’s team isn’t just within striking distance, they’re setting the pace.

The Flames have been in first place since Nov. 29. The earliest that the Ducks or Sharks can pass the Flames in the standings is Dec. 27 – and that’s presuming the Flames don’t win a game in the interim. As a result, the Flames will be in first place in the Pacific for at least a month. It’s the longest time they’ve spent in that spot, aside from the first few weeks of each season, since the 2008-09 season.

Let’s not forget: the 2008-09 Flames were a veteran group beginning to hit their twilight and weren’t able to hold onto the division crown at the end of the season – they ended up losing in the first round of the playoffs. This year’s edition seems to be a team on the rise and it has yet to be seen how they’ll close out the regular season.

  • Alberta Ice

    Ho, Ho, Ho and Oh, Oh, Oh!!! Amazing to get one point in two games and gain one point on all the other Pacific contenders. Time to go out and get two more points today from the Blues and hold that Pacific division lead right into the New Year to make it even Happier.

  • The GREAT WW

    Today’s game is a total trap game.
    We will need these 2 points after 82 games.
    Don’t take your foot off the pedal now boys; head into the break with a convincing win…


    • Heeeeere’s Johnny

      The saving grace is it is kinda a trap game for both teams. I guess STL has the incentive of trying to atone for the spanking they got last time, but they are away from home and likely will be thinking about getting back there for the holidays. The question will be who wants this one more.

  • Skylardog

    A month ago I would have said it would be a cake walk for the Flames to finish first in the Pacific. It still should be.

    But all of a sudden there are 5 or 6 teams that could get make a push for a playoff spot. Can’t take their foot off the pedal. A bad stretch of 5 or 6 games could spell disaster the way the Pacific is starting to look.

    We come into this one tonight with just 3 wins in the last 6 games, if I am not mistaken. There are no free points.

    • Tease the Dog

      You know what else isn’t free? Dog treats. Just once I’d like to be handed a biscuit or a pig’s ear to chew on without having to humiliate myself by sitting, shaking a paw, rolling over, playing dead, fetching slippers, etc. Or maybe even just leave the cat’s food dish on the floor once so I can score a free meal.

      But I get your point my friend. We all have to work for everything we get.

  • Heeeeere’s Johnny

    I posted this before on a different article but it is more relevant here.

    Just looked at The Athletic’s predictive model of playoff chances and end of season points. If they are right then the Pacific Division ends up with 5 teams in the playoffs. That script has flipped from the beginning of the year. The Flames would finish first in the Pacific and second in the West (behind Winnipeg). They would face the first wild card team which would be Vegas. BTW Winnipeg would end up playing Edmonton so the BOA is not out of the realm of possibility.