Travis Hamonic a possibility for Thursday’s game against the Sharks

Early into the Flames’ 4-3 loss against the Capitals, Travis Hamonic was involved in an awkward collision with Jakub Vrana that would eventually see him leave the game early with a lower-body injury. He subsequently did not practise the next day, and did not play against the Hurricanes the day after that.

Hamonic’s injury may not be too serious, though, as he’s been skating, and Bill Peters has said there’s a chance he plays in the Flames’ next game: Thursday against the divisional rival Sharks.

This is great news for the Flames, as even though they’re in a safe position to make the playoffs, they still have plenty more to play for, such as a division title – and they’ll need to beat the Sharks in order to help get it. Though the Flames presently have a six-point lead on the Sharks for top spot in the Pacific, things can change in an instant; having a four-point swing go their way instead of their opponents’ would not only be massive, but also ensure the Sharks would not be able to win the season series (it’s currently tied at one victory each with two games to go).

Being down a top four defenceman is never ideal, especially when it’s someone as heavily relied on in the defensive aspects of the game and penalty kill as Hamonic is. He’s been instrumental in reducing high-danger events against, and makes the defensive group that much deeper simply by being present.

Even if Hamonic can’t go against the Sharks, though – as important of a game that is – that things don’t seem to be serious regarding his injury is certainly encouraging, and implies he may still be back sooner rather than later. That, on its own, will help the Flames as they close out the season – to say nothing of allowing them more time for further judgment if they wish to trade for another defenceman at the trade deadline.

  • deantheraven

    Hamonic is a warrior.He’s an unsung hero. He takes a licking and keeps on ticking.We’ve seen him come back from (and play through) some doozies this year.
    I just hope that, given our position in the division and overall, nobody thinks he needs to “play through” an injury for this team to remain competitive in the short term. If he’s not 100%, let him regenerate.
    He’ll come back hard.
    And Prout needs the minutes, too. If not for us to see if we need more depth at D, to pump his trade value. Though unfortunate to lose Hammer, the timing is good.

    • Brian McGrattan's Salute

      I agree. I think a Gio Ras and a Hanifin-Hammer top four would be completely fine by me. That way maybe we could even have a Valimaki Kylington bottom pairing and not have to trade Kylington.

      Its a lot of rookies, but Brodie is gunna fetch a lot more for trade potential after this season

    • MDG1600

      Agreed. I think we can live without Brodie – everyone looks great playing with Gio. After this year I’d package Neal and Brodie in a trade just to see if we can get Neal of the payroll

    • Lazarus

      Yep, I love seeing all the naysayers and Chicken Littles eating crow.
      Sure don’t hear a whole lot of weeping that Tre overpaid for Hamonic.
      I don’t know why people don’t understand a player in a new city can take time to adjust. We saw it with Dougie, Hamonic, and Neal will bounce back too.
      Each time there was clamor to trade them in that first season.
      Grab a clue

  • Garry T

    Thought we were in trouble with Hamonic going down. Good news that he is skating. If he comes back, we do not need anymore D for the playoffs. Means no trading Killington which I think is a huge mistake if the Flames were thinking of trading him. A great experiment would be to move him to forward for three games.

    Watched Chicago and the Oilers last night. That was sad. The Oilers just out and out quit. The coach is wondering what he got himself into. They have four or five guys that can play. The rest belong in the AHL. I thought at the start of the season they were going to make some noise. The goalie left the ice, said something derogatory to the coach, then looked at the bench and appeared to fire a few zingers in that direction, walloped his stick against the wall and disappeared. Boy do they have some work to do up there. I would like to be a fly on the wall at their Management meeting this morning!