352Oscar Fantenberg
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Flames acquire Oscar Fantenberg from Kings

The Calgary Flames have made a trade on deadline day. They’ve reportedly acquired depth defender Oscar Fantenberg from the Los Angeles Kings in exchange for a conditional fourth round pick in 2020.

(Sportsnet’s Ryan Leslie had it first.)

The condition on the pick is that if the Flames make the conference final AND Fantenberg plays in half their playoff games, the 2020 fourth rounder becomes a 2020 third rounder.

Fantenberg, 27, is basically what the Flames hoped to get for blueline depth before the playoffs. He’s a Swedish puck-mover who plays the left side. He’s a pending unrestricted free agent with a league-minimum cap hit of $650,000. He’s played 73 NHL games since joining the Kings organization a season ago. Playing in a secondary role, he’s got four goals and 12 points as an NHLer. He was a teammate of Mikael Backlund’s with Team Sweden at the 2016 World Championship.

Friend of the site John Hoven (of Mayor’s Manor) had this scouting report on the defender last year:

On the ice, he isn’t the biggest of defenders. Standing 6-foot tall, he is thick though, unlike a normal 18-year-old recently drafted player would be. Fantenberg is also an offensive guy – a good puck mover — and that’s where he will eventually contribute more. There are other areas of his game he still needs to work on, and that’s where coach Mike Stothers and the team in Ontario will help round out his potential.

Prior to being signed, scouting reports came in on him all over the board. Some saw him as a speedy puck mover, some as a stay-at-home type of defender. He’s never been a big producer on the score sheet and likely won’t develop that part of his game at this point. He was usually a plus-player (for what it’s worth) in Sweden, but never extraordinarily high. He’s also older than the organization’s top defensive prospects; yet he’s also in his fifth year of professional hockey, having played in Sweden’s top league before moving on to the KHL last year.

Is he a big, burly guy? Nope. But if the idea is to not need to throw Oliver Kylington or Juuso Valimaki into the deep waters of the playoffs right away, he’s an insurance policy. He’s cheap, he’s been reasonably effective, and has been alright playing primarily with Dion Phaneuf on a pretty bad Los Angeles team. He gives them options.

  • Mickey O'Reaves

    The Flames are in a strange position right now of being 1st in the West, and only expected to win one or two rounds.
    The GM has said: “Look I believe in you guys, go prove ’em wrong that I should have made a splash at the deadline.”

    • Derzie

      Flames sounds like a kid who has a spectacular wipe out while running a race and immediately shouts “I meant to do that!” Went hard for Stone. Lost. Had no plan B. “We believe in our team (except the guys who were going the other way)””

  • MontanaMan

    Interesting comments regarding the Flames strategy today. The one I find interesting is “great job by Tre for not giving up assets; sticking with the young guys; shows confidence in the team”, all of which are true but; read the headline “Significant trade fell through for the Flames”, which tells us he almost pulled off a major deal, which would have resulted in assets and draft picks going the other way (likely to Ottawa). So while it turned out one way, it was likely very close to being the other.

    • Pancakes

      I think the significant deal fell through because Tre did not want to give up roster players. I presume that he tried to deal non-roster prospects and picks and got shut down. Too bad it didnt turn out that Ottawa accepted this type of deal from us but o still think we’re in a pretty damn fine place!

        • Kevin R

          Bingo! & it is also probably the reason why both Flames & Jets backed off just adding $9.5-$10.0 mill to their cap cost when both teams have some key re-signings to do this summer. You realize that after you add Stones $9.5 mill to Vegas next years cap, they are at $82.0 mill & still have several players to sign, including someone by the name of Karlsson. Will be interesting to see what McPhee does to manage this cap conundrum.

  • everton fc

    Here’s the good news, for our team:

    1. We didn’t give up anyone on our roster – a roster I like, for the most part. Let us not forget, we are #1, in the West, a game in hand, versus the Sharks.
    2. Both Smith and Rittich are playing well. At the right time.
    3. We add a depth defencemen who will probably alternate w/Prout, in terms of being the #7. Or, one of he or Prout, ends up in Stockton at some point.
    4. Fantenberg’s listed at 6’0″, 209 lbs. He’s not huge, but not “slight”. Below is the 2015 Elitprospects report, on Fantenberg;
    “Fantenberg is a defenseman with a good all-around game and two-way ability. Rarely caught out of position defensively, he can also shoot the puck pretty well. Is very good one on one against opponents and plays the body on a regular basis. Is an agile skater, but could improve his speed”
    5. Fantenberg may prove an adequate #6 d-man, or will be trade bait, off-season.
    6. We stayed away from the plus-30 guys out there.
    7. We didn’t sign Stone for 10mill/season.

    I am okay with our patience and “temperance”, today. Keep developing from w/in. Let the bad contracts/old guys fall off the books.

  • freethe flames

    There were some deals I liked. I think San Jose did well with the Nyquist deal. I think Boston did well with both the Coyle and Johansson deals. Any of these three would have been good adds to this team.

      • Pancakes

        I liked Nashville’s pick up of Granlund. In that I would have rather seen us get him. What do you think the equivalent of Fiala is on the Flames? Czar?
        I’d maybe call conspiracy on that trade, it seems so one sided in favour of Nash. But I guess the wild lost a bunch of salary on that trade and it frees them up to make moves after the season.

    • The Beej

      I wanted Johansson as well but I can understand why a deal didnt happen.

      1. We dont have a 2nd rounder this year.

      2. I think Tre wanted someone that would really move the needle. He didnt want to spend assets on an upgrade for the 3rd line.

  • Skylardog

    So I am being slammed for my views today. Comments that I a wrong, and won’t admit I am wrong.

    There are guys saying those who thought BT did a bad job today should close up their account when it goes well in the spring.

    Are those guys saying we are wrong willing to close up their accounts if the Flames go out in round one? what if they get swept?

    None of us know.

    We have three camps here.

    Those that wanted and got nothing being done.
    Those that wanted something to be done, given the moves by others.
    And those that wanted to go all in.

    I , unlike many that are slamming me, can understand all three views. How many of you can see mine?

    I sit somewhere between all in and do something.

    So for all those who have trashed those saying BT has failed today.

    If they go out in round one, are you prepared to eat crow if they go out in round one?

    I said a long time ago, that without splitting up the top line they would not get out of the Pacific. I did add a caveat, that they would not get out if they didn’t split them up or add a top 6 forward, they would not get out of the Pacific.

    I will admit I am wrong if they get out of the Pacific.
    If you all agree to eat crow if they go out in round 1.

    No accounts getting closed here gang. This place is too much fun.

    The jury is still out. We MAY, know who is right or wrong in April or early May.

    And quit standing on a high horse if you are mad at my opinion. Yours hasn’t been proven right yet either.

    Is that not what you are all doing

    • Cfan in Van

      The “close the accounts” comments are aimed at the one guy who makes definitive, hyperbolic statements about the Flames at pretty much every opportunity (and you know that Skylar). Like before the NYI game, “we have zero chance to win this game”. Anyone who treats hockey like a foregone conclusion deserves the vitriol.

      I don’t think you’re in that catagory at all, Skylar. But I do think that some people here need to stop beating a dead horse and move on. We all know Tre is a calculated GM who doesn’t often make big moves a the deadline. Now that we’ve seen the result, let’s not pretend this was the precipice of opportunity and the last chance for success. Because there’s a tonne of hockey to play, and the fortunes aren’t yet written.

      • Jumping Jack Flash

        I am assuming some of the asks were for players like Bennett and Janko who have moderate stats. But Tre knows that both are trending in the right direction. Bennett has been one of our better players as the games have started to take on more meaning. You could say the same about Jankoand Ryan. The flip side is our top 2 players have dropped a level with the added intensity. I believe Johnny wins scoring races an Bennett wins championships. The fact that the Flames can win tight games without its stars speaks to the balance that this team has developed.

      • everton fc

        I didn’t think the Rangers would move Kreider. But he would have been a good fit here.

        We’re first in the West, with a game in hand, with two rookies manning our 5/6 d-spots… We’ve maintained our position despite Neal nor performing as advertised, and with sometimes dismal secondary scoring.

        Now we have both goalies performing well, our secondary scoring is beginning to happen, we are knee-deep in defencive depth (which will come in handy during the off-season, as trade bait)… We have a much improved coaching staff – I’ll argue one of the best in the league….

        Why all the negativity? We are cruising. We’ll be a tough playoff opponent. Regardless of the team (even the Lightning had trouble with us the first game we played).

    • Off the wall

      That’s fair.
      And you’re right, we have 3 lines of thought about the TDL.

      1. Do little or nothing. This camp got their wish.

      2. Add a roster player or two who would add to our depth for the playoffs

      3. Go all in on acquisitions and make a big statement- Stone, or something similar

      I don’t believe any of us can fortell the future. If so, we would have been with Treliving, giving him our crystal ball -sure thing speech.

      I respect we’re all different on here, and I must admit I was in camp #2 at the TDL.

      But what if camp #3 came to fruition? This camp is obviously disappointed. Allow them to express themselves without judgement. It might not align with our views, however they are Flames fans!

      When I said earlier, not to give Skylar a hard time, it wasn’t because I agree with everything.
      It’s because we’re a Nation. Nations are made up of all types of people and ideas. I would be extremely dissatisfied if everyone thought as I do.

      I love the banter on here. I love the exchange of ideas. I love to be challenged.

      Can we not all agree this is a good thing?

      I’m not on here to be right or wrong. Personally, if I’m wrong it means I’m still learning.
      I’m 100% sure I’ll get trashes or cheersfor saying this.
      That’s ok, I’ll take that any day if it keeps us together as a Nation!

    • canadian1967

      So Skylar, you “sit somewhere between all in and do something”. You really are saying that “Something is better than Nothing”?

      Are you a Glass is 1/2 empty, or 1/2 Full guy?

      What about if you have just come out from “Wandering in the Desert” for many Years and Finally you have a Glass, but your glass is 1/2 full or empty (whichever way you prefer, I’m a 1/2 Full guy, myself), and you’re really, really thirsty and while you have a Glass of Water, before you drink it someone says “Skylar, WAIT. I have a deal for you, instead of Drinking that, I want you to pour it out on the ground, and I MAY be able to fill it right to the top for you, but I can’t guarantee that I can actually get you any Water at all.

      Question is would you dump out your 1/2 Full Glass of Water hoping that maybe your Glass will end up getting Filled to the Brim? or would you be happy to just Drink what you had and hope that you will get more water afterwards (Next Season)

      Damn it. OTW you need to tell Skylar a story.

      “It’s ok, Big Guy… The Sun’s getting Low, The Sun’s getting real Low”

      • Skylardog

        I didn’t have to dump the 1/2 glass out. And the glass offered is already full. That is how good we are.

        The problem is to get to the other side of the desert, we need more than just the glass of water we have. Its a long way to the other side. I was offered a half full canteen, but to get it full to the brim I needed to pour my glass into the canteen, knowing some would spill out. If I lost too much pouring, I wouldn’t make it anyways. My hands have been shaky lately. They weren’t when the journey started.

        I turned down the canteen today.

        I believe Vegas is the next stop. I have for a while. SJ was going to fight us to the end, and finishing ahead of them was going to be close. Getting Nyquist is probably enough to put SJ on top.

        My full glass of water may not get us through Vegas, and we may spill some before we get there. Glasses of water don’t travel well.

        But canteens do. They hold water, with a cap. Insurance would have been good up front. I actually don’t think we needed a DMan as insurance. We have 8 including Vali now, 9 if Stone can play.

        Trading for depth, in my opinion, said Ky wasn’t good enough. Why not trade him for a RW then? Frankly I like our D and the depth before today. I think Ky and Vali could have done this. I think Prout has been good enough. I am concerned about size. We didn’t ad that at the back.

        I don’t like all our top 6 forwards. And that’s before an injury. We needed to add, in my opinion, if just for depth and insurance.

        PS. I knew we were staying put when Hayes went to Winnipeg.

        • canadian1967

          I thought he was going to pick up Hayes as well. Once Hayes was gone I thought Staal might have been our target, now that he resigned I guess we know why Staal didn’t get moved.

    • withachance

      I will put my hands up and say Im one of the posters who said to “close the accounts”. But we all know who it is and we all know why.

      I can understand your views, I just dont understand how the team suffered at the end of today. I was in the camp of get something done, but obviously the losses outweighed the gains to management, so Im ok with that. I wanted Stone on this team, but BT couldnt make a deal that he was comfortable with, and I get it. So I changed my opinion of what shoulve been done.

      If the team loses in the first round this year, then damn opportunity lost, but the team lost 0 meaningful assets today. What if the team loses in the first round after acquiring a Hayes or Stone or Nyquist.

      What if they do get out of the West with the core team? What if they sweep other teams? We dont know. I dont know. You dont either.

    • Derzie

      Amen Skylardog. I was really vocal in my displeasure with the Carolina trade. I didn’t think it was impossible that it was good, I just felt strongly that it was likely to be bad. I was proven wrong.
      Today, I feel that Tre didn’t keep up with the competition and as a result I think it’s a 50/50 shot of getting out of the first round. A move or 2 could have tilted the scales a bit. But again, out in 4 to a cup in 7 are all still possible. Just some are more probable than others.

    • HOCKEY83

      Not sure why anyone has to eat crow at all regardin their opinions. That’s just silly. You thought the Flames should have made moves or some sort of weird butterfly effect will send this team into a downward spiral of despair…I have been a big believer for a long time and had been verbal about it that Treliving was happy with the team he had and was going to stand pat at the trade deadline. That got trashed hard every time i said it. Flames can go on a long run with the team they have or they can be out in the first round. These teams that have given away picks and prospects to try and get better could lose that player like what happened to Dallas with Zuccarello. No one has a crystal ball and no one should have to eat crow for however they feel regarding the flames. Mostly I’m just happy The Flames are back in the Playoffs with one of the best teams they’ve had since 1989.

    • KootenayFlamesFan

      One game against a motivated team from the opposite conference wouldn’t have made a difference. We won the game which makes your point moot. If this team plays to its potential they will make a good run.

      • KootenayFlamesFan

        . . .and if they dont, they’ll go out in the first round. Nothing is for sure, that’s why they play the games. Otherwise we’d just hand Tampa the cup and call it a season.

      • The Beej

        Yes please Raffy take off. If it is such a loser organization then you dont need to watch them in the playoffs this year.

        Obviously you would be the type of GM that throws away all their futures for one kick at the can. Only one team wins the cup so that type of GM usually regrets their trades in short order and finds themselves on the unemployment line.

        You are just being a whiner. “Tre didnt do what I wanted.. whine whine cry cry.” “They are such a loser organization they didnt want to trade Valimaki or Anderson and completely turf a 5 year rebuild for one kick at the can.”

    • Captain Ron

      Yeah because IF WE WOULD HAVE LOST LAST NIGHT our GM should have had a panic attack and forgotten that his team was in 1st place then gone all in no matter what the cost because we lost a game to the worst team in the league. It’s pro sports Dude and believe it or not those things actually do happen. Goalie nearly stole the show for one game. You don’t blow your team up over one blip during the season especially the season we are having.
      Arizona shut out the Leafs the other day. So what. Did anyone really notice?


  • Gus Fring

    I know we all wanted to see us do something much bigger than what we did. But Tre believes in the guys in the room We may not like it but we should respect it. Stone would of been nice but we would have to overhaul the roster and dressing room chemistry to re sign him. You have to ask yourself is it really worth it? Strengthen the top 6 but weaken your prospect pool and bottom 6 at the same time. Not sure if it is worth it. We have to plan for tomorrow not only for today.

    • The Beej

      To get Stone you needed to beat Brannstrom and a second. So you basically needed to trade Valimaki Czarnik and a first.

      Because we likely cant sign Stone at 9.5 doing that would have been incredibly risky and detrimental over the long term.

  • Brick

    Everyone should realize that just because a player agreed to go to a team does not mean that he would agree to go to a different team. There are lots of No Trade Clauses and Partial No Trade Clauses. Oftentimes, players can dictate where they are willing to go.

    • HOCKEY83

      A hard faught first round exit is so so much easier to take than having to cheer for a team who squandered away a handfull of very high draft picks and has so over paid 2 players so much so and has so many bad contracts that it will be years before they ever have a team worth cheering for again. Just a sad time to be an oiler fan.

  • FlamesFanFromMI

    As I said yesterday I let the GM do his job. He is the GM for a reason. We all want flames to win right? But if we didn’t people will say we didn’t do much at trade deadline. If we moved prospects today and still didn’t win then some will say you mortgage your future and still didn’t win. So it’s a difficult situation somewhat of catch 22. Who here remember Sutter on 2005 deadline, trade away future and we were out in first round. Things that happen or didn’t happen there is always reasons. Let’s see what boys can do. In the end let’s hope we go deep in playoffs.