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Flames release 2019-20 regular season schedule

The Calgary Flames have officially announced their 2019-20 regular season schedule. As has become the custom, they will play 82 games – 41 at home and 41 on the road – in their upcoming season.

Some notable dates on the calendar:

  • The Flames visit the Winnipeg Jets on Oct. 26 for the Heritage Classic in Regina.
  • The first Battle of Alberta installment isn’t until Dec. 27. The Flames and Oilers will play each other five times this season, with three of the meetings at the Saddledome.
  • There are two five-game road trips on the schedule: Oct. 26-Nov. 3 (Regina, Carolina, Nashville, Columbus and Washington) and Feb. 23-Mar.1 (Detroit, Boston, Nashville, Tampa Bay and Florida).
  • If you like to do hockey road trips, the best ones to try to fit into your life schedule are likely: Oct. 19-20 (Los Angeles/Anaheim), Jan. 13-18 (Montreal/Toronto/Ottawa), Feb. 10-13 (San Jose/Los Angeles/Anaheim) and Mar. 16-19 (Rangers/Islanders/New Jersey).
  • The New Year’s Eve game is a 7 p.m. start against Chicago.
  • The Flames are hosting three afternoon home dates: Sat., Nov. 30 (a 5 p.m. start against Ottawa), Sat., Dec. 14 (a 2 p.m. start against Carolina) and Mon., Feb. 17 (a 2 p.m. start against Anaheim in the annual Family Day game).
  • They’ll be spending American Thanksgiving on the road south of the border, as has become the custom. They play in St. Louis on turkey day itself and then play a Saturday matinee in Philadelphia.
  • The trade deadline is Mon., Feb. 24. The Flames will be on the road in Boston.
  • The Flames have 10 sets of back-to-backs, all of which involve some travel on their part. Nine of the back-to-backs are both road games, while the 10th involves the Flames playing a home game and then heading to Edmonton.
  • If you’re a traditionalist like myself, you care about the number of Saturday night home games. They have nine of them, including three against the Oilers – all three Flames home dates against Edmonton are 8 p.m. Saturday starts.

  • Zeb Zadock

    Sportsnet article up right. Says Tkachuk is handcuffing the flames this summer with his contract demands. Jeff skinner signed for 9 million and his career high is 63 points. Tkachuks is 77 points. Tkachuk won’t sign for anything less than 10 million. So that leaves 2 million to sign two nhl caliber goalies???? Plus Bennet and Mangiapane??? This roster is going to take a big step backwards this year. And it’s only going to get worse. Hamonic needs a new contract next year and Johnny the year after. I thought the window was open right now? I feel like it’s alreasy began to close. This team needed to fix this roster drastically after what’s happens the last 2 playoff appearances. Well here we are with Gaudreau and Monohan still as the leaders of this team. Not good.

    • supra steve

      “Jeff skinner signed for 9 million and his career high is 63 points. Tkachuks is 77 points. Tkachuk won’t sign for anything less than 10 million.”

      I read the article…none of the above quote was in it. Entirely possible that Tkachuk will be a greedy sob and eat way more of the pie than he needs or will ever be able to spend. Also possible that Tre convinces him to take a little less, so that there is pie left for his teammates.

      • ZKman

        I love MT. Wish we had two more… having said that, if someone wants to offersheet him at $10 mil… you gotta let him go. Will he be worth that much in the future… who knows. He’s not worth that much in Oct 2019… I would be sad to see him go but, we all have to live within our means

      • Zeb Zadock

        So say Tkachuk takes a $500,000 discount. That is still only 2.5 million to sign 2 nhl caliber goalies, Bennett and Mang.
        Tkachuk will slam the window shut when he signs. The thing that stings the most is that he is a terrible skater and dissapears or turtles when things get tough. Where was Tkachuk Gaudreau and Monohan the last 2 post seasons???? This team needs true leaders. Not a bunch of wannabes.

      • IUsedToHaveAName

        It’s also entirely possible that his agent is asking for a ton of money but he will end up signing for a lot less. if I recall correctly, Gio asked for like 8 million ended up where he is now.

        If this is still the number being thrown around in late August/early September I might be worried. Right now it’s just words filling word count quotas for sports journalists.

        • Kevin R

          As if Flames dont match a 3.0 mill offer sheet for Bennett. I think Flames are paying Francis to saying that so they can quickly match & check off 1 box. Lol Francis is either on the payroll or incredibly stupid.

    • cjc

      Let’s deconstruct his piece a bit, shall we?

      First, he says 7-10 million, not 10. He includes his name along with Marner, Point, Rantanen, Aho and even Laine. Those guys are all getting paid more than Tkachuk. Second, Skinner’s contract should be universally recognized as an overpay – and the guy was going to go UFA. Tkachuk is an RFA. He could ask for 9 million, but Tre could tell him where to park it and go the Nylander route with him. IF Chucky gets that as an offer sheet I imagine that Treliving would match it rather than take the picks. But offer sheets are just incredibly rare in this league, so we should not worry about it.

      The Flames have ~13 million in cap space. Stone buyout adds ~2.3 million to that. Let’s look at some reasonable numbers:

      Tkachuk: 8 million
      Rittich: 2.5 million
      Bennett: 2.75 million
      Mangiapane: 925 K
      backup goalie: 1.5 million
      14th forward: 700 K
      Total: 16.6 million

      That’s without any trades. They will need to move something out to fit it all in and create a bit of breathing room. Will it be tight? yes. Is the sky falling? no.

  • T&A4Flames

    On an earlier thread someone mentioned Ryan Hartman being a good fit for us. Well, DAL didn’t qualify him after the trade so he could be a good 3rd line fit with Bennett. 2 pretty agitating wingers.

  • SgtRoadBlock

    Did not get a Offer by the Flames… poor Kerby didn’t even get 5 test games for a spot on a roster… But then again that the Flames Staff with the kid’s come out hot or goodbye

    Josh Healey (D)
    Curtis Lazar (RW)
    Mason McDonald (G)
    Brett Pollock (LW)
    Kerby Rychel (LW)