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Who’s not coming to training camp?

August is almost over and before you know it, training camp will be here. Prospect camp opens just after Labour Day and it’s time to start thinking about what camp might look like.

Specifically, there are several players that you shouldn’t expect to see when camp kicks off on Sept. 5. The players you won’t see have other commitments – either academic or overseas.

Players who are Flames property

The Flames have eight drafted players (and one free agent signing) who will be playing in Europe or in school when training camp begins.

In Europe: Lucas Feuk (Sodertalje SK, Allsvenskan), Carl-Johan Lerby (Malmo, SHL), Linus Lindstrom (Skelleftea AIK, SHL), Ilya Nikolayev (Loko Yaroslavl, MHL) and Filip Sveningsson (IK Oskarshamn, SHL). Lerby is set to come over next season, while potentially Lindstrom and Sveningsson could be joining him given their ages and contractual statuses in Sweden.

In college: Demetrios Koumontzis (Arizona State), Mitchell Mattson (Michigan State), Josh Nodler (Michigan State) and Emilio Pettersen (University of Denver). Koumontzis and Pettersen are heading into their sophomore seasons. Generally, strong collegiate players tend to sign after two or three seasons so after this campaign they’d be entering the window where the Flames may try to lure them to the pros.

Development camp walk-ons

There were a ton of players without NHL (or AHL) deals that came to development camp in July. As with the players that are Flames property, many of these individuals won’t be coming to camp because they’re in Europe or in school.

In Europe: Johannes Kinnvall (HV71, SHL) and Christoffer Rifalk (Rogle BK, SHL)

In college: Tristan Crozier (Brown University), Ben Freeman (University of Connecticut), Zach Giuttari (Brown University), Ronnie Hein (Ohio State University), Tommy Miller (Michigan State University) and Jerad Rosburg (Michigan State University)

(Keep an eye on Kinnvall and Rifalk during the season, though, as it wouldn’t be unexpected to see the Flames try to sign them following the SHL season.)

Looking ahead

The 2018 training camp was a bit wonky, in that the Flames sent 30 players to China and still needed enough bodies in Canada to operate a regular-sized camp. They invited a ton of players on try-outs and kept them around later than usual, until the main group returned from China.

The Flames will have around 26 players at rookie camp and 65 players at main camp. After they play their pair of split-squad games against Vancouver they’ll trim down to a smaller group – usually releasing junior players on tryouts – and later on before Stockton’s camp they’ll send away any AHL depth guys that don’t have a chance to make the NHL roster. From there, it’s a bit of a sprint to the finish.

In other words: it’s quiet now and the main thing we’re all doing is refreshing Twitter to see if any restricted free agents have signed yet. But in roughly a week, everything is going to start getting very busy and we’ll have actual hockey activity to discuss.

      • Bond 0097

        Oh yes he will, you are talking about the James Neal that has no contract restrictions, can be traded, sent to the minors, left unprotected in the expansion draft or BOUGHT OUT, THAT James Neal? We are SO happy to have him, and so glad to give you the diametrically opposite ANVIL otherwise known as Lucy, can’t skate can’t score CAN’T FIGHT but enjoy having the 2nd toughest guy in the battle of Alberta, the toughest is Smith who whooped Lucy BAHAHAHA

    • Arthur-Leigh Adekunle Tig Junior Elvis

      Lucic was twice as effective as Neal in every game you played us last year and all of the underlying numbers say the exact same thing, plus at least Lucic is tough, Neal is soft as they come.

      It’s funny,!I was kind of hoping Neal could get it going last year almost the entire year, until I talked to a friend of mine whose a diehard Pittsburgh fan. All he said to me was… every time Malkin went down with an injury Neal would absolutely disappear if he wasn’t playing with Crosby, I basically gave up hope after that. Then I talked to a friend who cheered for Dallas this summer… He said the exact same thing. The reason Dallas traded Neal way back when was he went pointless after Brad Richards got injured and Dallas realized he was just being carried by a good centre.

      If Neal is so good Edmonton fans?!?!? Why have three teams given up on him in exactly three years (Not to mention Vegas, Nashville and Calgary literally are all well run playoff clubs)!?!?! LMAO

      Edmonton fans are in so much denial these days it’s unbelievable. Calgary fans know what they’re getting in Lucic (a tough 12-13 forward), I can’t honestly wait for Neal to disappoint them all immensely next year and struggled to score five goals next year playing with McDavid (that’s going to last one game tops) or RNH.

      • PlayitagainSam

        That’s ok if he disappoints in Edmonton . We can easily get rid of him. It will be nice to see the player you lose in the expansion draft because of Lucic.
        James Neal has excelled everywhere he has played with an elite center , something Edmonton has and Calgary hasn’t had since Joe Nieuwendyk.

    • buts

      Just like last year in the summer you coiler fans boast about how great your team is and how crappy the flames will be and all we get once the season starts is crickets as you hope to win another lottery. Your endless drivel about how we were great 3 decades ago and won more playoff games among years of terrible teams is boring. Keep in your own site and shut up you pathetic so-called fan. Your desire to stir the pot while putting down Lucic is useless.

      • The Beej

        No buts. You should encourage. He gets dumber and dumber each passing day. Its not something you get to see very often. Someone get progressively stupider.

        Ive been enjoying it actually.

      • Lowe enuf

        Hey buts, deal. You keep your loser trolls iggy complex, Lazarus, bring the fire, otw, and I will stay away. I bet your buddies don’t make it ten minutes. Typical Calgary, accomplish nothing ever but tell everybody else how it is done!

        • Arthur-Leigh Adekunle Tig Junior Elvis

          “Hey buts, deal. You keep your loser trolls iggy complex, Lazarus, bring the fire, otw, and I will stay away”

          Funnily enough I’ve never seen any of those “trolls” you mention posting here, so don’t blame us. We’re aren’t encouraging it. Lol.

        • Off the wall

          Huh, how did I get lumped into this?
          I asked some normal questions without being an asshat, unlike you Oiler’s goofs and I get the F off treatment. At least decent Oilers fans here are welcome.

          I’ll never be back to Oilstain and try and have a normal conversation with you losers.

          My turn… F off

  • Mongauchuk

    I am looking forward to the season starting . I live in Winnipeg and not many flames fans around here. Most hockey fans I know do not dislike the flames some here do dislike the oilers. Back in the mid 90s when I was in fort mac then yellowknife all I could get was oiler games on the radio and Kelly Buckburger made me dislike the oilers a lot less than I did in the 80s and early 90s. Though I am not thrilled with the off season moves I may buy a Lucic jersey before the season starts out of spite. I usually buy something to get the season started. I won’t be surprised if both Neil and Lucic repeat last season’s lousy performance nor will I be surprised if they both do better. (Wouldn’t take much). I think the flames will be happier with Talbot then the Oilers will be with Smith. Having to change the way the team has to play when Smith is in net will not be easy for the oilers defense. I am happy JG little brother is signed and I think some big business in Calgary should hire him at a very good salary doing what he went to school for so that it might help keep JG in Calgary longer. Hope MT signs and if he really wants to be an antagonistic player that other teams hate he should sign first at a low aav just to piss a lot of players off. (not gonna happen ).

  • MoeLemay

    Still can’t believe you guys swapped out neal for lucid….
    It just seems insane….
    I wonder if there is any chance we could dangle louie Eriksson your way….

    • Lowe enuf

      Well now kind sir…. Brad is looking for some team toughness. Does this Louie you speak of start trouble and then turtle? Does he disappear every time the going gets tough? He may just be a good fit. Sounds much tougher than Jenny or Bonnie.

    • Bond 0097

      You can’t believe it, REALLY, well that’s not a surprise s the rest of us can’t believe you cheer for a team that has NEVER won anything and doesn’t look like they ever will. Knuckle head fans should stick with soccer