Three ways the Flames can open up cap space

With training camp fast approaching, the Flames have less than $8 million in cap space with a pair of players unsigned: Matthew Tkachuk and Andrew Mangiapane. Calgary needs to free up space and is actively exploring ways they can make that happen. Some options are more desirable than others, but all of the following three are better than not having Tkachuk signed.

Per PuckPedia, the Flames officially have $7.756 million in available cap space with some slight wiggle room, which we’ll get into. Even with the most low-end Tkachuk estimates ($8 million AAV on a long-term deal, $7 million on a bridge), Calgary doesn’t have the room to sign both players. That’s why the following options are ones the team has to consider, whether they like them or not.

Trade Michael Frolik or TJ Brodie

When the Flames bowed out to Colorado more than four months ago, it seemed like moving one or both of Brodie and Frolik was a foregone conclusion. With August coming to an end, both players remain Calgary property and still have the most obvious contracts to move. The circumstances are a little different now, though, at least for one of the guys in question.

With Juuso Valimaki’s knee injury and a few other off-season transactions, the Flames don’t boast the blueline depth they had late last season. While Calgary still has a strong group one through five, a couple injuries puts the team in a difficult spot compared to recent years. As such, a trade involving Brodie doesn’t seem near as likely now as it did a few months ago.

Even before the Valimaki news, I felt Brodie had a key role to play for the Flames this season. With Valimaki out, though, there’s a good chance Brodie will be spending plenty of time with Mark Giordano this season. At worst, and regardless of your opinion on him as a player, Brodie is a bona fide NHL defenceman with the ability to play 22-25 minutes a night.

If the team doesn’t have to move Brodie in a cap-driven transaction, they probably shouldn’t. That said, if it’s the only viable option, they may not have much of a choice. We know there’s a market for Brodie, or at least there was, as this summer’s ill-fated swap with Toronto showed us. Knowing the situation, Calgary may not be able to get a great return for him, but I still think moving Brodie is a realistic proposition.

Trading Frolik isn’t out of the question either, and doesn’t come with the depth worries that a Brodie deal does. The problem in moving Frolik comes down to asset management. Frolik remains an effective NHL forward: he’s a strong two-way winger and penalty killer that isn’t easily replaced in Calgary. In ideal circumstances, the Flames wouldn’t be eager to ship him out.

The rest of the league is fully aware of Calgary’s cap crunch, so I question how many teams will be lining up to help them clear cap space. Unfair as it might be, the Flames might be forced to eat part of Frolik’s salary and accept a mediocre return to find a partner. Or, potentially worse, they might have to throw in a sweetener to move an effective player.

Is accepting pennies on the dollar, if there’s even a market, in return for a viable NHL forward something Calgary’s braintrust can wrap their head around? Or does it make more sense to explore other options?

Trade a smaller contract

While Brodie and Frolik are the two obvious candidates to move out for cap reasons, they aren’t the only ones. Mark Jankowski and Austin Czarnik make significantly less, but moving one (or both) players could help free up the space the team needs. Going down this road is a double-edge sword for the Flames, though.

On the one hand, Calgary would almost certainly get a much more commensurate return for either one of Jankowski or Czarnik. Both are 26 years old or younger and carry very manageable cap hits, which makes them desirable targets for other teams. Conversely, though, the Flames likely aren’t eager to be dealing young, affordable players with upside.

Suggesting a Jankowski trade is taboo for some. He’s a former first round pick, has been decently productive in two NHL seasons, and there is hope he might be the heir apparent as a top two centre. I’m not quite as quick to put Jankowski in the “untouchable” category, though.

He turns 25 in a few weeks and is starting to enter “is what he is” territory, which isn’t necessarily negative. Jankowski can play in the league, but nothing I’ve seen suggests he’s close to usurping Mikael Backlund or Derek Ryan on the depth chart. With Dillon Dube and Alan Quine in the system, Calgary could withstand dealing Jankowski and would get a decent return for him.

Czarnik also seems somewhat redundant, even if that sounds unfair. Czarnik played 54 games with the Flames last year and showed flashes of a useful signing mixed with stretches of ineffective bottom six minutes. The emergence of Dube and Mangiapane gives Calgary more options on the wing and Czarnik could probably get the team something via trade, even if it’s not substantial.

At $1.675 million and $1.25 million for Jankowski and Czarnik, respectively, the Flames probably aren’t going to clear all the space they need with just one trade. Combined with some other tweaks, though, and it might get them in the neighbourhood.

Bury money in the American League

This is the easiest option for the Flames, although it almost certainly wouldn’t be enough on its own. But, let’s assume Calgary’s setup looks something like this to start the season:

Johnny Gaudreau-Sean Monahan-Elias Lindholm
Matthew Tkachuk-Mikael Backlund-Michael Frolik
Andrew Mangiapane-Derek Ryan-Sam Bennett
Milan Lucic-Mark Jankowski-Czarnik/Dube

PuckPedia’s projected cap space currently includes Czarnik, Dube, and Quine in the calculations. If/when Tkachuk and Mangiapane sign, that would leave the Flames with 14 forwards, meaning they’d have the option to bury one forward contract in the minors. Here’s where things get a little complicated, but thanks to our friends over at CanucksArmy, it’s a little easier to understand.

Per Article 50.5 (diB6) of the CBA, the Flames will be able to bury up to $1.075 million of cap space in the American League this season.


This year’s minimum salary has been bumped to $700,000, which is how we get our $1.075 million total.

  • 2018-19: $650,000 + $375,000 = $1,025,000
  • 2019-20: $700,000 + $375,000 = $1,075,000
  • 2020-21: $700,000 + $375,000 = $1,075,000
  • 2021-22: $750,000 + $375,000 = $1,125,000

So, while Calgary wouldn’t be able to bury the entirety of a contract like, say, Czarnik’s, they’d still be freeing up more than $1 million of cap space. Math is far from my strong suit, but combined with another smaller trade, the Flames might be in business.

$1.675 (Jankowski trade) + 1.075 million (Czarnik demotion) = $2.75 million
$2.75 million (new cap space) + $7.756 million (prior cap space) = $10.506 million

With approximately $10.5 million in cap space, it would be a far more realistic proposition for Calgary to get both Tkachuk and Mangiapane under contract. As much as the Flames would love to make one cure-all move to open up the necessary cap space, it may not be realistic. That’s why they might need to make a series of smaller moves.

Buckle up, because it is going to be a fascinating next month or so.

  • Raffydog

    So obviously the Flames are waiting to sign Tkachuk before they do anything with Mangiapane, but what if Tkachuk sits out training camp? Are they going to force this poor kid to miss training camp because they cant figure out what to do with Tkachuk? But how do you sign Mangiapane without knowing what you have to work with? This situation just seems to get uglier the further it drags on.

    • Budgie

      Sign Mangiapanne. Don’t wait-he may be on the table for a trade, why wait? Mangiapanne will likely get 1.5-look at what Leblanc took from SanJose 1,000,000-and he had 60 points. Tkachuk’s contract might be too rich for Calgary, send him to Ottawa for a First Rounder and a prospect-then use the Cap Space to get a decent RW

    • cjc

      If Tkachuk won’t sign, they obviously won’t make Mangiapane wait. Two reasons. The most important is that Mangiapane could potentially fill Tkachuk’s spot on the wing – Mangiapane is a possession monster too, and I think he’d work well with Backlund. Second is that they aren’t total a-holes. Mangiapane’s number isn’t going to vary much – min 900K, max 1.25 million. Mangiapane has no leverage except signing an offer sheet – a highly unlikely scenario. He doesn’t have enough of a track record to sit out himself. In fact, Tkachuk sitting out could help Mangiapane – he conceivably gets more ice time and a chance to juice his point totals and more clout at his next negotiation.

        • Budgie

          Who let the dogs out-I’m with Raffy Dog, Harvey’s Fleas defends the entitled players and calls Calgary a joke for not handing out huge money. Look at Edmonton-5 players take up over half of the Cap Space-Mc David making 12.5-as much as Johnny and Gio-the way things are going with big money to unproven young players each team will have 3-5 big money players and 17-19 -2 million a year players

          • HarveysFleaCollar

            I hope when you go into work budgie you’re told you need to take a pay cut. Sure you earned the pay increase, paid your dues and played the role, hit all goals and even exceeded expectations, but not going to pay you a comparable wage. Weather its 50,000 a year or 9,000,000 a year, if you earned it, you earned it.

        • BringtheFire 2.0


          “Cant stand entitled, spoiled primadonnas.”

          Like you? * stomps feet * I want a cup and I don’t have one so I want everyone fired and everyone else traded right now and if I don’t get a cup I’m never watching a Flames game again!!! * slams door *

  • Greg

    I wonder what Tkachuk’s camp would say to a 4 year deal structured like this:

    – $5M
    – $5M
    – $7M
    – $10M

    That’s conveniently $6.75M AAV (the gio ceiling), but given the last year’s salary and the required qualifying offer with it, it’s virtually a 5 year $7.4M AAV. That might be a touch shy of what they’d like, but it essentially gives him the right to choose between a 1 year, $11M contract and free agency at age 26, or whatever else the flames can offer him in 4 years that is even more desirable.

    It’s a bit of a risk for both sides, but combined with a 1×1 for mangiapane, it allows them to keep under the cap without having to lose assets for this year, which would be a pretty big win for both sides too.

    • Budgie

      Tkachuk must be asking over 8, you will likely see more like 8-8-8-8-8-Calgary is going to ice the same team as last year with a subtraction of a good player to accommodate Tkachuk’s inflated demands-it isn’t Tkachuk’s fault that the market for young players is seeing unproven players get huge contracts

      • deantheraven

        It’s been established by Tkachuk’s agent that they expect a deal north of $8 mil, using Aho’s deal as the comparison. in fact, they came up with the number before Aho signed the offer sheet and claim their ask is justified.
        Personally, I’m hoping both sides meet in the reasonable middle. The market better adjust itself or it will be adjusted at the next CBA (read: Lockout).

        • Herringchoker1971

          This is such a tough situation. You really don’t want to lose anyone from this roster. Although he may not be everyones favorite player I don’t see how anyone in Flames organization want to see Janko traded at his meisly salary for cap relief. Thats mental. Czarnik maybe…..i dunno. I don’t see after Bennetts playoff that he doesnt start as the 2RW. He has to be given that chance. I hope he breaks out because his toughness would be better on that first line to protect Johnny. Or move Chucky there. He’ll be making first line money. Out of everyone not named Brodie….Frolik is the most expendable player with Salary. If we can’t trade him then buy him out. Cap issue solved. Its a shame because he’s a good player. I suspect someone will eventually take him. I think these little trades are noise…..just noise.

      • Sir ryosus

        I don’t think one can say Byng is unproven.
        I would say his ceiling is unknown. However unless he learns to skate better he will be an anchor after 30

    • BendingCorners

      Four years and he is a UFA based on 7 years of service. Age is not the only trigger for UFA status.
      But the concept is sound. Three years might work.

      • Greg

        Ah, thanks. I thought it was 8 years to UFA. If it’s only 7, they’d have to do 3+1. A little tougher to make the initial AAV work with only 3 years, but it would push the total AAV up higher, and mean he’s going to get paid huge at either age 24 or 25. There’s always the injury risk before then, but seems very worth it if I’m MT.

        On the flames side, it gives them 3 solid years with the current core, and no internal salary discord. Basically their window would be however long Gio can hold off Father Time, and then a re-tool would have to happen when all these value contracts start to expire.

        I’m really hoping this is the way it unfolds now. But my money is still on Frolik being traded for little more than a 3rd or 4th.

    • Kevin R

      I think you flip it the other way around & front load it to make it more attractive to him. CBA in 2 years could result in a work stoppage & front loading could make it more attractive.

  • Pietro

    So, we either lose Jankowski and Czarnik, or Frolik (with no replacement) or we don’t sign Tkachuk.
    In the very best possible scenario Tkachuk agrees to sign a bridge deal, we keep the team as it was last season.
    In conclusion, our team gets weaker or stays as it is, NO IMPROVEMENT.
    Well done BT!!

    • Budgie

      Exactly-everyone thinks Tkachuk should be the highest paid Flame-No-he has a greedy agent Don Meehan who knows Calgary loves Tkachuk’s style and he is asking too much for him. Does Calgary cave in or lose Tkachuk?

  • deantheraven

    Nice one, pat. I saw the headline and thought you were practising the 3 ‘R’s- recycle, reduce and reuse- but it was a nice surprise to see your alternatives to moving Brodie (which I still think should happen before March) and/or Frolik (which likely will happen). The likelihood of both returning next year is low, and cashing in on the assets is preferable to losing them as UFAs. That said, I’m probably an outlier to believe Frolik is less replaceable than Brodie at this time. But who knows what this team will look like by the TDL?
    I think Jankowski and Czarnik are likely to be replaced this season internally. If Tre can find a way to move them both, I say he should go for it. If Mangiapane, Quine and Dube prove to be adequate, Janks and Czar will not be missed.
    I’d be willing to bet, however, that Tre is still trying to find a top 6 upgrade, which may be why one or both of Brodie and Frolik (and maybe one of the other two mentioned) will be moved. Tre can’t sign Tkachuk and Mangi AND a top six winger unless he moves more than a couple mil, even if he has to wait until the TDL to do it.

  • Kevin R

    I would suspect Tkachuk winds up with a 5 year deal like Aho. Aho’s stats are a bit better than Tkachuks. Tre is a heck of a negotiator. Add all that up & I see a 5 year deal between 7.0 & 7.5 mill per. That means either move Frolik for pennies.
    Janko played well on the PK & so did Lindholm & I bet we can see a few other guys step up on the PK. Frolik is gone in one year, no if’s buts about it. I think his return as well as Brodie’s will be way higher at the TDL. Sell while making the playoffs is something I would love to see Tre have the cahone’s to do. Now that is asset management on the next level. But if he does that, I would offer Czarnick to Oilers for Pulji. Magpie will get a 1 or 2 year deal at around the $800-$900K , the fight will be if its a one way or two way deal. Budgie, Magpie does not come close to warranting a 1.5 mill deal.

    • Budgie

      I think Mangiapanne deserves to make 1.5, I suspect BT is looking at a longer deal for Mangiapanne, if it was a deal like you suggest it should have been done by now. Not sure if the OIlers are trying to move Pulji for a quick fix, they have valued him higher. Calgary does not have enough money to sign Tkachuk without losing at least 3 million from the roster. Unless Tkachuk’s agent lowers his demands then someone is going-and then where is the team at? Still needing a strong RW.

  • Derzie

    As the saying goes, you have to pay to play. I don’t see much paying right now so play will suffer.

    The new model is that the majority of the cap will go to the younger, higher ceiling players. GMs that don’t get with that program pronto, will be left behind. It cannot be exaggerated right now how impactful that failed trade with Toronto was. Kadri & Brown are exactly what we needed to allow us to get better. Instead, our competition got better and now we have to sell assets just to sign players we already had. Not good, Brad. Not good at all.

    • Captain Ron

      Well Kadri said no to coming here. Hardly Brads fault. What was he supposed to do about it? He’s clearly trying to make the Flames better but you also need willing participants to accomplish that.

  • cjc

    Something that affects the maths is that signing Tkachuk and Mangiapane only brings the active roster to 22 players (Valimaki is on IR but his salary still counts toward the cap). They could go with that, but it gives them less flexibility (escpecially if Czarnik* gets buried in the AHL – then they only have 21 roster players, only 6 of which are D). So they really only have about 7 million to work with right now, since Valiev or Davidson will likely be called up as the 7D option to replace Valimaki.

    It becomes tough to make any lineup adjustments with only one or two spare bodies, and it also gives no room to maneuver around potential injuries. Of course if they were right up against the cap they could move Valimaki to LTIR for a small amount of cap relief, but that doesn’t really do anything to solve the Tkachuk situation.

    Given the team’s track record I assume they’ll want to carry 7D. If you take Tkachuk’s expected AAV (let’s say 7.5 million give or take) plus Mangiapane’s (say 1 million) plus flexibility for an injury call-up (let’s say 925 K), it puts them about 2.4 million over the cap. In that context a Jankowski trade is not enough and demoting Czarnik only helps if he’s not replaced on the roster. Something else not considered is the cost of replacing Jankowski and Czarnik in the lineup. A Jankowski trade/Czarnik demotion only saves max 1.35 million, but probably less because of that.

    *If they demote Czarnik, smart money is that someone will claim him when he goes through waivers.

    • DJ_44

      Valimaki is on IR but his salary still counts toward the cap

      Don’t think this is the case, they can assign him (and his cap hit) to the minors since he is waiver eligible — they just have to pay him an NHL salary.

      They do have to replace him on the roster however.

      • RealMcHockeyReturns

        Both wrong! His salary can be replaced and he does NOT count towards the 23-man roster when on LTIR. Flames actually have 7.756M space plus Valimaki salary amount ($894,166) but need 3 players (Tkachuk, Mangi, and another D) to have 23 men on roster.

    • benfr

      With both Mangiapanne and Dube showing they can play at this level we need to try to make room for them as if all forwards return there is a glut of forwards which will result in a lack of playing time and continued development. It is risky and hurts your depth but we probably need to package Frolik and Janko and hope the young players can step up.
      I think if the owners were to band together on an issue such as appears to be the case with RFA’s they would be accused of collusion. I agree with a previous poster that Fehr is a bit of a toxic presence for a sport. I’m a long time baseball fan and I remember the strikes which led to long outages. If he succeeds in breaking the salary cap we will see a sport similar to MLB and NBA where only the rich teams succeed and others are tier 2 franchises who will always sell their talent to the rich teams who will be the only contenders for championships. Hope that doesn’t happen.

    • Albertabeef

      According to puckpedia the flames have 21 players signed to $73,743,376 with $7,756,624 to spare. This number includes Quine and Dube as well as Valimaki and Kylington. This number does not include Davidson. So if Chucky and Breadman get signed for 6.5 and 1.1, switch Quine(although I’d rather Dube played in the AHL than be the 13th forward) for Davidson and we have our 22 players. This includes an extra forward and extra Dman with Val on LTIR. Game on!

  • everton fc

    Tkachuk will sign a bridge deal. Czarnik may not make the team, and you waive, or bury his salary in the AHL.

    Perhaps they end up keeping Frolik and Brodie, and Tkachuk signs a bridge, making sure the team remains competitive? That’s how I see it. Not sure how the cap implications would work, though.

    I wouldn’t move Jankowski. And I’d find a way to get Dube on the roster.

  • SeanCharles

    Trade Frolik, it sucks but it’s unlikely he re-signs anyways. I dont think we can consider moving 2 forwards




    • Budgie

      Bennett and Dube are Centre men. They have to play wing because Calgary has too many Centres. Trade Frolik makes sense since he is a RFA next season-Tough to move Frolik when his contract is ending after this season and he is 30-a 5 yr. deal would be a gamble-what is Frolik’s return? Might be better to keep him for his last year, we are short of wingers that can forecheck like Frolik.

        • Budgie

          Oops, my mistake-thank you for the correction-I looked at Cap Friendly and thought it said RFA-UFA-so he likely goes next season-I would keep him then-a player becoming a UFA has incentive to do well to boost his market value, Frolik is a solid player, he doesn’t hurt the team with his play-keep Frolik, his value as a trade piece is low because he is a UFA next season

    • LannyMac

      Excellent Sean and how do propose we get rid of Fro. Oh ya that’s right BT hasn’t inquired yet as to returns. Maybe as a previous poster stated we just accept a third or a fourth. I stopped chiming in on this because I was getting redundant but everyone needs a 2*4 across the head once in a while. There is no market right now. GMs now they have Tre by the balls. If you want to honestly see Fro go it will cost the Flames at the very least a first round pick. They my get that down to a second if they retain a couple mill. This sh!t is just getting to old. If they could get even a fourth for him it would have happened by now. The blind continue to post oh well. Now trash the sh!t out of me. At least on this topic some of you are starting to see the light.

      • cberg

        There is zero need to trade Brodie, nor Frolic or anyone else. Sign Tkachuk for bridge deal at $6.75(or less), same for Mangiapane for $1(or less)… no problem. If Tkachuk doesn’t want to sign, I guess he would be saying it’s him before the team…. he can sit.

  • FLT

    Man, there are a lot of people on here who need to chill out about Tkachuk’s contract. This is the normal process – it happens with RFAs every year, and it’ll happen again next year. The contract will get done sooner or later, lay off the judgments.

    • Budgie

      we know Calgary will sign Tkachuk, however, the team hasn’t made any improvements to give fan’s confidence-the team was handled decisively by Colorado- we are banking on Rittich/Talbot and subtracting a player to sign Tkachuk

      • cberg

        This myth that Ava handled Flames is so wrong. First overtime, leading but scored on with goalie pulled. 2nd overtime up 2-0 in third, then overtime penalty.

        • Kevin R

          Yeah the team won the 1st seed in the west, we dont need to improve, we need to play better come play off time. We have the players to do so, they just have to sacrifice & execute. Not rocket science.

        • LannyMac

          Oh cmon cberg how bad is your eye sight Calgary got demolished in every facet of the game from 2-5. To say anything different means you have no credence here. They may come with different mind set this year but the 2019 playoffs were a disaster and an embarrassment for the franchise.

    • Brian Burkee

      The problem is the rest of the RFA’s have a very important quality that only strengthens there worth. Skating. Chucky shouldn’t be asking for more than $7 million.

    • Raffydog

      Trade Tkachuk. That solves all the money issues, and they could afford to get one or two guys with a little heart. Something the little princess Tkachuk is severely lacking.

      • Budgie

        I agree-if you have to give an agitator 8 plus a year then you want him to win you the Cup, he isn’t even on the top line. Tkachuk is an awesome player but at what price? How many players can you get for Tkachuk? What would another team offer him? Perhaps his value to Calgary is higher than his value to other teams? Likely Trevling has had offers but they haven’t been too good to refuse

  • MDG1600

    In every scenario suggested Calgary becomes a weaker team with less depth. Tre has screwed this up and you are putting lipstick on pig with this article.

    • FLT

      I’m sure Treliving would keep Tkachuk on his ELC forever if he could, but the reality is that other money has to move out to keep him. Tkachuk at $8-9M is still a lot better than no Tkachuk at all.

      • Raffydog

        I dont know about that. He isn’t that good. He is decent in front of the net, but every other aspect of his game is below average at best. Cant skate, cant hit, to slow to forecheck, doesnt back check. You pay him 8 million a year, you can kiss any chance of ever winning a cup goodbye.

  • Bill Sveinson

    For me the most effective balance to team are the following lines:
    Sniper: Gaudreau-Monahan-Lindholm.
    Shutdown: Kylington-Backlund-Frolik
    Power: Tkachuk-Bennett-Lucic
    Cavalry: Mangiapane-Ryan-Jankowski
    Kylington would be most effective as an elite shutdown forward combined with Backlund and Frolik.
    Bennett needs to get back to centre. To me he is an exact clone of Bryan Trottier, for those old enough to remember.
    Want to energize Lucic? Put him with Tkachuk & Bennett. That line will terrorize the opposition.
    That ought to make blood shoot from your eye sockets.

      • supra steve

        Because the Flames are short on the left side? No, it’s actually their strong side.
        Because a young skating D man is of little value? Duh!
        This idea is a stupid one.

        • MiamiRedhawks

          I am just trying to see the thoughts of why people want to see him moved. Saying he is of little value, would mean comments of just dump him in Stockton for depth. So to me, I am trying to get opinions on what people see in his abilities and why.

        • Garry T

          Supranational, I think Kylington could play either wing and if I were he and the request was to try to help the team be better for the short to mid term, do it to crack the lineup. He is offensively minded as a defence man. So I do not think with some team and fan patience that it would not be a big stretch for him to perform on the wing. No disrespect intended.

    • Heeeeere’s Johnny

      I’m not a fan of Bennett at centre (limited hockey IQ) but I’d sure like to see that line at least once to see how much havoc they could wreak. No one would feel safe with them out there.

      • Budgie

        OHL he had 91 points in 57 games 2014-following year-24 points in 11 games-2015-he was injured after the 11th. game—I think he has an excellent hockey IQ with those numbers-remember against Colorado he was likely the best forward

        • Albertabeef

          No those 11 games were at the end of the season, after his shoulder surgery and rehab just before playoffs. He finished his OHL playoffs in 7 games and then joined the Flames parade on the Nucks.

  • Brian Burkee

    As per your very own Bill Peters. He says lucic will start with Derek Ryan and Mangi. He will get some time on the top line with Johnny and mony!! Lmao This is gonna be good folks. Wait till you see the look on Johnnys face when he can’t find an open lucic to pass to cause he’s hanging out high cause he has to cheat. Or when he does get a pass to looch and the puck bounces off of his stick. Looch might get confused and think all those boos are actually looooooooooooooocch 🤦‍♂️


    • X Man

      Looch is taking lessons from The Master (Adam Oates) this summer, and we know pretty much every player who leaves the Oilers improves afterwards… There’s a chance he’ll surprise us…

  • BendingCorners

    Oh what the heck. Let Tkachuk sit for a year, sign Thornton and Marleau for 3MM each to one-year contracts. Flames are better than the Sharks, so this way those two finally can win a Cup.

      • BendingCorners

        Williams will sign in Carolina. Phaneuf was washed up two years ago. Not sure Marleau has another year in him but Thornton certainly does, and together they should be very effective.
        But I’m only half-serious. I fully expect Tkachuk to sign before October.

        • Budgie

          If you had Cap Space and could get a veteran for cheap then having a guy like Joe Thornton is good for the team. Tkachuk will sign and be an important part of the team. He draws penalties and is an irritant to the opposition-he got under Joe Thornton’s skin.

  • Intercourse the Penguins

    Trending small is trending lose. I do not blame Tree as he tries to put speed and skill in the lineup and hopes that he can land more big and mean players as time goes on. No one wants our tiny terrors but we have to sign them and play them as the cupboard is bare. Czarnik clears waivers easily.

  • TKO

    What’s with all the hand ringing and boohoo-ing over “no improvement over last year,fire BT”
    You all do realize flames finished first in the west second in the league with solid underlying that suggest it isnt a fluke…
    Lots of stars in their prime up front, exceptional defense… boohoo what a bad GM
    For pity sake guys, quite it already with the doomsday quibbling

  • Justthateasy

    Message to Tkachuk, get real.!!!
    Look at the big picture. Are you playing for yourself or are you playing for the team? Don’t give me the obvious answer that I think it is. You haven’t done anything yet. If it was me you get a bridge for 6 Mill or you sit. If you don’t want that, let your greed shine .
    And then it’s bye-bye and good luck the rest of your career with that kind of stigma.
    Ps; your true colours are beginning to show.