Betway Bets of the Day: Calgary Flames at Seattle Kraken

Photo credit:Candice Ward/Calgary Wranglers
Shane Stevenson
5 months ago
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Seattle has insufferably good defence so the Flames struggle to get to the middle of the ice should continue. One of their most consistent matchup winners is now in the AHL to find his offensive game so that’s going to hurt the Flames as well. Everything going on in Calgary is terribly dreadful right now, the sun isn’t shining, the birds are no longer singing – it’s just a whole lot of bad vibes.

Primary Bet – Over 5.5 goals in match (-150)

A $1 bet pays out $1.66 – Not really any good finds today, relying on any Flames is nightmarish and the Kraken score by committee. Calgary may have the added motivation to not be losers of 7 in a row, but that didn’t help them the previous 6 times.

Secondary Bet – Race to 3 goals, Seattle Kraken (+110)

A $1 bet pays out $2.10 – this one seems fun, first to three wins. Yes I am picking the Kraken what about anything the Flames are doing would make you pick them?

Tertiary Bet – Anytime Goal Scorer Jared McCann (+162)

A $1 bet pays out $2.62 – If anyone can find a consistent goal it’s Maple Leafs legend Jared McCann. Could he do it, yes he McCann! Okay I’m logging off now.

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