Calgary Flames: comparing their schedule (so far) with the Edmonton Oilers’

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Ryan Pike
1 year ago
Heading into Saturday night’s edition of the Battle of Alberta, the Calgary Flames are four points ahead of the Edmonton Oilers with one game in hand. But the two teams have had wildly, wildly different schedules and performances to arrive at their respective records.
Let’s look at their schedules by general grouping and relative performances.

Against the Pacific

3-4-1 (18 left)
8-2-0 (16 left)
Head-to-head0-1-0 (3 left)1-0-0 (3 left)
Ducks1-0-1 (2 left)1-0-0 (2 left)
Kings1-0-0 (2 left)0-1-0 (3 left)
Kraken1-0-0 (3 left)2-1-0
Sharks0-2-0 (2 left)0-0-0 (4 left)
Canucks0-0-0 (4 left)2-0-0 (2 left)
Golden Knights0-1-0 (2 left)2-0-0 (2 left)
The Flames have played eight games against the Pacific, the Oilers have played 10 games. The Oilers have actually finished off their entire season series with the expansion Seattle Kraken. The Flames have yet to play Vancouver, the Oilers have yet to play the Sharks.

Against the Central

2-1-2 (19 left)
6-4-0 (14 left)
Coyotes0-0-0 (3 left)2-0-0 (1 left)
Blackhawks2-0-0 (1 left)1-0-0 (2 left)
Avalanche0-0-0 (3 left)0-0-0 (3 left)
Stars0-0-1 (2 left)0-1-0 (2 left)
Wild0-0-0 (3 left)0-1-0 (2 left)
Predators0-0-1 (2 left)1-0-0 (2 left)
Blues0-0-0 (3 left)1-1-0 (1 left)
Jets0-1-0 (2 left)1-1-0 (1 left)
The Flames have played five games against the stacked Central Division, capturing points in four of those outings. The Oilers have played 10 games and won six. Neither team has a completed season series against anybody. The Flames haven’t seen Arizona, Colorado, Minnesota or St. Louis yet, while the Oilers have seen everybody except Colorado.

Against the East

13-6-3 (10 left)
4-10-2 (16 left)
Sabres1-0-0 (1 left)0-1-0 (1 left)
Hurricanes0-1-10-1-0 (1 left)
Blue Jackets0-0-0 (2 left)1-0-0 (1 left)
Red Wings1-0-0 (1 left)0-1-0 (1 left)
Panthers1-1-00-1-0 (1 left)
Canadiens0-1-0 (1 left)0-0-0 (2 left)
Devils1-0-0 (1 left)0-0-1 (1 left)
Islanders1-0-0 (1 left)0-0-1 (1 left)
Senators1-1-00-1-0 (1 left)
Flyers1-0-10-1-0 (1 left)
Penguins2-0-01-0-0 (1 left)
Lightning0-1-0 (1 left)0-0-0 (2 left)
Maple Leafs0-0-1 (1 left)0-2-0
Capitals1-0-0 (1 left)0-0-0 (2 left)
The Flames have played 22 games against the East and already have completed season series with seven of the East’s 16 teams – they’ve played everybody except Columbus at least once. Edmonton has played 16 games and have completed just three season series, but they haven’t seen Montreal, Tampa Bay or Washington.
Based on the lack of overlap between the two teams’ schedules, it does at times feel like they’re in completely different leagues – the Flames are seemingly an Eastern Conference team, or at least one whose record right now is really reflective of their success against the East more than anything else.
But if nothing else, Edmonton’s success against the Pacific will really put some pressure on the Flames to improve their performances against the divisional rivals (and conversely, Calgary’s superb results against the East likely put pressure on Edmonton to make hay against the East themselves.)


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