Can Beckett Sennecke bolster the Flames’ right wing depth at the 2024 NHL Draft?

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Dave Hall
1 month ago
He may not bring the same high-level pedigree as names like Macklin Celebrini or Ivan Demidov, but Beckett Sennecke is emerging as one of the top puck handlers in the 2024 NHL Draft class. And he’s only getting better.
The Ontario native had a somewhat split season, starting his draft-eligible year with somewhat pedestrian numbers but quickly transformed into a monster by season’s end – and more importantly, in the playoffs.
Once a probable target for the top 32, his impressive second-half play has propelled him into top-15 conversations among many credible pundits.

Scouting report

Born in Toronto, Sennecke played his U16 hockey with the well-known Toronto Marlboros of the GTHL. In his single season, he finished second in league-wide scoring with 80 points (35 goals, 45 assists), and a whopping 30 points ahead of his next teammate.
From there, he took his talents to the OHL after being drafted by the Oshawa Generals 8th overall. He wasted no time making his mark, finishing second in rookie scoring with 55 points (20 goals, 35 assists).
Described as an incredibly crafty and dual-threat forward, Sennecke excels at scoring goals, finishing creative plays with quick dishes, and maintaining a high motor.
At Sportsnet, here’s how Jason Bukala describes his game:
“He’s a big, rangy, skilled forward who’s difficult to defend when shielding pucks and using his reach as an advantage. He’s capable of making plays in small areas and escaping. He also has some net drive when he gains the edge off the rush.”
Over at the Athletic, Scott Wheeler:
“He’s impressively dexterous and does a good job catching bad passes and handling the puck in his feet. But he does have a bad habit of playing one-on-one a little too much, which has frustrated some.”
And finally, Daily Faceoff’s own, Steven Ellis:
“He has good size, is putting up strong numbers, and has only gotten better as the season has worn on. He’s doing a better job of doing whatever it takes to generate chances thanks to a solid work ethic.”
Sennecke has grown from 5-foot-10 in his Bantam Draft to standing 6-foot-3 as he approaches podium day. At times, he still seems to be getting used to his new range, showing moments of awkwardness.
However, his reach allows him to pull off incredibly crafty maneuvers past defenders and goaltenders. Adding muscle to an already intriguing frame is an easy way to make his upside skyrocket, given his high-octane motor.

The numbers

As mentioned, Sennecke came out the gate slow this year, tallying just 26 points through 29 games by Christmas. However, after a few pointless games to start the new year, his production was shot out of a cannon to finish with 68 points in 63 games – just above a point-per-game pace.
He followed that up with an incredible playoff run, finishing with the sixth-highest point total among skaters, tallying 22 points (10 goals, 12 assists).

The fit

With the Calgary Flames’ right side much shallower than other areas on their depth chart, Sennecke’s could enjoy a nice pathway to earning a spot on the roster eventually. He brings a sprinkle of everything to the table and has all the makings to blossom into an effective, top-six winger.
Of course, there is the million-dollar question: Do the Flames use their ninth overall pick to secure him?
With such a mixed bag of opinions, Sennecke is pegged to fall somewhere between the late top-10 (EliteProspects) to early 20s. Heck, some (Recruit Scouting) have him ranked all the way down at 45th overall. With that in mind, and recency bias at play, however, there is a strong likelihood that he will not be around for the Flames’ second pick of the round (28th).
It’s a difficult year to predict who may be around for the Flames in the ninth hole, but players like Tij Iginla, Berkley Catton, or one of the numerous high-level defenders in the draft class could very well be available.
If that is the case, Sennecke may be a tough sell considering some lingering questions regarding his ability to create those crafty plays at the next level, consistency and whether he eventually fills out that lanky frame.
At the end of the day, draft day is unpredictable. Yet, considering his current consensus projection and the team’s pick placement, the Flames may have to reach for fans to enjoy his crafty services.

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