Craig Conroy has talked with other GMs about moving up and isn’t afraid to move draft capital for young players

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Jeff Middleton
25 days ago
The 2024 NHL Entry Draft is upon us, and teams are already gearing up for what is bound to be an exciting offseason and an exciting couple of days. Trades are being made, extensions are being signed, and most importantly, teams are jockeying for position by trading up for picks.
The Calgary Flames have the ninth and 28th overall selections in the first round of the draft, and there have been some rumors as to what they are willing to do with their extra draft capital. Well, according to general manager Craig Conroy, they have inquired about moving up in the draft, which shouldn’t come as any surprise to most.
For Conroy, though, what’s interesting is that there have been moves for draft picks before the draft even begins. In his presser, he spoke about not only the fact that the movement is different from last year but also that when it’s happening is slightly unusual given the status quo.
“That’s the big difference from last year,” Conroy said at Thursday’s chat with the media, via Flames TV. “There was no movement talk. You’d call, and there would be a ‘nope, we’re going to stand pad,’ but it’s just what is the price and how much it is. It’s interesting; it usually happens on the day of the draft where you see what’s coming as the picks go, and then you make the move, but there have already been two [moves], so it will be interesting to see how it is tomorrow, but I think you’ll see more movement.”
Conroy, when speaking about the Flames moving up in the draft outright, said he has given other teams calls, but it would be more likely to happen when the draft is occurring, primarily due to the fact he and his staff want to see who is off the board first before they decide to make a move. If they have a name in mind, but it doesn’t sound like they will come off the board before the ninth pick, then there’s no reason to move out assets and trade up.
However, when it comes to moving out assets, Conroy also suggested that he is more than willing to inquire about trading a pick or two for a young player between 18 and 23. It just takes two to tango, and right now, dance partners are scarce.
“We would be open to it for sure,” Conroy said. “If there were opportunities to move a second or a late first to get a player you feel is worth that, we would. Right now, that doesn’t seem like it’s a real possibility, but you have those conversations, and most teams have said not right now, but you have to circle back and stay on them and see if there’s something you can do at some point.”
No matter what, Conroy and his staff are determined to right this ship, and it doesn’t sound as if they’re afraid to move out assets for a better chance at the players they believe can push them closer to that goal. Even if the Flames don’t make any trades on draft day, it certainly isn’t for a lack of trying. But from the sound of it, Flames fans should expect a lively 48 hours as everything ramps up.
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