FlamesNation prospect update: nearing the end of the line

Jakob Pelletier
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Ryan Pike
2 years ago
The hockey season is winding down, friends. The American Hockey League schedule is complete for Stockton. European hockey is largely done. And the Calgary Flames only have a trio of players still playing meaningful games.
It’s time for our weekly check-in on the non-NHL kids.

In case you missed it:

  • Last week’s update
  • Basically everybody’s done for the season, except for Jakob Pelletier, Connor Zary and Dustin Wolf.
  • The Stockton crew will remain in Calgary until around May 16.
  • Glenn Gawdin and Artyom Zagidulin are with Calgary’s taxi squad.

Walker Duehr- RW, Minnesota State University Mavericks, NCAA / Stockton Heat, AHL

GPGAP5v5 PP15v5 P1NHLe
NCAA up to date281071717151520.91
Change from last weekn/a
AHL up to date50000000.00
Change from last week1000000n/a
Duehr’s first few pro games were a tad underwhelming, but remember that the jump from college to minor pro can be pretty big. We’ll see what kind of adjustments Duehr can make over the summer to get ready for full-time pro hockey in the fall.

Ryan Francis- C, Cape Breton Eagles/Saint John Sea Dogs, QMJHL

GPGAP5v5 PP15v5 P1NHLe
Up to date3216345032342236.39
Change from last weekn/a
The bad news is Saint John finished second in the QMJHL’s round robin playoff featuring the New Brunswick teams, winning three and losing three. But Francis was a force in their games, leading the Sea Dogs with 10 points. The Sea Dogs won’t advance, but Francis went out like Willie Nelson: on a high.

Rory Kerins- C, Stockton Heat, AHL / Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds, OHL

GPGAP5v5 PP15v5 P1NHLe
Up to date40000000.00
Change from last weekn/a
Among all the players, Kerins arguably had the weirdest pandemic. He followed up a season where he played 64 OHL games with a season where he played… four. That said, when we chatted with Flames assistant general manager Brad Pascall, he noted that was sort of the plan. Had Kerins stayed in Ontario, he wouldn’t have been able to do much skating, practicing or much of anything. So Kerins agreed to come to join the Heat; he didn’t get to play much, but he got a lot of time in with their coaching staff and hopefully laid a foundation for a big 2021-22 season.

Justin Kirkland- LW, Stockton Heat, AHL

GPGAP5v5 PP15v5 P1NHLe
Up to date1625734117.44
Change from last weekn/a
Kirkland missed Stockton’s last game, and most of their last several games, with an injury.

Yan Kuznetsov- D, University of Connecticut Huskies, NCAA / Stockton Heat, AHL

GPGAP5v5 PP15v5 P1NHLe
NCAA up to date1615663312.08
Change from last weekn/a
AHL up to date60000000.00
Change from last week1000000n/a
Like Duehr, Kuznetsov made his pro debut this season with Stockton. Kuznetsov also didn’t hit the scoresheet, but he played a bigger role and was more noticeable on the ice.

Carl-Johan Lerby- D, Stockton Heat, AHL

GPGAP5v5 PP15v5 P1NHLe
Up to date2207734212.68
Change from last weekn/a
Lerby was a scratch for Stockton’s final game. He essentially became Stockton’s seventh defender once Kuznetsov arrived – and was a scratch occasionally before that, too. We’ll see what happens with him this off-season, but reportedly his old team in Malmo wants him back.

Jakob Pelletier- LW, Val-d’Or Foreurs, QMJHL / Team Canada, WJC

GPGAP5v5 PP15v5 P1NHLe
Up to date2813304326292035.75
Change from last weekn/a
Pelletier was idle this week as the rest of the Quebec side of the playoffs shook out. Val-d’Or, the best team in the league, will play Rimouski, the lowest surviving seed from the first round. Pelletier had five points in the Foreurs’ first round sweep.

Emilio Pettersen- LW, Stockton Heat, AHL

GPGAP5v5 PP15v5 P1NHLe
Up to date2968141011819.24
Change from last week1000000-0.69
Pettersen had a quiet last week, but his season will continue. He’s off to Latvia to represent his beloved Norway in the World Championship. He’s previously represented Norway in two Under-18 Division 1A Worlds and the Division 1A World Juniors, but this is his first chance to play when Norway is in the highest level and play against the best international teams.

Matthew Phillips- C/RW, Stockton Heat, AHL

GPGAP5v5 PP15v5 P1NHLe
Up to date308132113171127.90
Change from last week1000000-0.96
Phillips’ season is over and he’s likely a contender to get a quick look from the Flames. He was recalled last season but never had a chance to make his NHL debut, so hopefully the big club rectifies that.

Luke Philp- C/RW, Stockton Heat, AHL

GPGAP5v5 PP15v5 P1NHLe
Up to date3089171013822.58
Change from last week1011010+0.59
Referred to by Pascall as the Heat’s most consistent player, Philp had a solid if unspectacular season. His offensive output was much more balanced than it was last season, where he scored many goals but didn’t generate quite as many assists.

Jeremie Poirier- D, Saint John Sea Dogs, QMJHL

GPGAP5v5 PP15v5 P1NHLe
Up to date339283721291426.11
Change from last weekn/a
Like Francis, Poirier’s season is over after Saint John didn’t win their round robin playoffs. But he finished second on the team with nine points.

Colton Poolman- D, Stockton Heat, AHL

GPGAP5v5 PP15v5 P1NHLe
Up to date2115656511.39
Change from last week1000000-0.57
Poolman finished off his rookie pro season quietly. He was solid if unspectacular for Stockton overall.

Martin Pospisil- LW, Stockton Heat, AHL / HC Kosice, Tipsport Liga

GPGAP5v5 PP15v5 P1NHLe
AHL up to date14561148331.31
Change from last weekn/a
Liga up to date2298179138n/a
Change from last weekn/a
Pospisil missed the last chunk of the season with shoulder surgery, and an unrelated knee injury that did not require surgery.

Adam Ruzicka- C, Stockton Heat, AHL

GPGAP5v5 PP15v5 P1NHLe
Up to date2811102114171229.89
Change from last week1000000-1.11
Ruzicka finished tied with Phillips for the Heat scoring lead. Like Phillips, he’s probably at the front of the line for NHL look-sees.

Eetu Tuulola- RW, Stockton Heat, AHL / Vasterviks IK, HockeyAllsvenskan / SaiPa, SM-Liiga

GPGAP5v5 PP15v5 P1NHLe
AHL up to date293475319.62
Change from last week1101010+1.08
Allsvenskan up to date112244338.88
Change from last weekn/a
Liiga up to date40000000.00
Change from last weekn/a
Tuulola scored the last Stockton goal of the season and did so in style: shorthanded.

Alexander Yelesin- D, Stockton Heat, AHL

GPGAP5v5 PP15v5 P1NHLe
Up to date282576449.96
Change from last week1011000+1.10
Yelesin had a shorthanded secondary assist in Stockton’s last game. He didn’t play any NHL games this season, or even get on the taxi squad, so one has to wonder if he’s sticking around or if he might head back to Russia.

Connor Zary- LW, Stockton Heat, AHL / Kamloops Blazers, WHL / Team Canada, WJC

GPGAP5v5 PP15v5 P1NHLe
AHL up to date934775531.00
Change from last weekn/a
WHL up to date15618241417939.62
Change from last week1000000-2.83
Bad news, pals. Zary suffered an upper-body injury last week and has missed the last three Kamloops games. The WHL’s official report lists him as day-to-day, so hopefully he recovers quickly.

Dmitry Zavgorodniy- RW, Stockton Heat, AHL / SKA St. Petersburg, KHL

GPGAP5v5 PP15v5 P1NHLe
AHL up to date291344335.50
Change from last week1000000-0.19
KHL up to date603332232.88
Change from last weekn/a
Zavgorodniy was held off the scoresheet to close out his first pro season. He had a weird year: playing well but never playing in the KHL, and playing well but never scoring in the AHL.

Tyler Parsons- G, Stockton Heat, AHL

Up to date1600.800
Change from last week
Parsons missed two scheduled starts with food poisoning, which was a rough ending to a weird season for him. But at least he got to take advantage of how weird the timing was this season, because in a normal year there would be no May games for him to return to.

Dustin Wolf- G, Stockton Heat, AHL / Everett Silvertips, WHL / Team USA, WJC

AHL up to date31480.895
Change from last week
WHL up to date1911180.941
Change from last week3183-0.004
Wolf’s running out of runway to break the WHL shutout record, but he’s still one of the top goaltenders in all of junior hockey. He’s second in the WHL in goals against average, first in save percentage and tied for first in shutouts and wins. He’s pretty good and has three games left on his schedule.

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