FlamesNation Roundtable: 2022-23 season predictions

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Ryan Pike
1 year ago
It’s opening night for the Calgary Flames! Thursday represents the first game of the 2022-23 season for the locals, so our Robert Munnich sent around a series of questions to our staff and convened the illustrious FlamesNation Roundtable to help preview the season.

League-wide predictions

Pacific Division Winner

  • Auddie: Oilers
  • Colton: Flames
  • Mike: Flames
  • Noah: Flames
  • Paige: Flames
  • Ryan: Flames
  • Robert: Golden Knights
  • Shane: Oilers
  • Taranjot: Flames
An obvious consensus here among the staff. Given that the Flames won the division a year ago, perhaps not just a locals pick…

Central Division Winner

  • Auddie: Avalanche
  • Colton: Avalanche
  • Mike: Avalanche
  • Noah: Avalanche
  • Paige: Avalanche
  • Ryan: Avalanche
  • Robert: Avalanche
  • Shane: Avalanche
  • Taranjot: Avalanche
No surprises here.

Atlantic Division Winner

  • Auddie: Maple Leafs
  • Colton: Lightning
  • Mike: Maple Leafs
  • Noah: Lightning
  • Paige: Lightning
  • Ryan: Lightning
  • Robert: Maple Leafs
  • Shane: Maple Leafs
  • Taranjot: Maple Leafs
A split here, with the Leafs slightly edging out the Lightning.

Metropolitan Division Winner

  • Auddie: Rangers
  • Colton: Rangers
  • Mike: Hurricanes
  • Noah: Rangers
  • Paige: Hurricanes
  • Ryan: Hurricanes
  • Robert: Hurricanes
  • Shane: Penguins
  • Taranjot: Rangers
A tie here between the ‘Canes and Rangers.

Stanley Cup Finalists

  • Auddie: Penguins vs. Avalanche
  • Colton: Lightning vs. Flames
  • Mike: Penguins vs. Blues
  • Noah: Rangers vs. Avalanche
  • Paige: Rangers vs. Avalanche
  • Ryan: Hurricanes vs. Avalanche
  • Robert: Maple Leafs vs. Avalanche
  • Shane: Rangers vs. Golden Knights
  • Taranjot: Hurricanes vs. Avalanche
Lots of Avalanche and Rangers representation here.

Stanley Cup Champion

  • Auddie: Penguins
  • Colton: Flames
  • Mike: Penguins
  • Noah: Avalanche
  • Paige: Rangers
  • Ryan: Hurricanes
  • Robert: Avalanche
  • Shane: Rangers
  • Taranjot: Avalanche
A general lack of consensus, but the most common choice is a Colorado repeat.

Flames-specific predictions

What will the Flames’ record be?

  • Auddie: 48-28-6 (102 points)
  • Colton: 52-19-11 (115 points)
  • Mike: 51-23-8 (110 points)
  • Noah: 48-24-10 (106 points)
  • Paige: 47-20-15 (109 points)
  • Ryan: 49-25-8 (106 points)
  • Robert: 51-25-6 (108 points)
  • Shane: 46-26-10 (102 points)
  • Taranjot: 48-23-11 (107 points)
Everybody has the Flames north of 100 points, some very much so.

Who will be the Flames’ leading point scorer?

  • Auddie: Elias Lindholm
  • Colton: Jonathan Huberdeau
  • Mike: Jonathan Huberdeau
  • Noah: Jonathan Huberdeau
  • Paige: Jonathan Huberdeau
  • Ryan: Jonathan Huberdeau
  • Robert: Jonathan Huberdeau
  • Shane: Jonathan Huberdeau
  • Taranjot: Jonathan Huberdeau
There’s a lot expected of the new guy.

Who will be the Flames’ leading goal scorer?

  • Auddie: Andrew Mangiapane
  • Colton: Elias Lindholm
  • Mike: Elias Lindholm
  • Noah: Elias Lindholm
  • Paige: Elias Lindholm
  • Ryan: Nazem Kadri
  • Robert: Andrew Mangiapane
  • Shane: Elias Lindholm
  • Taranjot: Nazem Kadri
Lots of Lindholm here, but Kadri and Mangiapane are also well-represented.

Who will be the Flames’ best defenceman?

  • Auddie: MacKenzie Weegar
  • Colton: MacKenzie Weegar
  • Mike: Rasmus Andersson
  • Noah: MacKenzie Weegar
  • Paige: Rasmus Andersson
  • Ryan: Rasmus Andersson
  • Robert: MacKenzie Weegar
  • Shane: Rasmus Andersson
  • Taranjot: Rasmus Andersson
As with the scoring race, lots of love for the new guy, but Andersson gets the slide edge here.

How many starts will Jacob Markstrom get?

  • Auddie: 60
  • Colton: 65
  • Mike: 63
  • Noah: 60
  • Paige: 50
  • Ryan: 57
  • Robert: 66
  • Shane: 58
  • Taranjot: 52
Big variation here, as some folks (in the mid-to-low 50s) likely think Dan Vladar gets in more than last season, while others (the folks in the 60s) don’t share that view.

Which Flame will exceed expectations?

  • Auddie: Kevin Rooney
  • Colton: Andrew Mangiapane
  • Mike: Tyler Toffoli
  • Noah: MacKenzie Weegar
  • Paige: MacKenzie Weegar
  • Ryan: Dan Vladar
  • Robert: MacKenzie Weegar
  • Shane: Dan Vladar
  • Taranjot: Dillon Dube
A lot of different answers here!

Which Flame will not meet expectations/disappoint?

  • Auddie: Dillon Dube
  • Colton: Brett Ritchie
  • Mike: Noah Hanifin
  • Noah: Tyler Toffoli
  • Paige: Milan Lucic
  • Ryan: Chris Tanev
  • Robert: Tyler Toffoli
  • Shane: “Whichever fourth line player they play on the third line regularly.”
  • Taranjot: Noah Hanifin
As with the previous question, lots of variety in the answers.
Share your answers with us in the comments and let us know who you agree with, and who you think is completely off their rocker!

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