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Ryan Pike
2 years ago
The 2020-21 NHL season is going to be challenging for a lot of teams for salary cap and logistics reasons. In an effort to make the somewhat convoluted roster, cap and waivers situation for the Calgary Flames a little bit easier to follow, we’ve developed this page to keep track of things.
It will be kept updated throughout the season.

The salary cap

There’s really two salary caps, in a sense, so let’s get into the distinctions.

The “overall” season-long cap

For the entirety of the 2020-21 NHL season, teams are required to have average annual cap spending of less than $81.5 million. As in: the average annual cap hit of the players on their roster throughout the season cannot exceed $81.5 million.
(Well, except for weird stuff like long-term injury exemptions and performance bonuses, but for “regular” spending, it’s a hard cap.)
Conceptually, it’s easy to imagine the same 20-to-23 players sitting on the Flames’ roster all season. But that’s not how it works, because players get traded, injured, demoted and called up. So the actual cap impact of each player’s contract depends on how many days they’re on the roster.

Daily cap calculations

The NHL season is 116 days long in 2020-21. Every day at 3 p.m. MT, the NHL’s Central Registry takes a snapshot of the players on each team’s roster. The cap hits of the players are logged and pro-rated for that day (e.g., their cap hit divided by 116 to get their daily cap impact) and savings below the overall cap also logged and pro-rated. It’s best to think of the cap savings like a piggy bank or change jar: you toss in the coins you didn’t spend, and you can only spend what you’ve previously saved.
Here’s the Flames’ starting roster (with overall cap hits), as filed with the NHL:
  • Goalies: Jacob Markstrom ($6 million), David Rittich ($2.75 million)
  • Defensemen: Mark Giordano ($6.75 million), Noah Hanifin ($4.95 million), Rasmus Andersson ($4.55 million), Chris Tanev ($4.5 million), Juuso Valimaki ($894,166), Nikita Nesterov ($700,000)
  • Forwards: Matthew Tkachuk ($7 million), Johnny Gaudreau ($6.75 million), Sean Monahan ($6.375 million), Mikael Backlund ($5.35 million), Milan Lucic ($5.25 million), Elias Lindholm ($4.85 million), Sam Bennett ($2.55 million), Andrew Mangiapane ($2.425 million), Josh Leivo ($875,000), Dillon Dube ($778,333), Joakim Nordstrom ($700,000), Dominik Simon ($700,000)
  • Buy-outs: Troy Brouwer ($1.5 million), Michael Stone ($1.167 million)
  • Taxi squad (cap hit only count while they’re on NHL roster unless noted): G Louis Domingue ($700,000), D Oliver Kylington ($787,500), D Connor Mackey ($925,000), F Zac Rinaldo ($700,000), F Buddy Robinson ($700,000), F Derek Ryan ($3.125 million, $2.05 million while on taxi squad)
The overall cap commitments of the Flames’ opening roster, including the two buy-outs and Ryan’s buried salary, was $79,414,167.
DateRoster SizeTotal Cap HitsTotal Cap SpaceDaily SpaceNotes
Jan. 13, 202120$79,414,166$2,085,834$17,981Starting roster
Jan. 14, 202122$81,189,166$310,834$2,680Added Ryan & Domingue from taxi; Zagidulin to taxi from AHL; Rittich non-roster
Jan. 15, 202120$79,414,166$2,085,834$17,981Ryan & Domingue back to taxi; Zagidulin to AHL; Rittich activated
Jan. 16, 202122$81,276,666$223,334$1,925Added Ryan & Kylington from taxi
Jan. 17, 202120$79,414,166$2,085,834$17,981Ryan & Kylington back to taxi
Jan. 18, 202122$81,276,666$223,334$1,925Added Ryan & Kylington from taxi
Jan. 19, 202121$80,114,166$1,385,834$11,947Added Stone (signed); Ryan & Kylington back to taxi
Jan. 20, 202120$79,414,166$2,085,834$17,981Stone to AHL
Jan. 21, 202120$79,414,166$2,085,834$17,981No changes
Jan. 22, 202120$79,414,166$2,085,834$17,981No changes
Jan. 23, 202120$79,414,166$2,085,834$17,981No changes
Jan. 24, 202122$81,276,666$223,334$1,925Added Ryan & Kylington from taxi
Jan. 25, 202120$79,414,166$2,085,834$17,981Ryan & Kylington back to taxi
Jan. 26, 202122$81,276,666$223,334$1,925Added Ryan & Kylington from taxi
Jan. 27, 202121$80,114,166$1,385,834$11,947Added Stone from AHL
Jan. 28, 202122$81,189,166$310,834$2,680Added Ryan & Robinson from taxi; Stone to taxi
Jan. 29, 202121$80,114,166$1,385,834$11,947Ryan back to taxi
Jan. 30, 202121$80,489,166$1,010,834$8,714Added Ryan; Robinson back to taxi
Jan. 31, 202121$80,114,166$1,385,834$11,947Added Robinson; Ryan back to taxi
Feb. 1, 202122$81,414,166$85,834$740Added Ryan & Mackey; Robinson back to taxi
Feb. 2, 202122$81,414,166$85,834$740No changes
Feb. 3, 202121$80,114,166$1,385,834$11,947Added Robinson; Ryan & Mackey back to taxi
Feb. 4, 202122$81,189,166$310,834$2,680Added Ryan & Rinaldo; Robinson back to taxi
Feb. 5, 202121$80,489,166$1,010,834$8,714Rinaldo back to taxi
Feb. 6, 202123*$82,839,166*$0*$0*Added Froese from AHL; added Mackey & Rinaldo; Ryan to LTIR
Feb. 7, 202120*$80,489,166*
(Below ACSL)
$698,491*$6,021*Mackey & Rinaldo back to taxi; Froese back to AHL
Feb. 8, 202120*$80,489,166*
(Below ACSL)
$698,491*$6,021*No changes
Feb. 9, 202123*$82,839,166*$0*$0*Added Mackey (from taxi), Froese & Ritchie (from AHL)
Feb. 10, 202122*$81,889,166*$0*$0*Added Robinson; Mackey & Froese to taxi; Gawdin to taxi from AHL; Stone to AHL
Feb. 11, 202123*$82,839,166*$0*$0*Added Mackey & Froese; Ritchie to taxi
Feb. 12, 202122*$81,889,166*$0*$0*Added Ritchie; Mackey & Froese to taxi
Feb. 13, 202123*$82,839,166*$0*$0*Added Mackey & Froese; Ritchie to taxi
Feb. 14, 202122*$81,914,166*$0*$0*Mackey to taxi
Feb. 15, 202123*$82,839,166*$0*$0*Added Mackey
Feb. 16, 202120*$80,489,166*
(Below ACSL)
$698,491*$6,021*Mackey, Robinson & Froese to taxi; Gawdin & Ritchie to AHL
Feb. 17, 202123*$82,701,666*$0*$0*Added Kylington, Froese & Ritchie
Feb. 18, 202121*$81,214,166*$0*$0*Kylington & Ritchie to taxi
Feb. 19, 202123*$82,839,166*$0*$0*Added Mackey & Ritchie
Feb. 20, 202123*$82,676,666*$0*$0*Added Gawdin, Kylington & Robinson; Mackey to AHL; Ritchie & Froese to taxi; Domingue to AHL from taxi; Zagidulin & Stone to taxi from AHL
Feb. 21, 202122*$81,889,166*$0*$0*Kylington to taxi
Feb. 22, 202123*$82,676,666*$0*$0*Added Zagidulin & Kylington; Robinson to taxi
Feb. 23, 202122*$81,889,166*$0*$0*Kylington to taxi
Feb. 24, 202123*$82,676,666*$0*$0*Added Kylington
Feb. 25, 202123**$83,239,166*$0*$0*Added Rinaldo & Robinson; Kylington to taxi; Markstrom to IR
Feb. 26, 202121**$81,889,166*$0*$0*Gawdin & Rinaldo to taxi
Feb. 27, 202123**$83,376,666*$0*$0*Added Gawdin & Kylington
Feb. 28, 202121**$81,889,166*$0*$0*Gawdin & Kylington to taxi
Mar. 1, 202122**$82,676,666*$0*$0*Added Rinaldo & Kylington; Robinson to taxi
Mar. 2, 202120**$81,189,166*$0*$0*Rinaldo & Kylington to taxi; Gawdin to AHL
Mar. 3, 202121*$81,189,166$310,834$2,680Ryan activated from LTIR
Mar. 4, 202122$81,276,666$223,334$1,925Markstrom activated from IR; added Kylington & Ritchie; Simon to taxi; Zagidulin to AHL from taxi; Domingue to taxi from AHL
Mar. 5, 202121$80,201,666$1,298,334$11,193Ryan to taxi; Froese to AHL
Mar. 6, 202122$81,276,666$223,334$1,925Added Ryan
Mar. 7, 202122$81,189,166$310,834$2,680Added Rinaldo; Kylington to taxi
Mar. 8, 202121$80,114,166$1,385,834$11,947Added Simon; Rinaldo & Ryan to taxi
Mar. 9, 202121$80,114,166$1,385,834$11,947No changes
Mar. 10, 202121$80,114,166$1,385,834$11,947No changes
Mar. 11, 202122$81,189,166$310,834$2,680Added Ryan & Rinaldo; Simon to taxi
Mar. 12, 202121$80,114,166$1,385,834$11,947Added Simon; Rinaldo & Ryan to taxi
Mar. 13, 202122$81,276,666$223,334$1,925Added Ryan & Kylington; Simon to taxi
Mar. 14, 202121$80,114,116$1,385,834$11,947Added Simon; Ryan & Kylington to taxi
Mar. 15, 202122$81,276,666$223,334$1,925Added Ryan & Kylington; Simon to taxi
Mar. 16, 202121$80,114,116$1,385,834$11,947Added Simon; Ryan & Kylington to taxi
Mar. 17, 202122$81,276,666$223,334$1,925Added Ryan & Kylington; Simon to taxi; Domingue & Stone from taxi to AHL; Zagidulin & Petrovic from AHL to taxi
Mar. 18, 202121$80,114,116$1,385,834$11,947Added Simon; Ryan & Kylington to taxi
Mar. 19, 202122$81,276,666$223,334$1,925Added Ryan & Kylington; Simon to taxi
Mar. 20, 202123$81,889,166-$389,166-$3,355Added Petrovic & Rinaldo; Kylington to taxi
Mar. 21, 202121$80,114,166$1,385,834$11,947Added Simon; Rinaldo, Ryan & Petrovic to taxi
Mar. 22, 202123$81,889,166-$389,166-$3,355Added Rinaldo, Ryan & Petrovic; Simon to taxi
Mar. 23, 202121$80,489,166$1,010,834$8,714Rinaldo & Petrovic to taxi
Mar. 24, 202123$81,889,166-$389,166-$3,355Added Rinaldo & Petrovic
Mar. 25, 202122$81,189,166$310,834$2,680Petrovic to taxi; Zagidulin to AHL from taxi; Domingue & Stone to taxi from AHL
Mar. 26, 202122$81,189,166$310,834$2,680Added Stone; Rinaldo to taxi
Mar. 27, 202122$81,189,166$310,834$2,680No changes
Mar. 28, 202122$81,189,166$310,834$2,680No changes
Mar. 29, 202122$81,189,166$310,834$2,680No changes
Mar. 30, 202122$81,189,166$310,834$2,680No changes
Mar. 31, 202122$81,189,166$310,834$2,680No changes
Apr. 1, 202122$81,189,166$310,834$2,680No changes
Apr. 2, 202122$81,189,166$310,834$2,680No changes
Apr. 3, 202122$81,189,166$310,834$2,680No changes
Apr. 4, 202122$81,189,166$310,834$2,680No changes
Apr. 5, 202122$81,189,166$310,834$2,680No changes
Apr. 6, 202122$81,189,166$310,834$2,680No changes
Apr. 7, 202122$81,189,166$310,834$2,680No changes
Apr. 8, 202122$81,189,166$310,834$2,680No changes
Apr. 9, 202122$81,189,166$310,834$2,680No changes
Apr. 10, 202122$81,189,166$310,834$2,680No changes
Apr. 11, 202122$81,189,166$310,834$2,680No changes
Apr. 12, 202122$78,664,166$2,835,834$24,447Rittich to Toronto (50% retained); Bennett to Florida; added Robinson & Domingue; Zagidulin & Ruzicka to taxi from AHL
Apr. 13, 202122$78,664,166$2,835,834$24,447No changes
Apr. 14, 202122$78,664,166$2,835,834$24,447No changes
Apr. 15, 202122$78,664,166$2,835,834$24,447No changes
Apr. 16, 202122$78,664,166$2,835,834$24,447No changes
Apr. 17, 202122$78,664,166$2,835,834$24,447Kirkland to taxi from AHL; Simon, Petrovic and Ruzicka to AHL from taxi
Apr. 18, 202122$78,664,166$2,835,834$24,447Simon to taxi from AHL; Kirkland to AHL from taxi
Apr. 19, 202122$78,664,166$2,835,834$24,447No changes
Apr. 20, 202122$78,664,166$2,835,834$24,447No changes
Apr. 21, 202122$78,664,166$2,835,834$24,447No changes
Apr. 22, 202122$78,664,166$2,835,834$24,447No changes
Apr. 23, 202122$78,664,166$2,835,834$24,447Leivo to COVID list
Apr. 24, 202123$79,451,666$2,048,334$17,658Added Kylington; Gawdin and Froese to taxi from AHL
Apr. 25, 202123$79,451,666$2,048,334$17,658No changes
Apr. 26, 202123$79,451,666$2,048,334$17,658Mackey to taxi from AHL
Apr. 27, 202123$79,451,666$2,048,334$17,658No changes
Apr. 28, 202123$79,451,666$2,048,334$17,658No changes
Apr. 29, 202124$80,176,666$1,323,334$11,408Added Froese
Apr. 30, 202124$80,176,666$1,323,334$11,408No changes
May 1, 202124$80,176,666$1,323,334$11,408No changes
May 2, 202124$80,176,666$1,323,334$11,408No changes
May 3, 202124$80,176,666$1,323,334$11,408No changes
May 4, 202124$80,176,666$1,323,334$11,408No changes
May 5, 202124$80,176,666$1,323,334$11,408No changes
May 6, 202124$80,176,666$1,323,334$11,408No changes
May 7, 202124$80,176,666$1,323,334$11,408Leivo off COVID list
May 8, 202124$80,176,666$1,323,334$11,408No changes
May 9, 2021*25Added Gawdin
May 10, 2021*25No changes
May 11, 2021*25No changes
May 12, 2021*25No changes
May 13, 2021*25No changes
May 14, 2021*25No changes
May 15, 2021*25No changes
May 16, 2021*28Added Ruzicka, Simon & Mackey
May 17, 2021*25Ruzicka to AHL, Simon & Mackey to taxi
May 18, 2021*28Added Ruzicka, Simon & Mackey; Poolman, Yelesin & Phillips to taxi from AHL
May 19, 2021*29Added Phillips
To date: (116 of 116 days)$925,270Cap savings only accumulated through May 8.
Our pals at PuckPedia also have a handy daily tracker. (Stars next to roster size reflect number of players on IR at a given time not included in roster limit.)
The cap season ended on May 8, but since the Flames’ season was extended by 11 days they are required to operate with a cap compliant roster and the league will need to approve any transactions they make from May 9-19. Our understanding is the team is allowed to spend cap savings from earlier in the season during that period.
While Derek Ryan was on LTIR (Feb. 6 to Mar. 2), their temporary cap ceiling was $84,312,657 and their “Accruable Cap Space Limit” was $312,343 below the $81.5 million cap ceiling (e.g., the cap ceiling minus the space they had when they put Ryan on LTIR) or $81,187,657.

Waiver status

After a player who requires waivers to be demoted has cleared, they can be freely demoted (and recalled) for the remainder of that season until they have (a) dressed for 10 NHL games or (b) been on the NHL roster for 30 days, whichever comes first.
[Last update: May 8, 2021 (roster days; calculations based on 116-day NHL season); May 15, 2021 (NHL games)]
PlayerDate clearedNHL games sinceRoster days since
F Dominik SimonMar. 4, 202108
F Derek RyanMar. 3, 20213358
D Michael StoneJan. 19, 20212146
F Brett RitchieJan. 18, 20213271
F Zac RinaldoJan. 12, 2021410
F Derek RyanJan. 12, 20211036
D Oliver KylingtonJan. 12, 2021832
F Buddy RobinsonJan. 11, 2021943
D Alex PetrovicJan. 11, 202103
F Justin KirklandJan. 11, 202100
F Byron FroeseJan. 11, 2021619
G Louis DomingueJan. 11, 20211628
Need waivers, but weren’t waived: David Rittich, Mark Giordano, Noah Hanifin, Rasmus Andersson, Chris Tanev, Nikita Nesterov, Matthew Tkachuk, Johnny Gaudreau, Sean Monahan, Mikael Backlund, Elias Lindholm, Sam Bennett, Andrew Mangiapane, Josh Leivo, Joakim Nordstrom, Dominik Simon, Brett Ritchie [Jan. 18 exemption expired], Derek Ryan [Jan. 12 and Mar. 3 exemptions expired], Michael Stone [Jan. 19 exemption expired], Buddy Robinson [Jan. 11 exemption expired], Louis Domingue [Jan. 11 exemption expired], Oliver Kylington [Jan. 12 exemption expired]
Need waivers, but can’t be waived: Jacob Markstrom, Milan Lucic [They have no-move clauses.]
Waiver exempt: Juuso Valimaki, Dillon Dube
For even more salary cap, waivers and CBA information, head on over to PuckPedia!

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