The Flames have been strong when battling fatigue (or fatigued opponents)

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Ryan Pike
2 years ago
The Calgary Flames have played two games since the All-Star Break. One was against a team that had played the night before. The other was against a rested team, when the Flames had played the night before. The Flames won both of them.
Let’s take a quick dive into how the Flames have fared in different schedule situations.

Scheduled losses

A “scheduled loss” is when the Flames played the night before but their opponent didn’t. It’s a tired team against a rested team.
So far, the Flames have played six of these. They’ve gone 3-2-1 in those games. The two games they lost – a 6-3 loss in Carolina and a 5-1 loss in St. Louis – were closer than the scores suggest, as the Flames faded as the games progressed.

Scheduled wins

A “scheduled win” is when the opponent played the night before but the Flames didn’t. It’s a tired team against a rested team, except the rested team is the Flames.
So far, the Flames have played seven of these. They’ve won six, with a 4-2 loss to Winnipeg in late November their lone blemish. The Flames have three of their 10 shutouts in these situations, and they’ve won five of these by four or more goals. These are meant to be tough nights at the office for the opposition, and the Flames have generally made them such.

Scheduled ties

A “scheduled tie” is when both teams played the night before, so it’s two tired teams just trying to scramble for two points. The Flames have played two of these and won both.

Scheduled, uh, games

The remainder of the schedule is just… games. Games, that is, where both teams are rested because they didn’t play the night before. In 29 outings where both teams were fresh, the Flames are 14-10-5. This may be the hidden trouble for the club, as they’ve been quite good when they’re focusing in on a back-to-back or trying to make a team miserable in the back end of their own, but in regular games with some rest they’ve been merely pretty good rather than as dominant as we’ve seen in other schedule situations.


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