Sean Monahan thinks Chris Butler ran the ‘Boring Sean Monahan’ Twitter account

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Ryan Pike
1 year ago
Former Calgary Flames forward Sean Monahan toured Bell Centre in Montreal recently, where he’ll soon play with his new team, the historic Montreal Canadiens.
But during the tour, Monahan dropped a unique bit of information: he thinks former teammate Chris Butler was behind the infamous Boring Sean Monahan Twitter account.
Here’s what Monahan says (at 1:15), while eating toast:
I’m pretty sure a guy who I played with my first year started that. This guy Chris Butler. No, I know, because it was stuff that was happening on the plane and things that no one else would know.
For those new to Flames fandom: Boring Sean Monahan was a pretty active (and funny) Twitter account that began posting in October 2013, and primarily featured fairly mundane observations – presumably to be read by the reader in Monahan’s famous flat baritone voice.
The account was quite active during the 2013-14 season, but maintained posts (albeit less frequently) in the seasons since then. Butler played for the Flames during Monahan’s rookie season (2013-14), but left the club as a free agent that off-season.
The consensus from sources around the Flames room over the years is that multiple players were involved with posting on the account, though Monahan’s theory that Butler was the ringleader matches up with the general timelines.
We may never get a full answer from those involved with the account, but Monahan’s declaration is the closest we’ve gotten to anybody involved being publicly identified.

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