Flames Sign Deryk Engelland

After a couple of solid signings in Raymond and Hiller, the Flames add their first eyebrow raiser in Dereyk Engelland for 3 years at $2.9M per year. 

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Engelland plays both defense and forward, though he mostly acts as a d-man. He’s big, he’s mean, can drop the gloves…and he’s not very good at much else. He averaged a team low 13 minutes of ice for the Pittsburgh Penguins last year, faced lower tier opposition and had some of the worst underlying possession numbers amongst Pens defensemen. Clearly, like Bollig, this is another step in the new regime’s quest to “get bigger and protect the kids”.

Engelland is a 32 year old tough guy and third pairing defender. At best, he’s a way to get the Flames over the cap floor finish line for the next few seasons and a skating harm deterrence. At worst, he’s their next Shane O’Brien.

  • Willi P

    Both the Oilers and Canucks have gotten much better the last 2 weeks…..we have not.

    Maybe this is the tanking strategy?

    If so: ok.

    If not: we are in big trouble!!!


    • DragonFlame

      What could the Flames actually have done via the FA route that will make them a better team two or three years from now?


      Calgary cannot over-commit to anyone.

      You, Walter, might call it a “tanking strategy.”

      I call it a “realistic strategy.”

      Jarome is no longer 23, Rhett Warriner does the morning show on the Fan 960, Kipper is playing as a forward in Okotoks in a morning league, Conroy is part of team management, Gelinas is an assistant coach, and Sutter is in LA.

      The Flames messed up, we can all agree with that, but I don’t want to hear about some mediocre defenseman or over-the-hill forward that got away.

      The Flames have some work to do, and I don’t see one legitimate fix among all those who claim Calgary missed out on so and so.

      The Flames missed out on nothing.

      Weak draft, weak UFA’s, and a weak team that could have spent to the cap and still wouldn’t have made the playoffs.

      I am sick of impatience.

  • Willi P

    Gah… Can’t believe I read all 319 comments. Beats watching baseball I suppose.

    Anywho….. Switching gears, anyone see an invitee list for development camp? I know a lot of guys are coming in today but haven’t seen an official list yet.

    • DragonFlame

      The only thing that doesn’t beat watching baseball is having it force-fed to us at ten in the morning on the radio on 960.

      I actually switched channels this morning to listen to XL 103 or whatever they call it.

      I missed a walk off homer, apparently.

      I’ll live.

  • RedMan

    OK, now that we are over 300 posts, we can close this thread. I’m pretty sure everything has been said at least 50 times each. but anyway,

    thanks for coming, goodnight.

  • Burnward

    So after a quick look at the roster here is what my lines would look like during the early going (not sure what the chemistry would be)

    Hudler/Monahan/Colborne(this line played together last year and had some chemistry)

    Johnny/Backs/Bouma(lots of defensive zone starts)

    Glenx/Stajan/Raymond (lots of defensive zone starts)


    There will be a lot of guys pushing for the 13 and 14 forward spot: McG, Bennett, Knight, Sven, Rhino, Ferland to name just a few.

  • RedMan

    Here’s a name that I would like to float that might have been a better option for the Flames( I really don’t know) Brett Bellemore 26 years old 6’4″ 225 right hand shot played 64 games in Carolina last year.

  • Johnnydapunk

    Flames signed Brad Thiessen and some guy named Sena Acolatse to 2-way deals.

    Thiessen is a minor league goalie… probably to push/backup Ortio (not sure they can send him to the ECHL).

    Acolatse seems like a decent enough minor league dman. Nothing special.