Welcome to your favourite Scorch fanblog for tonight’s preview of the Flames and St. Louis Blues!

The Flames are coming off their requisite thrashing of the Oilers on Thursday and are in St. Louis tonight for the Blues home opener that precious few in Missouri will give a flying crap about as both the Royals and Cardinals play this evening in the MLB championship series’.

The Flames are on the second game of a brutal six-game road trip to start their season and will be in tough tonight against a Blues team that dropped their season opener on Thursday. Thanks to a most predictable injury and a flu, the Flames will debut a new winger tonight, find out who it is (there’s a big picture of him) after the jump!


Here is the roster for tonight’s game thanks to our dear, dear friends at DailyFaceoff.com and Roger Millions.

Byron – Monahan – Setoguchi 

Glencross – Backlund – Bouma

Gaudreau – Colborne – Raymond 

Bollig – Stajan – McGrattan

Giordano – Brodie

Russell – Engelland

Smid – Wideman


Jiri Hudler is out today with the Flu and David Jones is injured because well, I think it’s a contractual obligation, so that means Flames fans will get their first look at Setoguchi tonight. I would say that there is a fair amount of pressure of ol’Seto to produce when he is given an opportunity and tonight he will be playing with some very capable linemates.  

After a less than impressive camp, many were calling for Setoguchi to be waived and buried, giving his spot to Jooris, Ferland, or another of the camp standouts. However, here he is and here we are and he had better make the best of it because I don’t think Flames brass would feel too guilty about sending him packing.

McGrattan slides back into the lineup because there are no other options at the moment and will play on a like with Brandon Bollig and Matt “Sisyphus” Stajan. Not much anyone can say about that line.

We all knew that Mason Raymond was the greatest goal scorer in history of Cochrane but I think most of us were surprised to see him pot a hat-trick in hostile territory. Raymond is a very streaky scorer so hopefully he can score a couple more here, simply because I want to see his name atop the list of Maurice Richard candidates for as long as possible. 

Wideman draws back in tonight amid reports that he and Hartley aren’t “seeing eye to eye”. From my inside sources, I have heard that Hartley told Wideman “You aren’t good at hockey, what the hell happened?” to which Wideman responded “I’m rubber and you’re glue.” We will keep you posted as this story develops. In any event, Raffa (?) Diaz sits tonight and Wideman will join Smid on what is just an abysmal d pairing.

Jonas Hiller gets the start in Net tonight and looked pretty good in the season opener against the Canucks though many thought that Ramo would start tonight after stealing the game in Edmonton. Oh well, I’m sure we will have plenty of time to quibble with coaching decisions as the season progresses.


Here is the Blues lineup thanks to Daily Faceoff:

Berglund – Backes – Oshie

Steen – Stastny – Tarasenko

Schwartz – Lehtera – Lindstrom 

Ott – Porter – Reaves

Cole – Pietrangelo

Bouwmeester – Shattenkirk

Jackman – Leopold


The Blues have a pretty scary top-nine and, like almost every other NHL team, outgun the Flames on offense. Though the Blues are essentially a big, physically-punishing team, they have some serious skill in Tarasenko, Steen, and Stastny to compliment Backes, Berglund, and Oshie. The Blues also boast a pretty solid group of defenders as well with Shattenkirk, Bouwmeester, and Pietrangelo being three top-end dmen. 

Brian Elliot over Jake Allen starts in net because I think St. Louis forgot about their goaltending this offseason and arrived at camp to find Elliot and Allen and sorta just shrugged.


As with most nights this season, the Flames will be in tough against the Blues. I’m curious to see how Colborne and Raymond play tonight as both played very well against the Oilers on Thursday. Paul Byron continues to just be awesome in every way imaginable and I am considering just becoming his agent at this point. 

I am also interested to see how Monahan does without Hudler. Those two have played quite well, at least in terms of production, with Monahan setting up Hudler for goals in each of the first two games. Setoguchi is quite a large step down from Hudler so let’s see if Monahan can elevate the play of his linemates. 

Puck drops at 5pm MT on SNET 360 

  • KiLLKiND

    So if this game finishes like this after 3 games Johnny will have had 0 shots on goal which is unfortunate for my fantasy team but also should something be done about this he doesn’t look confident would a Sven approach help little conditioning stint with Adirondack maybe give Ferland or Jooris or even Sven another shot?

  • redricardo

    So the Flames are 2 games into a 6 game road trip, and .500, with a win against Edmonton and a loss against St Louis. That’s about exactly what anyone would expect so far.

    It would be nice if we’d outplayed the opposition in any of the games… But from a pure results standpoint the road trip is exactly what we’d expect.

    Tonight’s game was depressing though. Really showed how far the Flames have to come before they can hang with the big boys.

  • MattyFranchise

    No one aside from Hiller looked good tonight. This a bottom ten team. Like I’ve said before, if everything goes right this year the flames will finish 20th at best. Most likely this is a bottom 5 team.

  • Grant

    So seto takes engelland out in the first minute and Johnny gaudreau doesn’t play for the next 10mins, seto on the next power play. Second period probably about 12 mins of 4 on 4 action, the perfect opportunity to give gaudreau sometime and space and Hartley doesn’t give him a whiff. Not to mention First game of the year gaudreau’s already warming the bench. No wonder this kid has no confidence right now. Hartley an insecure bastard who relies on veterans, this isn’t the first rookie with high end skill he’s treated this way, Insert Sven. Watching the world championships gaudreau was never held back by laviolette and he thrived. Get rid of Hartley hire Babcock or Bylsma! .it’s apparent Hartleys got some issues along with Dennis wideman who’s been terrible for years. Had a good training camp a couple years back but since then has been terrible. Do u give credit to the players or to coach when there’s a culture change in the locker room? For me it’s the players that deserve the credit for the most part. I wonder how much Brent sutter having svens back when he was called up made a difference in his play. Probably pretty confident when your coach believes in you, no!

    • Grant

      Without sounding like an Oiler troll I think svens days are numbered . It doesn’t really seem to be in their plans the last couple of years and maybe he will benefit from a change in teams.???
      Comments? Positive though?

  • Grant

    You can’t turn a sedin into a grinder, why try and turn a playmaker into a dump and chase player? Philosophies in the Calgary Flames management team that need to change.

    • Grant

      Agreed. That’s what they were trying last year to do to Yakupov and that did not work. This year they seem to be letting him play and he has looked really good.
      So ya I see your point