Report: Glencross Traded To Capitals For Multiple Draft Picks

Per a report from Sportnet’s Chris Johnston (and TSN’s Darren Dreger), the Calgary Flames have reportedly traded left wing Curtis Glencross to the Washington Capitals.

Johnston had the scoop regarding the expected return:

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This move would give the Flames a pair of second and third round picks in this year’s (deep) draft…just like last year’s draft, oddly. The picks moved in this trade would be Washington’s own (and only) second and third round picks.

  • everton fc

    We won’t touch Semin. And Carolina won’t mortgage their future to unload a bad signing like Semin.

    Remember, too, “The Brass” has made it clear they want to shed salary. Which is a move I like. The only outrageous salary I’d consider is Kessel’s.

  • Craig

    +1 on Everton. Carolina isn’t wasting a very high pick in what sounds like a great draft to dump a contract.

    Before the season I thought the best thing the Flames could do is use their cap space to their advantage by taking on a bad contract but the cap being 69 (nice) million next season really ends that idea.

    Happy with the return for Glencross. It’s going to continue to be a sellers market for a long time when the deadline comes around which makes players like him, even with a NMC, much more valuable then they should be. Would like to see the Flames look for value this offseason in re: 1 year contracts like the Leafs and Winnik. I honestly believe that in this day and age, term is just as important if not more, then the cap hit.

    Really hoping the Flames find a way to move Ramo by tomorrow.

  • Graham

    The reality is that the Flames have shown little interest in picking up bad contracts. Ownership spent years at or near the cap with little to show for it, and seem to be content fielding a value team just above the floor. I just don’t see them bucking the trend and adding a bad contract unless the player can really help them. The high US dollar also works against this approach. If it was
    my money, I wouldn’t give away millions for a draft pick. The owners are business men after all.

    • The Last Big Bear

      Actually under Treliving the Flames have showed a lot of (rumoured) interest in picking up bad contracts for value. I’m not sure the narrative is that the Flames aren’t willing to spend anymore as much as it is just a strategic approach. I think you do bring up a good point that a lot of people tend to forget, it is a business and money does matter. That being said, the Leafs are going to pay an extra 6 million a year for cap space. I think ownership would absolutely be behind a deal like that and there’s nothing to really suggest they won’t spend to the cap when the time calls for it.

  • cgyokgn

    Win – win for GlenX and the Flames… he gets to play for a contender and the Flames get a 2nd and 3rd. Thank you to Glenny for being a warrior for the Flames; unfortunately injuries derailed him last year and part of this year but he still has something to give. I will be very interested to see how he does with the Caps and how far they go in the playoffs.

  • Craig

    Glencross has always been class and a warrior. Giving the Flames the hometown discount and never complaining or holding it against the team. He actually played right up to the deadline and TRIED, opportune fight, goal and helper in the 3 or 4 games before being dealt.

    Didn’t shy from a scrap, did everything he could to help gain a good return. Unlike Cammy who waited to do anything scoring wise till after the deadline.

    Oh and let’s not forget him waiving his ntc to multiple teams and later expanding that list to include more teams. Didn’t bind management’s hands like Someone