POST GAME: So, um. That wasn’t ideal.

Life sucks sometimes. Folks, I won’t lie, this wasn’t exactly great. The Flames were completely unable to mount anything resemble an offensive attack and the Ducks imposed their will all night. Flames lost 6-1 and looked pretty bad.  

Just take a look at this, there’s a cool picture later on I promise.

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The Flames started off trying to slow the game down and did a half decent job through the first five minutes. Right off the bat, Josh Jooris had a clear breakaway from about the red-line in but was turned aside by Andersen. That would have been nice. A short time after, Corey Perry took a cross-checking penalty which yielded a fruitless powerplay. A short while after, Perry negated a powerplay for the Ducks and the Flames got a second early powerplay which was also squandered. 

A couple minutes after, the Ducks made the Flames pay for missing those early chances. Engelland and Brodie were unable to clear the zone on two occasions and Matt Beleskey banged home a bouncing puck and the Flames went down 1-0. The Ducks came out flying in the first and got nine of the the first 12 shots in the first period. Apparently, rust was not a big deal. Oh and the Ducks hit like 1100 posts in the first period as well.

The Ducks went ahead 2-0 when Patrick Maroon deflected a pass from Getzlaf in front of the net, a play that Engelland and Stajan would both like back. Overall, not a great period from the road squad who looked out-matched and outclassed. Also, Michael Ferland took a nasty hit behind the net and looked pretty queasy. David Jones knocked the Anaheim defencemen into Ferland and caught him right in the chin. In all honesty, he was looking like a guy who was fighting concussion symptoms. The Ducks led 2-0 which, I suppose wasn’t as bad as possible.    

Ferland wasn’t on the bench to start the second period and things got worse for the Flames. Corey Perry wandered in front of the net with 100 yards of space and tucked it home, 3-0 Ducks. That was it for Hiller with Ramo replacing him in two straight games. Things were…less than ideal. 

Instead of things improving, they …unimproved. Jiri Hudler looked like he tweaked something in his back perhaps and left the bench. Then the Ducks went ahead 4-0 on a Emerson Etem goal created on a forecheck from Tim Jackman. That’s the kinda night it was.

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The Flames went into the third down 4-0. Things were not looking good. Then, they got even worse! In the first minute of the period, Corey Perry scored a powerplay goal and went up 5-0. Then, Brandon Bollig took a penalty and the Getzlaf scored to make it 6-0.

Then, a ray of sunshine among the raining of human feces. Sam Bennett scored off of a weird bounce from the stanchion and broke the shutout. So yay. Game ended 6-1. 



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Game 2 goes on Sunday.

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  • ssamze

    They just totally shut down our top line. And were all over Brody and Gaudreau.

    The good news is, that is the worst game I’ve seen Calgary play in a long time. It can get worse, but I like to think they will be better.

  • SoCalFlamesFan

    The defense was pushed around, they really need some more bulk to compete.

    The whole team other than Gaudreau looked as if they were skating in sand. Even on the power play they were lethargic and expecting the nice bounce (not making their luck).

  • SoCalFlamesFan

    With Ferland and Hudler hurt who would be the replacements?

    Would be pretty funny if it was Mcgrattan and Gillies lined up on either side of Bollig for the opening draw.

    How big would Bob’s fine be for that one?

  • Rockmorton65

    In a year of important games, I think game 2 will be a “defining” game for us & it has nothing to do with wins or losses. I think it’ll give us a good, honest indication as to where we are in the rebuild. They got their teeth kicked in- fine – happens to everyone from time to time. How do they respond? Do they push back and have their own dominant performance? (which they are capable of). Are they simply outclassed? Do they keep pushing or fold their tent and go home? We’ll see where the improvements need to be made moving forward.

  • Zarny

    How about those NOT SCARY, LAZY players in Getz and Perry? they sure didn’t do much huh?
    Just paraphrasing what some super intelligent flames fan said on here the other day.

  • Toofun

    Dear Mr. Hartley,

    Why did all of those Oilers dress up in Flames uniforms last night and what did you do with our players?

    PS: It wasn’t fun. Please don’t do it again.


    Flames Fan