Post Game: Ducks Complit

I’m here for you guys. That was rough. 

Flames fall 3-2 in Overtime to Corey Perry and the Ducks. It was a close game and the Flames probably deserved to lose it, but that doesn’t feel to good right now. Let’s hold each other after the jump.


Before we begin, let’s have a look at this. I love it so much:

The Flames had a much better start in this game, well, compared to the last two games in Anaheim I suppose. I understand that this isn’t exactly a high bar. The Flames made it through the first three minutes without being scored on or without allowing 11,000 two-on-ones which was how the first two games went. Look, I’m trying to stay positive. 

Mid-way through the first period, the Flames managed to get a pretty good shift with some pressure down-low. As a result, the Flames drew a penalty: a double minor to Ryan Kesler for wounding Sean Monahan and causing him to have to shed two different jerseys. Kinda nasty stuff:

This was a prime opportunity for the Flames to grab an early lead and establish themselves in this game and the Flames were able to capitalize. Jiri Hudler, who has been Dr. Victor Fries cold so far this series, blasted a slap-shot past Andersen to put the Flames up 1-0. 

Shortly thereafter, the much-maligned Joe Colborne took a very, very sketchy interference call after he knocked his defender into the crease. Mike Johnson from SNET characterized the penalty as “two minutes for being stronger” which I would certainly agree with. No matter what your feelings are about Colborne (and I am by no means his biggest fan), it was hard to see him penalized again after what happened last game. However, unlike last game, the Flames bailed their giraffe out and killed off the penalty. 

After the Flames were unsuccessful on their second power-play of the game, Gaudreau was called for hooking, sending the Ducks to the power-play again in the dying moments of the first. Despite a few anxious moments, the Flames held strong and went into the dressing room up 1-0. Easily their best period of the series in Anaheim. 

In the early minutes of the second, Colborne took another penalty which pretty much burned off whatever sympathy I had for him. The Flames got running around in the zone and the worst possible person scored. Ryan Kesler. Universally detested Ryan Kesler. 1-1 early in the second. 

56 seconds after that, Johnny Gaudreau, a god among mere mortals, took advantage of a faceoff win an rifled a wrister off of a Ducks forward and regained the lead for the Flames.

With less than 10 minutes to play, the Flames were given another opportunity on the power play and had a chance to go up two goals. However, the Flames were unable to get a shot on net and let an opportunity to go up by two for the first time this series slip by.

Shortly thereafter, Matt Stajan collided hip-to-knee with Corey Perry and Perry did not look good. Perry was not able to place any weight on his knee and did not look like he was okay. An ugly incident for sure but it didn’t look as though Stajan deliberately took out Perry’s knee. Have a look for yourself here (thanks to @myregularface as always). 

It may have been simply a charley horse because Perry was right back on the bench and barely missed a shift. So who knows. For the final few minutes of the second period, the Flames were hanging by a thread and just barely made it into the dressing room. However, as with game four, the Flames took a penalty (Backlund for a marginal slash) in the final second of the period and had to start the third a man down. 

Exactly like last game, the Flames were burned. Noted Flame assassin Matt Beleskey tipped home a point shot and drew the Ducks even. Backlund looked pretty crushed. Matt Beleskey. I am going to see that man in my nightmares for a few weeks. The goal vaulted the Ducks into the driver’s seat in the third period, spending the next four or five shifts in complete control of play. 

After that goal, the Flames looked pretty defeated. The Ducks controlled the vast majority of play in the third and the Flames were certainly hanging by a thread. Karri Ramo was the only reason the Flames weren’t completely out of this series early in the third. The remainder of the period was a white-knuckle ride. 

The Ducks out-shot the Flames 14-5 in the third period and had numerous chances to score. The Flames were mostly unable to mount any serious pressure and were chasing the Ducks for pretty much the whole period. However, with time ticking down, the Flames had a glorious chance to end the game but were unable to bury a pseudo two-on-one. Things were pretty intense. The game was off to OT.

I’ll be short about OT. Karri Ramo made a pair of outstanding stops but he couldn’t stop them all. Corey Perry scored because of course he did. The Flames fell 3-2 in overtime and this magical season ends.


You know what, it’s too hard. These guys. Caman. You have to love them. It’s hard right now but I know this was one hell of a season. They are all the damn Red Warriors. Let’s not talk possession tonight, it’s pointless. Let’s try to take a step back and appreciate this season because I’m quite sure we won’t see anything like it again for a long time.

What a season. 

  • The GREAT Walter White

    Can’t hang your head about losing in round 2 of a play-offs no-one thought we had a sniff at.

    Proud of the team and excited for next year…Bennys’ the real deal…Johnny and Money..should be alot of fun!

    I wonder what injuries will be disclosed…

  • everton fc

    A couple of random thoughts:

    Ferland came of age. He as scoring in the playoffs. Playing is game, which is translating well to the NHL. Huge.

    Bouma also came of age. A true leader.

    I think we re-sign Ramo and move Hiller – go with Ramo/Ortio next season.

    If we can somehow sign/trade for two more 3/4 defencemen to replace our current 5/6 rotation, we’d be hard to beat next season. But I hope two of Culkin, Morrison, Wotherspoon, Kulak or Kanzig step up and earn those two positions.

    Sign Eric Roy to an AHL contract.

    Austin Carroll will surprise everyone at camp and perhaps make the team. Garnett Hathaway, as well. Question is; who moves to make space?

    Let Stajan play out his career in Calgary.

    Great season. We are so deep in promising forwards. Granlund. Poirier. Wolf. Carroll. Klimchuk. Hathaway. Arnold. Agostino. Maybe even Reinhart and Elson. I exclude Ferland because he’s an NHL regular now.Draft-day will be almost as exciting as the playoff run!

    • everton fc

      Biggest lesson learned this spring – can’t survive very long with only 3 proper D-men.
      You have to love the heart of Russel, but you can’t expect him to take on guys like Maroon, Perry and Getzlaf. We need a defender the size of Kanzig, the skills of Brodie and the toughness of Gio.

      We did well with the D-men scoring about a third of our goals this season, but scoring isn’t everything. We missed having a guy like Regher to slam players against the boards and knock them out of the goalie’s way.

      Morrison has a nasty streak, but we need a vet d-man that is big and mean to come in.

      Oh, BTW, we need to keep Ramo. Don’t care if that means we have 3 goalies this fall, just keep the top two.

  • RKD

    From some of the comments here, it’s nice to see that Oilers and Canucks fans were following the Flames series so closely. It’s fun to have playoff hockey to watch, isn’t it?

    Great season Flames! I can’t wait for a full season from Bennett, Gio, et al. Onward and upward!