POST GAME: Anaheim.


The Universe is rapidly expanding. This seemed as though it was impossible decades ago but it is now accepted as scientific fact. There is a force pushing the universe towards an unknown infinity but scientists do not quite understand the exact properties of this force pushing galaxies apart. This energy, or dark matter as it is often called, accounts for over 68% of the total energy in the observable universe but we really don’t understand it. 

Furthermore, it’s unclear why it is that there is precisely the amount of dark matter present in the universe to allow matter to form, rather than be pulled away from itself in a vast empty space. The precise ratio of dark matter to ordinary matter is what keeps our universe stable. It’s a cosmological standard that can be depended on no matter what the calculation, anywhere in the universe. There might be no principle more certain, more repeatable in all of physical cosmology.  

Oh, except for the Flames losing in Anaheim.   


Ryan is away. I had the distinct pleasure of wrapping this one up for you and it was a humdinger let me tell ya!

Sometimes the Flames have poor starts, sometimes the Flames get scored on, sometimes it’s tempting to turn the game off. But, sometimes, you get to witness something bigger than just you and me. It’s supernatural. It transcends logic, hockey, or strategy. The Flames cannot win in Anaheim. It doesn’t matter who the heck is playing, you’re not listening to me. It can’t  happen. 

Revel in this! It’s one of life’s few certainties! Drink it in, it’s okay. 

In the first, Rep. Peter Russo played good, an angry turtle scored some goals, Jonas Hiller was more of a suggestion of a goalie than an actual goalie, and blah blah blah you know how this all goes. The Ducks scored a bunch and the Flames looked as though it was their first experience with frozen water. 

Fun Fact: The last time the Flames won in Anaheim, your great-great grandparents were still privateers, raiding vessels in the Caribbean Sea? It’s true. I checked the media guide.

In the second, the Ducks scored immediately. Like, instantly. Like while you were still trying to see what else was on TV soon.  About the same time, Oliver Kylington scored for Stockton. That’s a good thing! Think about that. Don’t dwell on this game. 

The Flames couldn’t get a save, hit some posts (three in the second period alone), took some penalties and this one was over really quick. Here is a sampling of what you all thought on twitter (the ones that weren’t profanity laced):

Ouch…that last one stung HTP. The Ducks scored again to make it 19-0… I think. Jamie McGinn. I hate the Anaheim P.A announcer with a burning, firey passion. How many different times have I watched this very same game?!

On a serious note, John Gibson was injured with 11:30 left in the second period following a collision with Hampus Lindholm. That is a tough pill to swallow for the Ducks given how in control of the game they were. Losing a goalie sucks and I hope it isn’t serious for John Gibson. (UPDATE: he’s fine).

Then, something great happened. Hunter Shinkaruk scored his first career NHL goal on a power play 14 minutes into the second period. A nice power-play re-direction off of a Mark Giordano point shot got Shinkaruk his first ever tally and continued his two game point streak. Shinkaruk has played two pretty good games since being called up, he has been a lot feistier than was expected. Here’s a look at his tip tonight:

But! Because life is an endless parade of misery! Nate Thompson scored 19 seconds later to re-establish a five goal lead. No! Wait! What?! Mark Giordano scored his 20th of the year (!) which is a legitimately cool thing. The last Flames defender to do this was Ottawa Senator legend, Dion Phaneuf. 

Then, the worst possible scorer scored. Ryan Kesler put the Ducks ahead by five again late in the second. Why him?! Why Flames?  But wait, the weirdest/worst game continued to be even weirder! T.J Brodie scored as well. I can’t even explain that second period. seven goals. The period ended with the score at 7-3 and somehow it didn’t feel so painful. It seemed … funny? Is that the word? I’m not sure. Perhaps I, like all of you I am sure, am simply numb to losing in Anaheim. 

The Flames started the third period pretty well but the Ducks needed to ensure that it would still take two three-pointers to beat them. Jamie McGinn’s second of the night made it 8-3. Mercifully, that was it. Flames lose.


Ya gotta go with Jeff Shantz here, no question. 

Yes, Giordano reached 20 and Hunter Shinkaruk scored his first NHL goal, but there’s no question it’s Shantz. Sorry Hunter. 


Positives from tonight:

  • Nick Schneider acquitted himself pretty well in his first professional start tonight for the Stockton, making 34 saves on 37 shots. The Heat fell 4-2 to the San Diego Gulls, Kylington and Shore the goal scorers.
  • Shinkaruk scored, not for the Canucks. 
  • Giordano scored 20 this season
  • Yikes, that’s it folks. This one stank.
Not to worry, the Flames are back at it tomorrow night in Los Angeles.

  • wot96

    Let’s face it – this post game wrap was 80% written before the game started. You just had to fill in who exactly scored, and when, and then maybe copy and paste a line because Anaheim scored 8 instead of the expected 5 or 6. And the introduction was clever – I mean that.

    Well played, Tayler, well played. Unlike the Flames.

  • Cfan in Vic

    it seems like bennett has had some pretty bad luck this year. post and a missed wide-open net this game alone. i feel like he should have at least 5-6 more points on the season, even assuming average conversion…

  • Cfan in Vic

    I don’t get it. Why does Hartley preach playing hard then start Hiller with Backstrom as backup. 8-3 is demoralizing and about 5 of those goals wouldn’t have gone in if Ortio was in net.

    • McRib

      Joni Ortio would have then played 3 in 4 nights for someone who has battled injuries this year that might be something you want to avoid. There is also the whole tanking thing because that’s really the only thing tangible that’s left in store for us his year (outside of young guys getting a chance to prove themselves, which Ortio will have the chance to do tomorrow in LA). I’m all for us competing until the end of the year, i.e. setting a good example and expectations for next season, but I also wouldn’t mind a Top. 5 pick. Throwing one of the two dumpster fires in goal for a few of those games to make it likely helps accomplish that. Let’s not kid ourselves do we really want all of our direct rivals (Edmonton, Vancouver, Winnipeg) except us to pick in the Top. 6-7 this year which is shaping up to be a very good top tier crop and us watching from the outside.

    • flames2015

      Agreed, there is no reason to start Hiller against the Ducks given his horrible track record. He is clearly not going to redeem himself! How many games has it been. Hiller looks completely demoralized, when he’s in a game or sitting on the bench. He should not see another game in a flames jersey. What kind of tone do you set for the young guys, when you don’t give them a fair chance by putting Hiller in net.

  • Canadian Hockey Fan

    The Flames, as well as every other Canadian team, have to improve their goaltending this offseason. Flames goalies put up 1980s GAA and save pct. numbers this year. Definitely have to look at getting either Reimer, or Andersen from the Ducks. I would even take Cam Ward at this point. Have Ortio as the backup until Gillies is ready. Hopefully we never have to endure another NHL season like this one again. It was shameful right across the country.

    • cjc

      Eh? I thought Talbot was doing fairly well in Edmonton. Hellebuyck looked pretty good in Winnipeg, but they didn’t want him getting in the way of their tank. Price was injured all year – Condon would have been just fine in a backup role. Craig Anderson was his usual steady self in Ottawa.

      • Canadian Hockey Fan

        True enough. Talbot has been doing great, especially considering the team in front of him. Give him solid defenseman and his GAA would be around 2.30. The Jets need to make Hellebuyck their starting goalie next season. Trade Pavalec and keep Hutchinson as a backup. Price was injured, but the Habs still need to make moves.

  • smatic10

    After that pathetic excuse of a game, reading this article brought a smile to my face, laughed several times throughout it. Thanks Taylor!

    I just don’t understand, every game in this building sees the Flames get dominated, it’s almost never close. They look intimidated as they have no answer for the Ducks in the defensive zone, the Ducks can just cycle the puck until they reverse the Earth’s rotation. And can someone tell me why we never ramp up the physical play against them? If we eliminate time and space from them, we can start winning some battles and control some of the play.

    Bleh, what do I know? I’m just bitter.

    • Cfan in Vic

      I thought I was going crazy.

      The posts by “Oilers Fan Since 06” had the user name mysteriously changed to “Canadian Hockey Fan” about a half hour after originally posted. How do you change your ID by editing your post? Strange.

      • GriffinJeff

        Not sure, but what a streak of futility the Oil have had since their run in 06! Being an Oiler’s fan since ’06 is something I wouldn’t want to share either. I guess being a Canadian hockey fan this year isn’t much better.

  • SportGoblin

    Being reminded how much Corey Perry looks like an angry turtle helped make up for the 3 hours of my life that were thrown away last night. Thanks for that, Taylor!