Flames trade for Brian Elliott

Brad Treliving stated that he would not leave the first round without a goalie. He fulfilled that promise. Mere minutes after drafting Matthew Tkachuk, the Flames have solved their biggest offseason need by acquiring St. Louis Blues goaltender Brian Elliott. In return, the Flames give up the 35th overall pick and a conditional 2018 third round pick.

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The 31 year old Elliott is entering the final year of a $2.5M contract, and will need re-signing. This past season, he played 42 games recording a 23-8-6 record with a .930 SV% and four shutouts. In the playoffs, he backstopped the Blues to the Western Conference Finals, going 9-9 with a .921 SV% and a shutout. He’s pretty good.

The Flames gave up their own 35th overall pick and a conditional 2018 third rounder. The conditions per Pierre LeBrun are based on whether or not the Flames can re-sign him.

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Earlier in the day, it was heavily speculated that Ben Bishop would be the new Flames goaltender by the end of the first. That deal was reportedly contingent on the Flames reaching a verbal extension agreement with Bishop, which apparently started at $7M for seven years. No reports yet on why the trade failed.

Here’s Treliving with John Shannon from Sportsnet discussing the Elliott trade and future plans. Interesting to note that Treliving did not say they were done with the goalie position.

More details as they come.

  • Baalzamon

    The only thing about Elliott is he played for St. Louis… not likely he repeats that sv% for Calgary.

    Then again… maybe Gulutzan delivers on all his promises? Never know.

  • ManchesterUnited

    All things considered, GREAT TRADE! If for some reason he doesn’t resign with us, we don’t have to give up a third AND we’d be in a great position to acquire the negotiating rights of Bishop (If he’s still with the lightning) come the expansion draft when Yzerman realizes something for Bishop is better than nothing. Also doesn’t hurt that the likes of Wideman will be off the books. The future is bright.

  • BlueMoonNigel

    You guys kill me. Two days ago it was a MAF lovefest. Yesterday it was Jimmy Reimer lovefest. Tonight, you are over the moon because of Elliott.

    Truth be told, Elliott was a poor third after MAF or Bishop.

    Elliott is a stopgap. He is going to bide time for Ortio and Jon Jon.

    Tre got strong armed badly on this one because he gave away a 35th for a guy the Blues were going to re-sign next year.

    Sutter was fond of throwing away draft picks and that strategy did not work out well, did it?

    • Rockmorton65

      The Flames did well. Addressed two areas of weakness.

      The Oilers on the other hand….

      “What do we desperately need?”
      “Top tier defencemen and grit!”
      “What do we have a boatload of?”
      “Highly skilled but soft forwards!”
      “Are there any top 4 defencemen in play?”
      “Quite a few!”

      And what do they do? Draft a highly skilled but soft forward.

      • Greatsave

        To be fair though, when Puljujarvi falls into your lap there was no way you’d pass on him.

        They do of course have the option of trading any one or more of their skilled forwards for d-men still: even Puljujarvi.

    • JKG

      You’re missing the point. I think it’s actually the opposite, we’re happy we didn’t get strong armed by Tampa or Pittsburg and chose the reasonable option.

    • everton fc

      We have three picks after the 35th. These can easily be parlayed into 3 very good prospects, a proven pro, two picks moved for one in the 30’s (remember, Columbis still needs cap relief, and pick at #34). Lots of things can happen where the Flames are actually in a better position moving #35 for Elliott and 2.5mill cap hit, vs. huge cap hits w/Bishop and Fleury.

      Elliott will get 40-45 starts. Either Ortio’s getting the rest, or someone like Reimer, Bernier, ?? will get the rest. In fact, if they get a 2nd goalie to tandem with Elliot, don’t be surprised if Ortio’s not here when camp begins…

      Abramov… Mascherin… Katchouk… Debrincat… All still available. We’ll move some picks to get a player of this calibre. That’s how I see it. Stay tuned!

      (Please sign Nakladal!)

        • everton fc

          If you’re saying they can re-sign Ramo for 2.5mill… Maybe that works, and Ortio becomes trade bait. I suppose it all depends on how Ramo heals. Haven’t heard heads or tails about Ramo since he got injured, though.

      • Joe Flames

        It’s not a bad idea to move some picks for established players. If you have extra picks too many years in a row you run out of roster spots for them to develop on the farm, so their development stagnates and the pick is wasted. we are getting close to that point after this draft. We have many good young D prospects but not enough ice time for them all in the AHL

  • Flames Fan in Edmonchuck

    Honestly all things considered, couldn’t have hoped for much more…. good cheap goalie option and a high end prospect on the wing… good job BT

  • slapshot444

    Good deal,, good price, no long term commitment for now, fits in the cap easy, and regardless of comparisons to Bishop etc Elliot will be a big improvement over last year.
    Th Flames move forward , go flames.

  • Baceda

    So Debrincat is still available, I will be a bit bummed in St Louis gets him at 35 but will still think this trade was worth it. We know for sure that Brian Elliott is going to give the Flames a better chance of winning, Debrincat is still a gamble (though a good one)

    • FlamesFanOtherCity

      There may be a trade of two 2nd rounders for an earlier 2nd. I doubt they do that for Debrincat.
      There are still some highly rated players that could go soon.

      Maybe there is still a deal to be made with the Oilers for their 2nd for Wideman and a later 2nd.

  • everton fc

    Elliott was the sane/safe move. Low cap hit. Low GAA. He’s had a low GAA everyplace he’s played, except his dismal stint in Colorado. Perfect fit, I think.

    Could we still be in for Reimer? I wonder, but haven’t heard his name mentioned much in the same sentence with “Calgary” in the MSM as a real possibility. Could we still be kicking tires in Toronto – Wideman for Bernier, a little cap relief there, go with Elliott and Bernier for one season? Or are they set w/Elliott and Ortio? One thing about Elliott – he’s not started more than 45 games in the past five seasons. So either Ortio gets the other 35-40 starts, or they go for someone (Reimer?) who can give a 50/50 split w/o whining.

    I like the fact Tkachuk is comfortable on RW. Prybil may be good w/Bennett and Shinkrauk (or even Ferland, who knows). Or maybe Shinkaruk is slated for a chance at RW? With Colborne/Backlund/Frolik, that may be three potentially productive lines. It’ll be interesting to see what we do with all those 2nds. And to see if we can dump some salary.

    • everton fc

      Prybil w/Gaudreau and Monahan, Shinkaruk on LW or RW with Bennett and Tkachuk? Or even Ferland?? Could work. And don’t for Agostino. Agostino/Bennett/Tkachuk might also work. You never know.

      Can you imagine if Poirier somehow finds his game…

      • GodsGotSandals

        I think with Jonny money you can pretty well plug anyone into the right side and still have a deadly line especially if teams have to match up against a dangerous second line tkachuk/bennet. So yea I pretty much agree with everything you said haha.

  • Enough moves on the goalie front. BT got a great player for a low price and it leaves room for salaries of Johnny, Monny, Colbourne, and Jooris.

    It could always be worse; Edmonton gave up a lot of picks for Cam Talbot. Thank gawd that precedent wasn’t followed!

    Elliot is the starter. Ortio is #2. Gilles shows how bright he can shine in Stockton.

    If Orts falls on his face, hopefully Gilles can come in next year.

    Honestly, Joni Ortio needs a chance to play. His attitude and interview personality has improved. He’s grown up a lot and matured into a more team oriented and less selfish player. Find some old interviews of Orts and you will see a grumpy, conceited, egotistical kid. But not anymore! He’s mild mannered and respectable.

    Even if all three goalies underachieve this year, it’s no loss. Calgary is still rebuilding and there are other areas that developments will be made in.

    • I wouldn’t say he came off as egotistical or anything early in his career, but this year was definitely the humbling he needed. Ortio has always been touted as the future based on a small number of games. Perhaps now that his NHL future – not just with the Flames – is more uncertain, he can push himself in the right direction and put up a challenge as a starting goaltender again.