Bust out your least stained pair of blogging sweatpants, cause FlamesNation is looking for a new voice.

Once again, we’re looking to the community to find a new, unique voice to add to our circle of writers who can bring some strong, well though-out opinions on the Calgary Flames.

What are we looking for?

– The ideal applicant should be a Flames fan, or at least someone who knows the team really well. We’re looking for somebody who can dig into what the Flames are doing and write about them critically.

– We’d like someone who’s generally curious about the Flames, the game of hockey, and where they’re both headed.

– Applicants should have some writing background, preferably in sports/hockey, though great writers from all fields are welcome to apply.

– Applicants should have at least a passing familiarity with advanced stats/analysis in hockey. You don’t have to be a stats guru or anything, but some knowledge in this area (and a willingness to learn) is a big asset.


– Please have enough time or availability to write on a regular basis. We’re not so much fixated on writing a lot as much as writing often enough that you can develop a rhythm. Ideally, you can contribute a piece once a week.

– We would like to add unique perspectives to the discussion of the Flames, so be ready to sell us on what you bring to the table that makes your voice unique. People who aren’t cut from the same cloth as the typical hockey fan are what we’re trying to find.

Some notes

– We would ideally like to get this done quickly, so the cut off for applying is Monday at 11:59 PM Calgary time.

– If you applied when we did this in the summer and didn’t get a position, please don’t be discouraged from applying again. We had a larger than expected response and had to make plenty of tough decisions. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take, etcetera, etcetera.


– If writing isn’t your forte but you feel you can contribute to FlamesNation in another way (i.e. podcasting, graphic design), shoot your shot. We are always interested in branching out of the written realm.

How do I apply?

Send me an email introducing yourself (with your name, Twitter handle, writing interests and a writing sample or two) to chris.tiberi [at] gmail.com and we’ll chat.