Photo Credit: Andy Camp/Adirondack Thunder

Flames Weekly Prospect Update: Another one down

The Flames own the rights to 36 players, and three of them finished their regular seasons already. By next week, two more will join that group. It’s all quickly coming to an end. (Also: welcome to our new and fresh website!)

Last week, fancy table, and if you haven’t already, check out:


  • Here’s some good news: every WHL Flames prospect has clinched a playoff spot.
  • Dillon Dube had five more points this week. He’s really starting to pick it up, with 15 over the past two weeks.
  • Tim Harrison’s season has finished. After winning the first game of their best-of-three against Princeton, they lost the final two games to get eliminated from the ECAC tournament. With a 9-22-6 record, Colgate won’t make the Frozen Four. No word on what happens with Harrison right now. I doubt he goes to the AHL when he has a month and a half left of school, but more on that later.
  • Mark Jankowski had himself a week, with two two goal games.
  • Andrew Mangiapane, now boosted back up with Janko and Linden Vey, had a goal and an assist this week.
  • The Victoria Royals scored eight goals this week. Matthew Phillips was involved in six of them. This kid is absolutely legit.
  • He’s got seven games left and needs 14 points to hit triple digits. I’m a believer.
  • He also needs four goals to hit 50, but that’s more manageable.
  • Just one more Matt Phillips bit: look at how tiny he is. He could probably pass for Stepan Falkovksy’s son.

  • Emile Poirier has been scratched for the second straight week. Stockton has a glut of forwards, but when Austin Carroll plays more than Poirier, it’s a major problem.


  • The Adirondack Thunder returned to mortal form this week, only scoring four goals in five games. Falkovsky’s two goal quota came to an end as well, but he did pick up two assists.
  • Adam Fox and Brandon Hickey have byes for the first week of their tournament. It’s unclear right now if Hickey has returned from his LBI that held him out for the final stretch of the regular season, but the original time table suggests that he would be back.
  • Harvard gets to play against rival Yale, while Boston University gets resurgent Northeastern. It should be a fun weekend.


  • Tyler Parsons is back in London’s net, though some have noted that he’s labouring a bit. The Knights are probably trying to get him back into form before the playoffs start.
  • David Rittich and Jon Gillies continue their fine form. They’ve been the understated heroes of the Stockton season, following that goalie cliche of giving the team the best chance of winning. There’s some excitement down on the farm.

No pressing thoughts this week, so see y’all later.

  • dontcryWOLF88

    Out of the entire prospects line up available to the flames. Who would we guess are the best shot at actually helping the team in a more than insignificant way long-term?

  • everton fc

    Like the new look here. Brilliant.

    As for Poirier vs. Carroll; Poirier has been given every chance and opportunity to prove himself, as has Shinkaruk. The former has failed. The latter is still trying to prove himself. Carroll, on the other hand, has taken advantage of his slim chance to remain a valid prospect. Good for him. One more goal and he’s level w/Shinkaruk, in fewer games. A good sign for Carroll – not so good for Shinkaruk, and probably
    “death” to Poirier’s prospects in the organization.

    Unless it’s all Huska’s fault… 😉 It may very well be, or may not be – just couldn’t resist!

  • slapshot444

    Awesome website, I like the “all inclusive” information look, especially the schedule. Speaking of, I front really see anyone talking about the remaining schedule. Yikes, that schedule will leave the flames battle hardened, all but the Avs are in the playoffs or in a run for it.

    • No, comments have carried over on 99.9% of previous posts.

      We’re having a minor issue with all comments needing approval before showing up on the site (I even had to approve this comment), so that’s the likely problem. It’s an annoyance for both ends, but we should hope to have it resolved

      • Greatsave

        Got it, thanks Christian. For the most part it looks great, all transitions are bound to experience hiccups. Like how this post was posted an hour ago but these comments are showing up as “7 hours ago”.

  • Lucky 13

    Shiny new site! Nice
    That picture of Philips and Falkovsky is so funny. Looks like David vs Goliath. Reminded me of Burns beside Gaudreau at the All Star game.

    Good thing Phillips doesn’t know he’s small… on pace for 50 goals! I’m impressed.

  • Parallex

    I’m gonna have to disagree on the sentiment about the new look. Do not like. I mean I come here for the words so it’s not a big deal I just preferred the prior format (or maybe it’ll just take some getting used to).

  • everton fc

    Have Phillips move to wing and Jankowski can centre him sometime down the road. I bet Phillips impresses immensely in next seasons camp. Falkovsky could be a nice surprise – can you imagine if he can duplicate his current offencive production in the “A” next season?

    • Zalapski

      It would be nice to see Falkovsky get a cup of java in A this year. I mean a small sample size wouldn’t mean much but if he was effective and generated some offence it would be exciting. He’s a monster with offensive talent, those are tough to find.

  • The Doctor

    Dube is kind of stealth this year because he missed all those games — which is why he doesn’t show up in the WHL scoring leaders. Otherwise he would be up there. Personally if I were going to call up a forward it would be Janko or Klimchuk,