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Flames will have different uniforms for 2017-18

As the NHL prepares to switch from Reebok to Adidas for the 2017-18 season and beyond, some teams will be getting an updated look. According to SportsLogos.net, the Calgary Flames will be one of those 12 teams.

We don’t yet know quite what the Flames’ changes will entail – one would, at minimum, hope for far less piping – but the most common opinion I’ve seen (and one that Chris Creamer is down with, too) is to make the full switch back to the retros, preferably in home and away sets. (We might’ve talked about this before.)

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This would see the piping eliminated, the black probably gone, and remove many (if not all) unnecessary elements, giving the Flames a classic, uncluttered look that’s been missing from their day-to-day getup for some time now.

Creamer does note on his site that the change could be minor, such as the Oilers’ apparent decision to make their current alternates their mains. With no alternate jerseys next season, if the Flames want to keep their retro look in the loop, it’ll have to be all or nothing.

Or they might go complete out of left field, as they did for their previous word mark alternates. That would mean more work for a bigger risk, though, as opposed to simply sticking with something we know a lot of people like and a design already in place for it.

Either way, though: the Flames will look at least somewhat different next season. What are you hoping for?

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