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Prospect wrap-up: Daniel Pribyl

In August, we ranked Daniel Pribyl the ninth best prospect in the Flames system. We will probably not do the same this year.

Can you blame us for being excited? The Flames had found a 6’4″ right winger who finished second in Czech league scoring. Like they have been doing in the recent past (mostly with Czechs), the Flames brought in an impressive player, gave him AHL time to start, and hoped he would be an NHL piece by the end of the year. With a two-year deal and at age 23, he also stood to be a long-term move rather than a short-term piece. It didn’t work out the way everyone had hoped.

On the other hand, can you blame him? Pribyl had torn his ACL at the end of last year, and surgery ate up his entire preseason and precious adjustment time. He picked up an undisclosed injury, then a concussion immediately after, which ate up two months of the season, and another LBI which kept him out for the year. He wasn’t necessarily a world beater before these injuries, but their role in his season story cannot be underplayed. There was a lot of promise for Pribyl that had unfortunately been snuffed out by an injury-filled season.

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The good news? That promise is still there.

Brief history

Pribyl had been in the Sparta Prague system since he was 16, working his way up the ladder. At 17, he was scoring just about a point per game in the U18 league, and by 18, he reached and exceeded that same marker in the U20 league. This was in addition to his international work, where he was a standout for the Czech junior team (seven points in eight 2011 games). That interested the Montreal Canadiens, who drafted him in the sixth round of the 2011 draft.

The two sides never came to agreement, and Pribyl continued to ply his trade at the professional levels of Czech hockey. He appeared at the WJC in 2011, picking up one point in five games. The next season, he stayed on as a regular at Sparta Prague, scoring 22 points in 42 games. In the next few years, he steadily improved: 25 points in 46 games during 2013-14, 15 in 21 during 2014-15, and 45 in 45 during 2015-16. That interested the Calgary Flames, who signed him to a two-year deal that summer.

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2016-17 performance

GP-G-A-P Primary Points 5v5 P1 NHLe
33-5-10-15 12 10 17.89

Pribyl was a 2/3 winger for the majority of the season, but could be relied on as a source of primary offence. If you’re concerned about his volume, well…

I’ve marked out his injuries on the timeline. He was scoring with some regularity: 11 points in 19 games before injury #1 and he added one more in the one game he played before injury #2. After that? Three in 13 before injury #3 ended his season. It was hard to get back into the swing of things after his injuries, and it clearly showed.


One last time, we go to Brandon Kisker with the Stockton Heat. About Pribyl’s transition to North America and some of the positives in a mostly negative season:

Daniel is a bit more quiet and reserved than his fellow countryman David Rittich. His English though was superb and he’s such a great guy off the ice. I remember when I first saw him in camp here after he was allowed to skate, and while not every one of the Calgary cuts were made, I just remember thinking it was a man against boys situation. He’s really good around the boards and maintaining possession, especially for a guy who I wouldn’t say is overly physical. He’s got real soft hands too. We saw a few times this year where he was dominant, early on in San Diego he and Morgan Klimchuk had a tied record most for four points in a single game where they just both took over. However, you could just kind of tell his health was nagging at him, and when he came back, he was out there for one game before a Milwaukee Admiral lined him up and knocked him right back out of the lineup. Adjusting wasn’t the problem for Daniel, I think this year it was his health. Assuming he starts next year healthy, I think he could be a real nice find for the Flames.

Hoping he stays healthy, what can we expect from Pribyl next season?

He’s a talented player there is no question. I’m not ready to say at this point he’s first call-up or that he’d make the Flames out of camp, but neither of those things would be shocking to me. He’s played in a great league already and he showed enough to make you believe his skills can translate to North America if he can stay healthy.

Final thoughts

There’s too much good in Pribyl to write him off right now.

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His injuries ruined what was shaping up to be a great season for him. Given some rest and relaxation this offseason, he should be coming back strong for training camp. He’s got some stout competition (as detailed in previous wrap-ups) for what could amount to one or two spots. He’s got professional experience, size, age, and a right-handed shot, so he still does have a chance.

But if he doesn’t make the NHL this upcoming year, he’s probably going to head back to Europe. I imagine he didn’t come all the way over here to play in an AHL top six.


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  • McRib

    “He was scoring with some regularity: 11 points in 19 games before injury #1 and he added one more in the one game he played before injury #2.”

    Considering that he was coming off offseason surgery, we’re basically talking about Injury #2 and Injury #3. Even to start the year when he was posting a 0.58 PPG in first 19 GP he was likely not close to 100% then. I don’t think he is going to be a NHL star or anything, but it takes awhile to recovery from major offseason surgery to begin with, which he never did.

  • Baalzamon

    fellow countryman

    Ugh. Am I the only person who’s bothered by this phrase? Say either “Fellow Czech” or “Countryman”. “Fellow countryman” is redundant.

  • Baalzamon

    Pribyl will get a chance to impress next season. At the moment, it looks like he’s slotted in to be Stockton’s #1 C (with Vey gone and Jankowski likely graduated).

  • deantheraven

    Damn, Christian!
    Every time I read one of these profiles I think, “this guy’s gotta get a chance this year”. It’s hard enough for me to practise patience. can’t imagine being a guy like Daniel. Sure hope he’s healthy for camp and come in and steals a spot in the top 9. Wouldn’t it be great to be BT and have another C challenging for a roster spot in October?

  • freethe flames

    It was a disappointing season for sure but I have not given up on him yet. Call last year his NA introduction year. Hopefully he has a good off season and is healthy coming into camp. He has so much we are in need of. Good size, good skill set RH can play wing or center. The other guy who should get a look next year is young Etuu. Hopefully his first year in NA allows him to take another step next year,

    • Jumping Jack Flash

      I think Eetu is a few years way, but he seemed to find his groove in the playoffs. Everett Is graduating a lot of players which should give him more quality ice time.

      • freethe flames

        My comment about Eetu was more about his ability to thrive in NA this year over last rather than thinking he will NHL ready. I do wonder if he would be better served in the WHL or the AHL? Regardless the truth is the Flames could use an NHL RW/RH that can play in the top 9 who has the kind of skill set we think these prospects have. This period leading up to the expansion draft is an opportunity for BT to see if he can find one. If that means Lazar is left unprotected so be it.

  • Just.Visiting

    Still trying to figure out how he went from being a skilled RW into a centre when we badly need a RW. At this point, he’s looking like a bit of a long shot.