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Report: Deryk Engelland headed to Las Vegas

As the news trickles in ahead of the NHL Awards show, we finally have news of Calgary’s loss during the expansion draft. The Vegas Golden Knights have reportedly selected, and will presumably sign, 35-year-old defenceman Deryk Engelland.

Honestly, this is probably the safest bet you could make for Vegas’ team. Engelland has a home in Vegas and first broke into the pros on the ECHL’s Wranglers. Ever since the news came out that Vegas was getting a team, it was kinda obvious that Engelland would sign there.

But it still doesn’t make sense that Vegas would actually use their pick on Engelland. Of course, the Flames had little to offer in the ways of exposed players, but if he was inevitably signing there, why not grab another asset and then sign him anyways? Vegas’ decision is a curious one.

This news comes with its good side. Many expected Brett Kulak to be Vegas’ pick. As the leaks came through, it became clear that Vegas had loaded up on left-handed defencemen. Early reports suggest that they have five. Kulak couldn’t possibly be in their plans if they have that many. Instead, he will likely return to the Flames and anchor the third pairing after a stellar season in Stockton combined with some brief appearances with the big team. Really, it would be a positive outcome regardless if Kulak remained a Flame at the end of the day.

This news is also sort of bad, primarily because the Flames don’t open up a new spot. Many hoped the Flames would lose Troy Brouwer (this was always optimistic), Alex Chiasson, or Matt Stajan, opening up a valuable forward spot on a congested roster for a UFA signing or a prospect. That can’t happen anymore, and the Flames are going to have to get creative if they want to breathe fresh life into their forward corps.

This post will be updated if more details become available.

  • everton fc

    Now what do we give up for Vegas to take Brouwer off our hands? Or, what do we give the Coyotes to take Brouwer off our hands. Chiasson should be RW on the 4th line, and Jankowski RW on the 3rd line – not Brouwer.

    We have Chiasson (RW), Jankowski (centre/RW), Lazar (centre/RW) , Stajan (centre) Hamilton (RW/centre) and Brouwer (RW) who are playing for two positions. Some of these guys have to go – and I’m not even including Bouma.

    Still some work to do….

    • Graham

      Why would anyone willingly take Brouwer off our hands, unless we through in a major sweetener; I’m not sure that Brouwer and a second rounder (if we had one) would work, maybe Brouwer and our first for a bag of pucks? Lets face it Flame fans, we’re stuck with Brouwer for the duration of his contract.
      No way the owners will buy him out, so we have to hope he rebounds next season.

  • Skylardog

    So if a UFA DMan, then why not Stone? My guess is he wasn’t signing a 1 year deal and Vegas wanted a one year. That means the Flames have offered him something with term. Whether he takes what the Flames offer or looks into July 1 UFA market we will see. But with a multi year offer, he decided a one year deal from Vegas was not worth it..

  • Skylardog

    Is Garth Snow not the worst GM in the NHL? I get it is about keeping Tavares, but seeing what went to Vegas to keep them from taking a forward is ridiculous. With a 1st a 2nd and another player, they could have got a great player from somewhere else to replace a good forward that was left unprotected. Puzzled.

  • flamesburn89

    I don’t get it. Vegas is opting for lottery tickets over sure bets. I mean, a first or second rounder here or there is great, but when you have a chance to take young guys who are already established in this league like Dumba, De Haan, Grubauer, etc., don’t you take it?

  • Flames Fan in Edmonchuck

    So Garth Snow gave up a 1st, a 2nd, Grabovski, and Bischoff so that LV would take Berube instead of what? Strome? de Haan? Nelson? I mean that is pure lunacy no? Isnt Berube a reasonable prospect in his own right? Am i missing something?

    • McRib

      Lunacy is right, they don’t even like Ryan Strome… Why go through all that effort to protect someone you have bumped out of the Top. 6 the past couple of years (they also have Matt Brazal coming at forward as well). Berube is a decent chip in his own right.

        • Kevin R

          I’m just blown away by it. What a joke of a team they have. Then they solve Pitts cap & goalie problems for what, a 2019 2nd round pick. They could have taken Rust & still got Fleury on pennies on the dollar. WTF???
          But they have a lot of lottery tickets for Friday. Last time I bought $200 worth of 649’s, I won $10.00. How many guys did they take that have little value in the trade market? Wow………

  • RKD

    So glad Vegas didn’t take Kulak, he will be a regular fixture on the Flames d unless the Flames trade or sign some other guys. Was hoping McPhee would take Brouwer but I guess BT would have had to really sweeten the deal.

  • Jobu

    Flames MUST have another deal in the works. Likely for that #4 defenseman. Questions are… which one would you want? Which one will they get? Id be keen to trade for a Theodore, but that’s not going to be likely.

  • freethe flames

    Personally I think LV did a poor job; I believe if he had taken the BPA from each ream he would have a better team and he would have been able to flip many of those players for more than he got in the protection racket. After all the hoopla of possible trades before hand it has turned out to be a dud. Now can the NHL get back to business and BT can get some work done.

  • BlueMoonNigel

    So Tre pisses Brouwer off for the next 3 years all so LV could sign an impending UFA who very likely wasn’t going to be re-signed. Remember, folks, Brouwer wasn’t just bad last season. He was awful! It could have been a hiccup or it could be that his years of rugged play have caught up with him and he is a mere shadow of his former self. A washed up player with a bad attitude for the next 3 years at $4M a pop. How bad is that?

    • Eggs Bennett

      You get paid for past performance, not for perceived value on the team based on your salary. Same goes for being exposed. Brouwer sounds reasonable and professional, attitude is one thing I’m not concerned about. His ability on the other hand… I just hope he was playing through some kind of injury all year, it was damn painful to watch a 5v4 every time he was on the ice.

  • aye

    Unless there are more deals in the works, so far it looks like EDM, CGY, DET, CAR lost the least in the draft (virtually nothing), and NYI is once again the laughingstock of the league. In terms of how to ruin a franchise, NYI are right up there with EDM, only with less luck.

  • Parallex

    I’m gonna call today a win for the Flames…

    1: We didn’t lose anything,
    2: A bad temptation (Extending Engellend) has been removed from the board,
    3: Vegas is gonna really stink for the next few seasons (more wins for us)
    4: None of the Pacific teams had any really irksome contracts relieved
    5: We didn’t lose any futures

    Sure, it could have been better but on the whole Calgary came out of it a-ok.

  • tyhee

    I find it really curious that the Knights chose to draft an UFA that they had the right to sign for three days and didn’t.

    Is it possible they decided they didn’t want anybody on the Calgary roster?

    That seems really odd to me with some young players available, some guys they could use in the minors at least and them having taken a mediocre player on a bad contract from the Canucks when they could have chosen a Vancouver UFA (Ryan Miller, for instance) and not signed him.

    • Pizzaman

      Probably Engellands Vegas address and that he played in NHL all year were less risk to VGK. More importantly Tree didn’t have chips to trade McPhee to take a Brouwer or Stajan off our hands

      • BlueMoonNigel

        “Engelland’s Vegas address?” Are you saying that you have to twist the arms of a lot of guys to play for Vegas? We are talking about Vegas, not Edmonton.

        • Al Rain

          Good article on THN today about Vegas building to tank but needing some faces of the franchise and Engelland is one of them. Near as I can tell they signed him during their UFA window (and not after July 1, which they totally could have done) not because they thought they’d miss out on him, but because they wanted him there at the official unveiling of the team. So, it looks like they passed on an extra player (i.e. Kulak) so they could have DE for one extra week in June. Crazy, but works for me.

        • Parallex

          and yet Engellend is the only hockey player I know of that lives in Vegas. He’s available to do stuff year round… want to do community outreach (send someone to schools/hospitals/charity events/luncheons)? Engellend is available. Got a UFA that’s on the fence about signing in Vegas because he doesn’t want to uproot his family to Vegas? Good ol’ Derek Engellend can regal about what LV has to offer outside the strip. Got 22 new players unfamiliar with the community of Las Vegas (outside the strip) that could use some guidance on where to live/shop/have fun… Derek Engellend can help you out.

          Ordinarily I don’t put much credence in “value off the ice” but for these first few years of VGK’s existence I think Engellend actually has some.

          • piscera.infada

            Definitely agree. It still doesn’t make sense to me from the team’s perspective. Vegas still could have taken Kulak, or whomever (and their, say, ~5% chance of making the NHL as a prospect) for free, and still had Engelland for free in 10 days. If he didn’t actually want to sign in Vegas, he would have waited anyway. I’m not arguing that your post wrong or anything, I’m just still trying to wrap my head around the logic of picking him in the expansion draft. I do, however, agree he’s a good fit with Vegas.

          • Kevin R

            So why couldn’t Mcphee try to leverage Tre in extracting other assets & still take Engellend. Surely McPhee has lots of cap space, pry Shinkaruk & Brouwer out of Tre so he would only pick Engellend. Maybe flick Tre back a 2nd so it looks more balanced. Surely Brouwer, Engellend & Shink for a 2nd are better than just wasting a pick on a 35 year old UFA. Look at Schlemko, my lord, he’s flipped for a 5th round pick??? What the heck? They could have Dillon or Ward.

  • smatic10

    McPhee could have clearly drafted a better team and I’m pretty sure he knows that. But I guess they’re really committed to making this team a proper long-term success which 100% starts from entry drafting (particularly a core). If they drafted a better team on expansion night, they would likely be able to avoid finishing dead last by at least 3 or 4 teams in the next few seasons which would diminish their chances at picking very high. One things for sure, the chances of them winning a cup within the next 6 years went from 5% to 2%.

  • Puckhead

    Tre is a shrewd, well respected, GM and we don’t know what kind of relationship he has with McPhee. Picking Engelland without snatching another player could have been a move of respect, good faith, friendship, who knows? I think it was a good business move and you have to respect him for it. I’m sure other GM’s noticed as well.

  • sRo

    My take away from the draft was that Calgary’s players have no value. Vegas wouldn’t even take a player, for FREE, and then sign Engelland next week. Even a worse sign, they didn’t do that with any other team. Calgary was the only team to get no cap relief and a roster spot freed up. So, for those of us hoping for tinkering and wheeling and dealing, I wouln’t hold my breath.