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Brad Treliving sums up a quiet July 1 for the Flames

After a very busy month of June for the Calgary Flames, general manager Brad Treliving and his crew were rather quiet as free agency opened on July 1. Perhaps Treliving had a barbecue to go, or perhaps he had already gotten his heavy lifting done, but the Flames made zero major moves as free agency opened at 10 a.m. MT.

A few hours later, Treliving chatted with the assembled media to give a few updates on what (hadn’t) happened.

Signed by the Los Angeles Kings in the midst of the signing frenzy, Flames 2016 seventh round pick Stepan Falkovsky was not tendered a qualifying offer to retain his rights prior to June 1 and became a free agent. (He spoke with our colleague Pat Steinberg on Sportsnet 960 The Fan afterwards and clarified that they had some talks about another AHL contract for Falkovsky, but that he wanted to explore the market.)

On not getting caught up in the frenzy of signings:

“You’re always trying to be disciplined on this day. You’re always trying to better your team. I think we’ve said, and a lot of the signings reflect that, today’s not a day you’re building your team. If you can supplement and add pieces and supplement to your roster… If you’re building your team on July 1, you’re probably not having the success you want.”

On his comfort level on going into training camp with the roster (particularly the young players) they have right now:

“That’s always a tough question, because you don’t start camp tomorrow. I’ve said all along, I think we have some young guys coming at all positions, but that’s why you have the rest of the summer. We’re looking at some depth moves that give us a little bit more depth at all positions, but I do think we have some young people pushing. I like where we’re at.”

On how the Flames stack up after the moves they’ve made:

“You’re always trying to make your team better. We think we’ve done that, we think we’ve made some moves to strengthen our team. But you just look around, I haven’t gone through it all today, but I think most teams in the West have gotten better today. So it’s gonna be a dogfight again.”

Treliving hinted that the Flames would be signing a depth forward – which was subsequently revealed to be Marek Hrivik – and confirmed that Spencer Foo’s entry level deal is a two-year deal, per the CBA requirements for a player of his age.

Boredom aside, this year’s opening of free agency was a nice change of pace for Treliving, activity-wise, considering his last few July 1s have seen him be busy with signings:

  • 2014: Deryk Engelland, Mason Raymond, Jonas Hiller
  • 2015: Derek Grant, Karri Ramo, Michael Frolik
  • 2016: Chad Johnson, Troy Brouwer

As he said himself: if you’re building your team on July 1, you’re probably not having the success you want.

  • Atomic Clown

    Honestly, Frolik is the only real FA success Treliving has had. I would rank Engelland and Johnson at the next tier, as they were useful, but we’re either signed too long or too short. Beyond them, c r a p. Raymond, Ramo, Grant, Brouwer and Hiller.

    • Truculence

      Ramo and Hiller were great bang for the buck in their first year together, but fell off the rails in the second. I wouldn’t put them in the crap category. Also, Ramo was a Feaster hiring.

  • The GREAT WW

    Looked like BT was a bit flustered when asked about Falkovski. Sounds like someone dropped the ball. My guess it’s Conroy. Probably missed the deadline….


      • McRib

        Not to worry, very mobile 6’7″ defenders who just finished scoring 21 goals, are a dime a dozen. LMAO. Poor asset management by the Flames the last couple of days. I just pray Falkovsky doesn’t come back to haunt us, please don’t be the next Chara, please don’t be the next Chara.

        I really appricate that Treliving is constantly doing his due diligence and is up on regular negotiations, but because he is always looking down the road, he tends to overlook some positive things right under his nose (Paul Byron, Kenny Agostino, Ryan Murphy, etc). Everything isn’t always greener on the other side!!

        • Puckhead

          Tre has an extremely difficult job. He is dealing with players, GMs, media, contracts… As fans it’s easy to scratch our bellies, sip beer, and be critical. His job is filled with moving parts and he constantly has to change and adapt. Give the guy a break.

          Three more years of Tre and I, for one, am excited for the first time in s long time.

    • OYYC

      For a guy who’s usually calm in interviews, he sure didn’t like that question. His body language screamed that he didn’t want to talk about it. If there was a spittoon handy nearby he would have used it.

  • freethe flames

    I said that getting Foo’s contract done would make today a good day. I had hoped that Bennett/Ferland would be signed; or at least the question asked. Looking at what is left out there I hope he doesn’t go looking to hard. Interesting to me that Franson once again goes unsigned on day 1 of FA, I wonder what the story is on him?

      • Lucky 13

        Once upon a time there was this snail named Jake. He believed in magic. So one day he sold his most precious possession, a giant poster of Connor McDavid for three magic beans!
        How Jake was thrilled upon arriving home to plant his magic beans. Scurrying to the earth below his fingers, he dug a hole and gently placed his magic beans.
        He could hardly wait until the next morning as he fell fast asleep.
        Upon waking he noticed his room looked strange. Why the sun was shining, but his room was dark and shaded. “What on earth he thought to himself”, so he quickly removed his McDavid pj’s and got dressed to investigate.
        And what did he see?
        Lo and behold …a giant beanstalk that climbed up high into the sky. Using the leaves and twisty vines like the rungs of a ladder, Jake climbed and climbed until at last, he reached the sky. And when he got there he found a long, broad road winding its way through the clouds to a tall, dome shaped castle.
        Jake ran up the road toward the castle and just as he reached it, the door swung open to reveal ….
        Calgary Flames celebrating the Stanley Cup πŸ†

      • dontcryWOLF88

        Sweet. So which golden goose are you thinking Chia will land on a one year only deal? Cause like you say, after next year Edmonton will officially be the ‘McDavid’ and ‘other guys we found lost in the hallway and gave a stick to’ show.

        Hehe… (jk, sort of)

        PS. Happy Canada Day. My Edmontonian nemesis, I will cheers you on this day. At least you are from the most kick ass country ever to exist. And from the most kick ass province in that fine fine land. Except, it’s 330 am, so that brief sentimentality will conclude with censorable content artistically conveyed onto your face. Oops

  • BlueMoonNigel

    Justin Schultz recently hoisted the cup for the second time in as many years and today he signed an extension for three years and $16M.

    Did the Oil ever miss the boat on this kid. They misused him right from the start and gave up on him way too soon. Apart from Sekera, there is no one on the Oilers’ defence who can hold a candle to Schultzy.

    There was a reason the Pens repeated and the Oiler’s got roasted by the Ducklings and Justin had a hand in both.

  • TheoForever

    Hey Mod,
    The only reason jakethevillageidiot is posting here is to troll. So far, in this thread he has told people that they are full of xxx, called tkachuk xxx. So, he is posting here because you like the clicks he generates or what?

    And he’s no longer allowed to post here, accordingly. Just because he’s breaking the rules doesn’t mean everyone else is allowed to do the same.

  • Flint

    So as it turns out both Elliott and Johnson got raises! Had Treliving resigned them he arguably would have had to at least match 2.5 for Johnson and 2.75 for Elliott. 5.25 total. We had them last year for 1.05mil less and they didn’t get it done. Not 100% on board with Smith/Lack but I would have been livid if Tre signed Elliott/Johnson for that money.

  • freethe flames

    So will the writers do an article on who is still left that might interest the Flames? On which teams got better; it appears to this fan that Canucks improved (they were so bad how could they not improve).

    BT needs to get Bennett/Ferland signed ASAP. The he needs to get Lazar/Kulak/Spoon/Gilles/Rittich signed. Also Back’s extended.

  • freethe flames

    Whose left that might interest the Flames and that they can afford? Vanek? Jagr? Is there pressure from ownership for Iggy? (Might he have to wait for a PTO somewhere?) Doan?

  • Just.Visiting

    Very disciplined approach yesterday in order to allow others partake in the deal frenzy. That was a very good choice. Focus now on your RFAs. I think we’re set for camp with what we have. The log jam on the fourth means there’s no room at the inn for Chiasson, who did OK once he was used properly.