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Flames front office shuffled around: Maloney, Snow in new roles

In the very dry hockey month of August, the Flames have made some minor yet newsworthy moves with regards to their front office. Today, they announced some shuffling around and title changing within the org.

Again, it’s August.

Maloney joined the club last year from the Arizona Coyotes as a pro scout and has risen up the ranks quite quickly. At first glance, it would seem that Maloney would be wedged between Brian Burke and Brad Treliving on the organizational ladder, but the Flames specify in the press release that Maloney will still report to Treliving, which seems a little odd. Burke, already in a mostly symbolic role with the team, is pretty much working here until he doesn’t want to anymore, so perhaps Maloney’s being set up for an imminent opening in hockey ops. The vague nature of the POHO/VPOHO role makes it hard to speculate what Maloney’s new responsibilities are or what he will be doing in the future.

Perhaps the more significant news is that assistant GMs Craig Conroy and Brad Pascall have re-signed with the team. Despite some rumours about job openings (mostly for Conroy) in Buffalo and USA hockey, both have re-upped and will stay in Calgary for the foreseeable future. It’s hard to say what exactly Conroy and Pascall can put their names on from an outsider’s perspective (Conroy helps with scouting and such, Pascall serves as GM of the Heat, along with other minor-pro duties), but given the track record over the past four years, it’s probably fair to say that their job performance has mostly been positive.

Another tidbit from this release is Chris Snow having his job title changed from director of video and statistical analysis to the simpler director of hockey analysis. This seems minor from the outset, but perhaps sheds some light on the David Johnson hiring the Flames made sometime yesterday (not discussed in the press release). Johnson, former hockeyanalysis/puckalytics.com operator, was hired in some sort of data role, undefined of the time of this writing. Given Snow’s move, it’s likely that Johnson will report to him.

For my money, Johnson is probably in a database/data collection role given hockeyanalysis.com and puckalytics.com’s strengths in those areas.

Other moves include:

  • Derek MacKinnon moving from a pro scout role to director of pro personnel, a role that did not previously exist within the organization. He will likely serve under Conroy and Pascall.
  • Fred Parker and Rob Sumner, amateur scouts, have been promoted to assistant directors of amateur scouting, serving under Todd Button. Their previous roles have not been filled as of this moment.
  • Parker and Sumner have been their top OHL and WHL guys respectively according to Ryan, so perhaps this shuffling is just a reward for a job well done, given their recent drafting history from those two leagues.

The Heat have made a couple of moves of their own, as well. They have extended Ryan Huska as Stockton’s head coach, and brought in former Adirondack Thunder head coach Cail Maclean as an assistant coach. Full details of the Heat’s coaching staff moves can be found here, per the Flames’ press release.

  • Mr. J

    Maybe He was brought in to sign Bennett, Kulak and Wotherspoon… What is taking so long to sign these low tier players? Most RFAs left to sign in the league.

  • Greg

    Usually when I’ve seen confusing reporting relationships like VPOHO –> GM –> POHO it’s because the org structure you should have doesn’t match the personalities you do have, and someone doesn’t want to fix the root of the problem. Burke seems past his best before date and BT clearly doesn’t need a babysitter anymore. Time to rip the bandaid off.

      • The GREAT WW

        Yes he is, I can tell you that from personal experience….

        However, Did you read this part: “It’s hard to say what exactly Conroy and Pascall can put their names on from an outsider’s perspective (Conroy helps with scouting and such”…..

        That should tell you everything you need to know about how much value he adds…


        • TheoForever

          That just tells me that Christian Tiberi doesn’t know exactly what Conny does.
          He says it himself by saying ‘as an outsider’.
          The quote is meaningless to justify your point, as you quote him out of context.
          Every GM has assistants, they carry out their orders, could be Conny or whoever.

  • The GREAT WW

    Huska back????!!!!!!!
    BT has a lot of trouble evaluating leadership qualities!

    Huska, Brouwer, GG……stick to hockey BT and leave the leadership evaluation to those of us who are good at it…..


      • 666

        Im not so keen on bringing all the Arizona trash here..not like it worked there. Hopefully Maloney is like Burke and just hangs out and chirps in an opunion here and there

    • Carl the tooth

      What’s wrong with husks he had an pretty much entire teams of prospects and rookies and rookie goalies . Flames have never had so many great prospects in there system like this .flames farm teams of old were usaully full of old has beens or ahl career 30 year old etc . So that’s one reason for the success but still impressive with all new young players . Besides vey fratton bollig .still the team was carried by rookies . Klimchuck s rookie season last year was disappointing statically.but huska backed him big time .klimchuck really stood out in last years camp to me and was surprised when he was cut early and before some others but he had a wicked year last year in any and all roles and proved huska right . Huska is doing just fine .

      • Cheeky

        Problem is the prospects (forwards more than defence) dont seem as prepared to take the next step. I think its more on Pittis (who handles the forwards) than Huska, so am more surprised with him being back. Stockton has had its ups and downs last couple years, building a winner there will help our prospects know how to win here. Hey Huska did great in WHL, but sometimes coaches have ceilings too…Hopefully they will make me eat my words and Stockton will dominate this year and those prospects will be pushing hard.

  • The GREAT WW

    They should have just brought in Cail Maclean and got rid of Huska, as I previously suggested.
    At least now they can punt Huska easier when things go bad again….


  • oilcanboyd

    Disappointed by this news by a press release yet…didn’t say who did the hires…good luck to those gnts who were hired/extended/shuffled.

    My disappointment was an expectation that Bennett had been extended!