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Flames waive Tanner Glass

Also confirmed: the Flames read the FlamesNation comment section.

Perhaps a bit unexpected, but the lone player on waivers today is Tanner Glass. The grinder managed to work his way onto the opening day roster due to a strong preseason, but his career history suggested that he wasn’t going to be much of anything. Unlike the Nicklas Grossmann situation last year, there was really no reason to sign him (Grossmann was handy for maxing out LTIR room).

After a few healthy scratches in a row it became clear that Glass wasn’t really that important to the team. He is likely bound for Stockton tomorrow, assuming no one claims him.

This move is a little curious considering that the Flames waived Freddie Hamilton last week to prepare for the impending return of Jaromir Jagr from IR. With the ageless Czech eventually heading back to the roster and with Mark Jankowski holding a spot, the Flames were presumably going to send down Freddie. Waiving Glass didn’t need to happen, but the Flames made it happen anyways.

What’s also interesting is that a spot has been presumably opened for another player. The Flames could potentially add another forward to their roster, either through an AHL promotion or through a trade. Perhaps there’s more news coming.

  • Captain Ron

    “Also confirmed: the Flames read the FlamesNation comment section.”

    Are you referring to the players or management? Both maybe?
    Funny no one else commented on that statement.