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Freddie Hamilton placed on waivers; Tyler Parsons sent up to Stockton Heat

For the second time this season, Freddie Hamilton has been placed on waivers by the Flames.

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The extra forward and older brother of Dougie has seen sparse usage this year, playing just eight games, and only two in the past month. Hamilton hasn’t been much of a contributor on the team, but given that he’s really only around to sub in every once in a while, it’s not as if he’s been asked to do much.

As already mentioned, Hamilton was already put on waivers Nov. 1, in order to make space for both Jaromir Jagr and Mark Jankowski (although it ended up being Tanner Glass going down to the Stockton Heat). If he clears waivers, he’ll have 30 days before the team can send him down without re-waiving him.

This move is a little curious. The Flames don’t need to open up a roster space right now, with Michael Frolik still on the IR. However, opening up a roster spot means there’s the chance they bring someone up from Stockton, maybe to make their fourth line a little bit stronger. There’s also the chance that they like having the flexibility of sending him down, which was likely the case last time around. We’ll see what happens come 10 a.m. tomorrow.

Meanwhile, what’s been expected has officially happened: Tyler Parsons has been assigned to the Stockton Heat. The Flames made space for him to ascend a level after trading Eddie Lack. So far, in his first season as a professional, Parsons has played 19 games in the ECHL, posting a .907 save percentage. It remains to be seen how he and Jon Gillies will share the net.

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  • everton fc

    Trade on the way? Maybe Klimchuk or Hrivik gets a look?? Maybe Freddie stays??? Maybe Shinkaruk’s hot streak gets him one final look up here????

    Lazar – 26GP – 0 Goals/4 Assists/4 Points/-5
    Hathaway – 16GP – 2 Goals/5 Assists/7 Points/+5

    Lazar is the new “Freddie”. The 14th forward.

    • HAL MacInnis

      I really hope it’s not for a trade. The problem we have is player usage and Gulutzan’s system.

      My biggest fear is that Treliving doesn’t make the coaching change fast enough and we go full Oilers and crap the bed for the next 10 seasons. Brad, don’t go full Oilers, man!

    • Alcanivorax

      I’m not saying Lazar is going to make it but is this a fair comparison?
      Hathaway got placed on the 3rd line with Bennett and his AHL center Jankowski. Both 1st round picks with skill and skating.

      Who has Lazar been placed with?
      Some bad combination of Brouwer/Stajan/Jagr???

      Again, not saying Lazar is going to make it but their usage has been different. Would Hathaway have the points he does if he was playing with Brouwer and Stajan?

    • Joeymullen'sghost

      Perfect assessment, maybe a trade on the way
      But in any case Lazar moves to the extra forward still wish they would just give him ten games on the second or third line and actually decide if he is any good. Otherwise it’s time to admit the Lazar experiment is done, wasted a second round pick time to move on

  • freethe flames

    Maybe this time he will be sent down. The Heat could use some help at center. It could also mean that maybe Frolik is making progress(a bit to early I know). Maybe this is what is needed to jump start this team; bring up another kid to play: Klimchuk, Hrivik, Poirier, or Shinkaruk all could add something to this line up. Here’s hoping. Also if they are not going to play Lazar maybe they should risk waiving him as well.

    • Puckhead

      Bart doesn’t bother me too much because he sees limited ice time and fills the need for an extra D man. On the rare occasion where he plays it sucks but I would rather see our young prospects playing in Stockton as opposed to riding the pine. The only way moving Bart makes sense is if the team brought up a prospect and rotated him regularly into the lineup.

  • Just.Visiting

    I’d bring up Hrivik to see what he can do as 4th line C in Stajan’s place.

    I have yet to see anything from Lazar to cause me to believe that it’s in his best interest to be here, rather than getting big minutes at Stockton.

  • FlamesFanOtherCity

    Allows them to bring up Prout without “risking” losing their current 7th D-man. Give Prout a few games to see if he’s worth keeping up as a spare. If he’s fine, then waive Bart. They probably don’t want to waive Bart because they think a team like EDM would take him over the mess they have there.

    Or, a team wants him as part of a trade, but not in the NHL.

    The 30 days of roster flexibility doesn’t help unless they want to bring up another player. Neither Frolik nor Versteeg will be ready by then.

  • L.Kolkind

    If we are going to unnecessarily place players on waivers can we do the same thing to Brouwer? If someone takes him, the team is immediately improved and we can forget about that horrible signing if nobody does then they have the option to bury him in the AHL or bench him. I know his contract is 4 years, but it’s a sunk cost if the team is better without him than that should be the direction they take.

  • The Fall

    I would pump the breaks on bringing up any more players from the Heat at the moment. Currently, the roster has two very inexperienced rookies: YeastMode and Janko, two mostly inexperienced ‘rookies’: Hathaway and Kulak, two experienced young players figuring out their game: Sam and Lazar, AND a rookie back up goalie (with no veteran goalies on the farm). Not to mention Byng who in barely 20yo.

    This presents a very precarious position for sheltering young players and overall franchise depth.

  • Stockton's Finest

    Interesting as the Heat currently have 7 veterans which puts them over the AHL limit of 6. Players with over 320 professional games before the season started qualify for the “veteran” label. (Prout , Glass, Pelley, Hrivik, Cramarossa, Gazdic, Goloubef ??). So if the Heat add Freddie, then they need to move 2 before Friday’s game.

  • Vernon30

    Send him down! interesting about the roster limit on vets in the AHL. Something else brewing? Or…just hoping they flip Brouwer and Hamilton for some broken nets and a pair of movie tickets.

  • The Beej

    See that impatient doubters. The moves you have been wanting since Nov are all starting to come to a fruition.

    Take heart. Flames mgmt sees the same weak spots you do. The only thing is they are far more catious with young players than you would be. They want to stick to the development plans as much as possible and will only give a prospect an actual roster spot (as opposed to a cup of coffee look see) when said prospect is in a good position to succeed with their motor running.

    I also think Flames mgmt and Gulutzan have wanted to give players a fair chance before moving younger players ahead of them on the depth chart.

    Make no mistake careful planning has gone into the moves they make with their young players.

    I wonder if all it took Mangiapane to impress was a few practices… expect his usage to slowly increase (yes folks who complain about usage after one game Todd Cordell looking at you – slowly is how its done and its how the red wings transferred the YzermanFedorov era to the Datsyuk Zetterberg era)

    I also wonder if the Chicago game is a harbinger of things to come. The emotion and never quit attitude could be the beginning of an identity.

    • everton fc

      What to do w/Mangiapane when Frolik returns? To this fan, Jagr is in the way. Klimchuk-Lazar-Mangiapane might be a good 4th line. But we sort of need Brouwer’s game on that 4th line (forget the salary for now, and I’d move him for a 5th).

  • Alberta Ice

    Really like the fact that Parsons has moved up a level to the Heat. Without draft picks now, it is time to use your farm team draft picks over the next couple of years. There is some amazing talent down below being developed: Dube, Phillips, and Fox to name a few. And some of those young prospects on the Heat are developing as well.
    The trade route is a conventional one, but come on; it’s time to use wisely your talent from the farm.

  • SeanCharles

    Unfortunately for Freddie as long as Brouwer, Stajan and Lazar are here he will not be able to establish a role on the team. Lazar is higher on the depth and he is having a tough time establishing a role himself – outside of being an extra which is not ideal for younger players.

    Brouwer and Stajan should be our 13/14th forwards.

  • DangleSnipeCelly

    About damn time they addressed the fourth line. How long do you go with 25% of your forwards being almost completely useless. They don’t score, they don’t check particularly well, they don’t bring energy. What do they do? Just a collection of spare parts and overpriced vets that they can’t stick anywhere else. You’re next Lazar.


    • freethe flames

      While I agree with you; who do you have as better players? For me I would be okay with seeing any of these forwards: Hrivik, Klimchuk, Poirier or Shinkaruk. Lazar remains for me an enigma; if GG is not going to play him then he needs to be sent down.