FlamesNation mailbag: Slow news week

What else are we supposed to do besides talk about coaching, big trades, and right wing depth?

Kase has been a stellar find for the Ducks given that he was a seventh round pick, so I don’t think he’s available. The Ducks are very quietly becoming a very old team and will need to hold onto their cheap, young talent. Kase is that and they will likely prefer to hang onto him rather than trade him to a division rival.

A player similar to Kase that I would be interested in is Pavel Buchnevich. Despite strong underlying and counting numbers, the Rangers seemingly don’t appreciate him, giving him the third lowest ice time per game of regular forwards. I think the Rangers aren’t going to be good for a while, so they could probably sell on Buchnevich rather than lose him for nothing (the KHL threat looms large).

The question answers itself.

Perhaps you can throw out names, but a deeper reading suggests that there’s not much better out there right now that would be a fit for Calgary. Darryl Sutter was a GM under this ownership group, so it seems like bringing him in with no personnel power could be a powder keg. Alain Vigneault is free, but unless the Flames have a Hall of Fame goalie that can mask his bizarre lineup decisions (Pavel above says hi), love for Tanner Glass, and gradually declining returns (they don’t), they should stay clear. Otherwise, there’s not a lot of free agent coaches that come to mind. Successful CHL coaches are likely going to go through severe growing pains in the NHL. Promoting AHL coaches could be a disaster in waiting.

There is no clear upgrade right now. If someone better becomes available, go for it. If the team wants to fire him without having a few quality options lined up, they’re likely running in spot.

I think Brodie, despite the abysmal year, still has high trade value in the eyes of the league. He’s a minutes muncher who can move the puck and play on the PP. He’s in his prime, on a pretty fair value contract, and is generally safe with his play. His counting numbers didn’t take a major hit this year either, so I can’t see other teams being uninterested in him.

I think the Flames will look to get maximum value for an NHLer who can make an immediate impact. I think there’s still something brewing between the Flames and the Senators, something more significant than Nick Shore. Other teams that sent scouts multiple times to Flames games include the Habs, so there’s potential there. If they can swing out one of Mark Stone, Mike Hoffman, Alex Galchenyuk, Brendan Gallagher (my favourite), or Max Pacioretty, that’d be amazing. Maybe a bit of a pipe dream, but amazing. If they can’t find an NHL winger to trade for, perhaps they swap Brodie for picks and use the picks on a winger. There’s plenty of things to do.

As for who replaces him, well, it’s Brett Kulak. I think he and Travis Hamonic formed a sturdy pairing after Brodie went down late in the season. They were only on the ice for 74 5v5 minutes (late in the season too, so beware the sample), but put up a respectable 54.43CF%, which is a pretty significant jump from the 51.32CF% Brodie put up with Hamonic. I think Kulak isn’t as lethal offensively, but can certainly replicate Brodie’s two-way play.

The Flames are certainly going to be much younger next season, yes. There’s a few spots open for the taking and plenty of competition to go around.

Of those listed, I feel that Dillon Dube, Rasmus Andersson, Andrew Mangiapane, and Jon Gillies will be on the roster next year. There’s quite clearly nowhere else to go for Andersson and Mangiapane and Dube is already looking awesome in the AHL (six games, four 5v5 assists). Gillies had a strong finish to the end of the year, both in Calgary and Stockton, so I could see him in Calgary to begin next year.

I’ll wait on Spencer Foo. I am a big fan of his, and I think that his skill translates to the NHL game, but four NHL games with nothing to lose is not a great way to analyze player potential. He had two goals, but was also one of the only guys on the roster with a real audition of an NHL job and was given all the right circumstances to do so (almost exclusively on the first line, 62.16 OZS%). He could be another Hunter Shinkaruk.

What happens with Juuso Valimaki is dependent on what happens with Brodie above. I really like what Valimaki has done in the WHL, but expecting a kid to jump from junior to the NHL, especially a defenceman, is bold. Given that Oliver Kylington has also had a breakout season in the AHL, I feel that the pro experience gives Kylington the boost over Valimaki. What happens with Kulak is also worth keeping an eye on. Lot of variables on the blueline.

David Rittich is my surprise exclusion from the list. Given how he started the year, it’d be nuts not to expect him back this season, but given the way he finished (0.889SV% in the AHL, 0.904SV% in the NHL) I think the Flames are hesitant to immediately declare him the backup. Rittich was half great, half trash. That’s not a smart bet to make heading into a season with a 36 year old goalie whose play post-injury kind of sunk the last remaining playoff hope. I’m not sure Gillies is that much better, but given his relative youth and strong finish to the season, he might have an inside edge.

In case you’re concerned, Gillies is waiver exempt so there’s no need to fear a three headed monster.

I would say that it’s a field of landmines.

The leading name is David Perron, who just had a career year but is about to turn 30 and has seen a downturn in his underlying numbers. He’s going to want a lot of money over a lot of years, which is why I would avoid him. Fellow Golden Knight James Neal falls into a similar trajectory, and is also worth avoiding for the same reasons.

Rick Nash could be worth a kick at the can. He’s still an effective player who doesn’t seem to be slowing down like Perron or Neal, but at 34, you have to be cautious. His unrelated teammate Riley Nash is also one to avoid, as he’s having a randomly good season with Troy Brouwer-esque underlying numbers. Thomas Vanek might be handy, but like Nash, it’s hard to trust a hockey player at 34.

Otherwise, there aren’t very many intriguing targets. It is very much a buyer beware market. I feel a lot of the available options are either going to sour hard before their contract ends or won’t adequately address the Flames’ needs.

The Flames finished top five in every meaningful possession stat and shot generation stat. At 5v5, they were third in CF%, second in FF%, fourth in SF%, third in scoring chances for%, and second in high danger chances for%. Even adjusted for rates, the Flames were first in corsi, first in fenwick, fourth in shots, fifth in scoring chances, and second in high danger chances generated per 60 minutes. Even when you adjust for score and venue (i.e: adjusting for times they were trailing and were trying to get back in it, a common theme this season), they remain top five in every category.

Basically, they did everything that anyone could’ve asked from them. Did they get pucks toward the net? Yup. Did they get actually get them on the net? Again yes. From up close? Yes. Ten bell chances? Of course. You can’t argue about the quality of the chances and shot attempts because those stats were tracked and the Flames were stellar in those categories. They were among the best in the league at doing those things and the puck didn’t go in.

However, they finished in the bottom five for shooting percentage, a number which fluctuates on a year to year basis and is not always reflective of a team’s talent (Dave Cameron left Ottawa despite finishing top ten in 5v5 shooting percentage in both of his years. Strange how it didn’t carry over here). The one thing they needed was goals, and they did everything you should do that would result in goals. Sometimes, that doesn’t always result in goals.

People hate attributing anything to luck in sports (see 2014-15 Flames, the Avalanche under Patrick Roy, the 2012-13 Leafs, etc. etc. Somehow these keep happening), but it is a real factor in the game. Corsi, Fenwick, et al. have been very helpful in identifying teams and players who are on the right (or wrong) path.  Shooting percentage is not predictive, and you can find examples every year of teams either buying on players who got hot at the right time (hello, Troy Brouwer!) or selling on those who got cold (see ya Paul Byron!) at the worst time. Oddly enough, people keep getting bit in the ass by shooting percentage.

This is not to say that the Flames are fine and that they don’t need to change anything. I would be lying to you if I didn’t say those possession numbers feel heavily inflated by a top six and top pairing that did everything (despite the odd ice time distribution). I can’t explain why they couldn’t carry the offence they generated at 5v5 over to the mostly dormant power play. The team has its warts, but they also couldn’t get a bounce their way.

July 1 with the Calgary Flames. Mark it in your calendars.

  • supra steve

    I’m wondering if 25 year old RW Bryan Rust, who is an RFA, might be available in trade this summer. He’s certainly due a healthy raise this summer, and the Pens may need the cap room?

    • cjc

      I think Rust is like a Conor Sheary story – buoyed a lot by playing with all-time greats. I have serious doubts about what he could accomplish away from Crosby. Maybe if it only cost a low-end pick or a cheaper player?

  • ThisBigMouthIsRight

    I’d take AV Over GG All Day Long!
    Every good team has a Great Goalie, GG’s player usage/line placement is twice as baffling as AV’s own quirks(Brouwer~play, Bart, Glass, Stewart….oh FFS It just goes On & On) and it takes half a season or more to change his stubborn brain.
    Getting to the playoffs and staying there should count a bit too.

  • redwhiteblack

    AV, D Sutter and other options are better than GG. Bruke and King also have to go. They are part of the problem. Ownership needs to figure that out.

    Calgary city council has voted to continue working on a bid for the 2026 Olympics. Get rid of King and bring in someone fresh to address the new arena issue. Flames go nowhere but sideways with Burke and King. They are not good people and are not good at Hockey Operations in this era. That’s where the conversation needs to be focused.

    • KKisTHEproblem

      KK: since hired in 2001, the flames have missed the playoffs in 10 of 17 seasons. They have made the playoffs seven times and won 4 playoff series in total in 17 seasons, 3 in one year. So in the other 16 seasons, 1 playoff series win. The playoffs bring significant extra revenue to a hockey team: no extra salaries to pay, ticket prices go up, concession sales go up etc. If we assume $100/per person is spent on average in a playoff game (which I think would be light), that’s approximately $2 million per game that basically goes straight to the bottom line. So his record as President (or whatever his title is as head of the hockey club) is god awful. The amount of missed revenue is staggering. And he has the gall to complain that the Flames are now a receiving team from NHL funds. How does the media not make the connection between a terrible franchise’s revenues declining and then watch him publicly complain about it? How do the owners not make this connection. How does this guy still have a job? How does that track record, of absolute failure, support him still having a job. Add in the 11 years of misery prior to King and this organization is a sorry joke. Sorry for the rant but I am just so frustrated by this pathetic organization. All the people who are the problems and have zero track records of success continue to hold positions of importance. And fans want to spend my tax dollars to build them an arena: No Thanks!

  • Cfan in Van

    “Darryl Sutter was a GM under this ownership group, so it seems like bringing him in with no personnel power could be a powder keg”

    I’m confused as to what Christian means by this… How would that scenario present a potential powder keg? You mean Darryl wouldn’t want to be involved? Or that it’s risky to have him coaching without any power over the make-up of the team (I would think it eliminates the risk of how things turned out last time with Darryl)?

    • BiggDogg

      I think he means that Darryl may have friction with BT and Burke, as before he had a say in the organization and now he doesn’t. He has relationships with ownership and Ken King, so he may feel comfortable going over BT and Burke to voice concerns which could create a bad dynamic.

      • Cfan in Van

        Ah, I understand that angle. Thanks.
        That said, if he wanted a coaching job in the NHL, and based on how his last GM experience went, I’d think all parties could easily come to terms on who was in charge. That type of interference would show a serious lack of professionalism. He may have been a crappy GM, but I doubt he was that much of a loose cannon.

    • oilcanboyd

      What power over personnel did Daryl have in LA? I think he stuck to coaching. He may have same thoughts about personnel as Burkie…good thing or bad thing?

        • The Doctor

          I think there are also important things that simply can’t be reflected in those stats — for example, of those shots on goal, how many were screened versus the goalie having a perfect look at the shot. That makes a huge difference as to whether it’s truly a juicy scoring opportunity versus a very makeable save for an NHL goalie. Similarly, there’s a huge difference between a shot that a goalie is lined up and in set position for, versus a shot where the goalie has to move and/or is not in good position for.

          • Those stats are actually accounted for in expected goal models (http://www.corsica.hockey/blog/2016/03/03/shot-quality-and-expected-goals-part-i/). The tl;dr of it is that this particular model factors in things like rush shots, rebound shots, shot angle, types of shots (wrist, slap, etc) and other things like quality and game state. Assuming average shooting percentages (both with regard to players and team), this

            By corsica’s model, the Flames were fifth in the league in 5v5 expected goals for/60, at 2.61. Considering all states, the Flames underperformed the model by about 48 goals. I have yet to see a model (there are many out there) that point to the Flames deserving their fate based on the way they played this season.

          • Kevin R

            Yup, because I don’t know how many games I went to & we outshot the opponent by a huge margin but we were behind in the score & at times thought we were lucky to be even close in the game. This truly is a case of a huge discrepancy between stats being reported versus eye test at the game.

      • cjc

        It’s not subjective – it’s the classification of a chance as high danger is based on years of empirical data. They look at where shots are taken from, what type of shot and scoring play it is and look at the probability a goal is scored in that situation. Normally teams score a lot of goals from the areas Calgary whiffed on. For me this season was summed up by the save Lundquist made on Backlund in March, where he somehow got across and got a hand on it. Re-do that shot 100 times and Backlund probably scores on 95 of them. Then there was the Dallas game in December where Calgary hit like 5 or 6 posts and lost. Bad luck exists folks, not saying it’s the only reason Calgary missed this year, but it played a part.

  • deantheraven

    My hopes for next year,
    1. I hope Brodie is moved for max value and Kyllington replaces him as LD3/2. Ideally, Kyllington and/or Anderson (or a Fwd on D) make up the PP minutes, and ANY body replaces his PK minutes and late period/late game minutes. I’m certain, for example, that Gio and Dougie can handle-and hopefully will handle more time on the Specialty(sic) Teams in 2018-19…
    My real concern is if whether Brodie is, or is considered to be, broken. His recent head injury will be a huge question mark. The Flames will need to be able to clear him to play, and how do they do that at this time of year? No telling if he’ll be cleared to play by Draft Day(s). He could be on the roster (LTIR) in October. Regardless of him playing or not playing here or elsewhere, his spot can be filled from within.
    But if he is ok and they can trade him, it’s most likely for an upgrade at right wing. If Brodie’s value is a RW upgrade, it has to be a real upgrade with demonstrated results, history of winning,etc… and within the team’s $6.7(?) internal cap. I don’t see any fits on your FA list, so maybe a bona fide top 6 winger (making something under the cap) comes with a 2nd or 3rd or two…
    Still, I’m hopeful that Ferland and Foo prove to be top- sixers (I also have a secret dream of Emile Poirier earning consideration in September).
    My guess is that if an RW come in, then
    1b. Frolik will be going. He would have value, but more likely picks than an upgrade would come back in a deal involving Frolik. Which would be good.
    1c. It seems logical that the Flames will be parting with some age this off season. To me, this seems like the best way to get back to the draft table on Day One. Trading a salary (or salaries) for picks would make space for upgrades- internal or external. Unfortunately, Frolik and Brouwer are the only two under contract who fit the criteria to fetch anything higher than a pick in the hundreds.

    2. The coaching staff should go, all of them from GG to Sigalet. But if available upgrade (at Head Coach, at least) doesn’t meet the same criteria as the RW upgrade above, the Flames probably won’t be buying, meaning they probably won’t progress to be contenders in the short term. Unless…
    The special teams and goalie coach can be replaced.
    Perhaps Tre could hire an AHL head coach (or two) with some special teams know-how to step behind the bench with GG. Maybe a thinly veiled threat like “you can be replaced” is delivered to GG in September… I’d even threaten to put Gelinas in as an Interim Head coach.
    GG seemed to ‘get it’ too slowly these past two seasons, yet still had positive fancy stats (*see no.3). Personally, I don’t put much weight in it as predictive of championship play, but I can’t argue with the logical law of possession. If GG has indeed learned from the folley his deployment biases- and if the team maintains it’s 5v5 dominance- I’m at least optimistic about a regression in shooting %. It looks like that’s all that’s missing… right?
    3. Hoo-frikkin’-ray for the corsi.

    I have mixed feelings about looking forward to the draft this year. Usually I’m anxiously anticipating the arrival of a potential-future-star- type prospect, joining the ranks, as it were. This year will be more melancholy, celebrating ‘addition by subtraction’… It seems necessary in order to move forward with the prospects developing in the system. There are at least five AHL’ers and a couple of Junior and College players who will be pro-ready, if not challenging for an NHL roster spot in 2019 or sooner. Some will move up. Some will likely move on at the draft, leaving questions about another prospect’s untapped potential.. Sadly, I’m hoping that the prospect we ‘let go’ turns out to be somebody else’s Shinkaruk.

    I feel awful about feeling that way, but I’m sure I’ll get over it… If the guy coming back turns into another 40 50 point-player and all round great team guy before his ELC expires.
    But unless Tre recoups some picks in an off-load at the draft, there will be a gap, an air bubble in the pipeline which may cause a problem when Seattle comes window shopping in 2019. If you look at the players under contract that year, who gets protected? Some will have to be gone, ideally replaced by untouchables on ELT’s or the like. And who knows, maybe Troy Brouwer becomes the next Deryk Engelland.

    Those are my three wishes for 2018-19.


    Cold Business, Flaming Heart.

  • Korcan

    I can see both Montreal and Ottawa being interested in Brodie due to their weak defense (Mon) and likely loss of their top d-man (Ott). Hoffman, Stone, and Gallagher are intriguing — I like Stone’s size, leadership, and all-around game, Hoffman’s speed and scoring touch, and Gallagher’s leadership, grit, and drive (and he can score). Pacioretty and Galchenyuk are not as attractive to me — we already have a Pacioretty playing center on our top line and Galchenyuk is too inconsistent and the Flames have too many of those players already.
    Other teams that might be interested are Toronto, Buffalo, and Washington. Hopefully, Tre can get a good return from one of these teams.

    • T&A4Flames

      I read a trade proposal someone posted on another site with BUF.
      Brodie for Okposo, McCabe and 2 2nds. I don’t think he was a Flames fan either. Not bad I thought. McCabe basically replaces Brodie and Okposo, long expensive contract aside, is a strong power fwd who can still score. Don’t even need to explain the 2x2nds
      I’d also look at WAS for Wilson. Big and adds secondary scoring. I’d also check out Kapanen in TOR (maybe not for Brodie but some other bodies. Or perhaps TOR adds more, like a 1st +)

    • oilcanboyd

      It was widely rumored a year ago that Flames were shopping Dougie (Burkie implied rumor spread by Lou Lamereillo of the Leafs) so they may be interested in a Brodie at lower value than Dougie).

    • ThisBigMouthIsRight

      Its not out of the question that with the Canucks High draft pick this year & new cap room, they could even make a play for OTT’s Karlsson and afford Bobby Ryan’s contract back as well… Not sure what else the could add to it? but its there if both side want to make it work.

    • The Doctor

      Good point. I was hoping for Canucks to be in salary cap purgatory for a few more years. They already have some excellent prospects and young guys (Boeser, Horvat, Goldobin, Sveningsson).

  • deantheraven

    The Flames had a better Corsi than all of the teams that made the playoffs this year (except BOS) but, in a nutshell, they didn’t make the playoffs because the players failed to capitalize on their chances and gave up too many to the opposition. They had too many missed shots, too many blocked shots, too many weak shots… And too many posts & crossbars. Highly skilled players have bad luck. Lesser skilled players have, well, lesser skills, and sometimes bad luck,too.. The One Fancy Stat that I put any faith in at all is shooting percentage- a completely individual(?) stat. I guess it’s not so much faith as it is being hopeful for “regression to the mean”.
    Maybe the Flames need a shooting coach more than a goalie coach. Or Jobu.
    I watched every game this year (a day later on NHLdotcom) and have a better appreciation for the possession game. It reminds me a little of when I first saw the Russians in the ’72 Canada-USSR series. Pretty, but in the end they didn’t score enough goals to win either…

    Corsi is history, both figuratively and literally.

    • Jobu

      Jobu believes that bad players have more bad luck than good players which likely means that one way or another we were a bad team. Jobu believes this can change with a little off-season voodoo.

    • Glensfunnyface

      I have said it b4 and will say it again….The coach the Flames need is local man and former Flame Tim Hunter!.. His stats in the WHL are great, his leadership and drive is second to none, and all players would be held accountable. Stanley cup finals 3 times, Stanley cup champ..he is a winner unlike stats man Gulutzan. Get an assistant coach who is stat smart and the combo will be deadly. 3 time assistant coach in the NHL so I don’t want to hear the experience bull garbage. I see others are starting to mention Mr. Hunter as well on here.

      • Stu Cazz

        As long as Brian Burke is in the Flames organization Tim Hunter will never be hired. Burke fired Ron Wilson’s assistants in Toronto and the departure was nasty to say the least. Tim Hunter was one of those assistants.

      • Hockeysense93

        I kind of like the Tim Hunter type stigma actually. A head coach should be the motivator and in play guy who can see a game actually going on, and changing things to counter in situations. A stat coach (like GG) is the teacher that helps players with their play and to stick with a system. There is the difference that is needed. Hunter has been a coach for awhile and has played many years…so has seen it all AND has played in the kind of situations that need to be translated to the players. That’s instant respect when a head coach needs the players to listen. Unfortunately GG doesn’t have that background.

  • freethe flames

    Trading Brodie needs to result in getting the Flames a legit top 6 forward and preferably a RHS. Is there a better choice as a UFA than trading Brodie away? I’m not sure what the answer is. Each of us need to examine the lists and present our views. Would Brodie get us Stone?

  • whysoserious

    I was taking a look at RW’s currently in the AHL that would fit nicely with our core group, age, speed and scoring touch min. approx. 30 goals each what are the chances of prying one of the following;
    Mason Appleton – Winnipeg prospect, rookie of the year 65 points, big and strong skater
    Valentin Zykov- Carolina prospect, 33 goals, very quick and a strong skater
    Daniel Sprong – Pittsburgh prospect, 32 goals, junior sensation
    I am tired of people wanting us to go after retreads i.e. Nash, Perron, I thought we would learn from the Brouwer contract, focus on developing the core, stay the course and lets develop a perennial winner instead of a flash in the pan team.
    Back to lurking….

    • freethe flames

      Thanks for name dropping but you could add some more information whne doing so.
      Appleton 6’2 22 years old 22goals currently signed for 2 more years.
      Zykov 6’1 22 years 33 goals is an RFA but although he shots R is listed as LW.
      Sprong 6′ 21 years 32 goals is an RFA.

      It is possible that both of the last two could shake free prior to FA.

  • WillyWonka

    as hard as it is to say, the Flames and Oilers could help each other – Brodie for RNH, adjusting as needed with picks or prospects to balance calue. or could this be a straight one for one?

  • Raffydog

    You guys must be hoping that no gm’s have watched any flames games over the last couple years. Unless there is another gm as stupid and gullible as Treliving you aren’t getting a top 6 anything for Brodie.

  • buts

    NO clearer upgrade on GG. Are you on drugs? Anyone that can’t see thru GG’s smooth talking bs has there head in a hole in the ground. Bar none thee worst coach ever to stand behind our players bench. I’m thinking that major moves are coming and that’s why no firing has taken place. If we keep GG the dome will be half empty and ownership knows it. Christian you should be asking if BT is not leaving with GG because there is a big mess to clean up.

    • dontcryWOLF

      Who would you personally recommend?

      I understand the frustration with the cliche Everest motif guy, but frustration alone is in no way a solution. At least, that’s what I keep telling my kids.

      • buts

        Any coach that uses players properly, that motivates, has a feel for his bench in that he doubles shifts guys who are playing on top of there game. Mostly a coach who has a team playing with speed and pace, that attacks, sets the tone of a game. Hartley’s flames when on there game left teams looking slow. Nucks in the playoffs couldn’t keep up. Our next coach might be a golden knights assistant coach.

  • Bawcos

    KOVALCHUCK!!! Maybe not the right age (no signs of slowing down – last 2 seasons were his best in the KHL). If the Flames trade just Stone (hello OTW – anyone giving up just a 5th makes them even for resigning) they would be able to sign a full roster with about 12-14M available. Sign a back up goalie (around 2M for 1 year) go hard after Kovalchuck for the show me contract or even 2 years @ 5 – 6M. He would be a huge asset on the PP and a fast (still fast) sniper down the line up. You guys want to see Jankowski line as a 2nd scoring line? This would be the guy…. especially how no one else is really available. Pipe Dream: Kovalchuck 1 year 6M. – While they still have money to burn, but no future (cap or otherwise) spared.

  • Rexx

    Hoffman for Brodie would be cool, but something tingles my heart when I dream of Brodie being shipped out in a package for Baby Byng if the cards fell right…. one can dream.

    • Hockeysense93

      Who’s Baby Byng?? The kids like 6’3” and over 200lbs haha. He’s more like a Mac Tkatruk. Seriously though…we can dream, but I can’t see how the Flames would even be close to getting this kid. On pretty much every mock draft and standing, he’s top 5 with potential to go top 3. He’s bigger and nastier then his brother with good pedigree and upbringing. If he is even close to the hockey IQ that his brother has? He’s gonna be a beast. I can’t see anybody giving the Flames anything they offer, short of one of the top 3 players on the team. It is nice to dream, but I’ve seen this talk far to often. It’s not going to happen…so move on to some more realistic sense lol. And quit calling him Lady Byng! OMG!!! Haha

  • freethe flames

    For me the needs of this organization are a RHF who can play in the top 2 scoring lines, another RHF who can play and bring some grit to the other lines and a depth center who can play throughout the line up.If I look at the organization as it is we do not have any of these players in the wings so we can address this through a trade(Brodie for a top 6 forward is our dream) or we can address it via FA. There are 2 UFA forwards who fit our need Perron who will want to much money and term so IMO no thanks. The other is Vanek 34 years old and made $2m this year. He is 6’2 215 lbs and had 24g/32a/56p this year; he could be the perfect fit on a 1 year deal at less than $3m, here’s why; he can play in the top 6, it buys Foo, Phillips, Gawdin and ET another year of development.

    I would look at Ryan Reaves as a bottom 2 line RW option. He’s 31 made $1,25 and at 6’1 225 and capable of playing with 4/6/10 could be an ideal depth forward again on a short term deal 2 years.

    I would also look at Riley Nash not to play in the top 6 but to help be that depth C. He had a break out year and that will drive the price up; do not pay top 6 salary but at 28 and able to play C or RW he would be a good add at the right cost and term.

    We also need to wait and see what teams do with their RFA’s. How many will be let go and are any of them fits for us?

  • everton fc

    Buchnevich would be a nice addition on the right-wing. He can skate.

    Vegas proves teams need to be able to skate. The Kings tried to pummel them, but they still won. We have some guys who are physical enough to keep things “honest” (Ferland, for one. Tkachuk. Hathaway, who I hope we keep on the 4th line, Hamonic)… Brodie should be moved for a fast, young, skilled winger, if at all possible. We won’t have a 1st in this draft, so we should parlay Brodie for someone who can have an immediate impact.

    We need speed. And skill. Badly. Guy like Stajan – love him, but time to move on. Brouwer – obvious he’s not the kind of guy we need, even on the 4th line. And regardless of what anyone says here, Daryl has two Stanley Cups. GG and his entire staff have to go. Burke should be gone. And King. Then see if BT is everything many think he is, though his ties to a losing Coyotes organization should be considered.