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Report: Flames re-sign Dalton Prout ($800k, one year, one way)

It appears that the signings have begun. Renaud Lavoie of TVA Sports and the Journal de Montreal is reporting that the Calgary Flames have re-signed defenseman Dalton Prout to a one-year one-way deal worth $800,000.


Prout, 28, came to the Flames organization in a minor-league trade that sent Eddie Lack to New Jersey. Ironically, both guys signed one-year extensions on the very same day.

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By all accounts Prout was a good soldier on the farm. He had nine points in 34 games with Stockton and his cap hit suggests one of two things: either (a) he’s the seventh defenseman this season or (b) he’s a veteran they can put on the farm to mentor the youngsters, particularly Juuso Valimaki. Prout has played 242 NHL games between Columbus and New Jersey.

He’s cheap, he’s apparently a good veteran presence in whatever room he’s in, and he’s a decent enough player that he can step into the NHL lineup in a pinch and be an upgrade on Matt Bartkowski. It’s a no-lose signing that doesn’t stop them from doing anything else.


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  • everton fc

    I hope this isn’t the end of Wotherspoon. I hope not. I guess Prout could clear waivers, if he has a bad camp…

    This is a “toughness” move. Ward had influence here, I bet. He is an “RHS”. But one-way??

  • First Name Unidentified

    This is great, for a dozen games of goonery Prout is awesome. For those unaware, he’s dropped Lucy in one punch. I can watch him play 4-5 games a season to beat up on Lucy up north. Nice work Brad.

      • Derzie

        People don’t like truth. It messes up illusions and delusions. Goony washed up players are welcome in Calgary (Carolina 2.0) and on flames nation. They’ll fit right in.

    • Who is Alberta’s team?

      2 goals and 7 assists got Lazar a one way deal with a raise on top of that. Last year Prout (on a 2 way deal) also had 2 goals 7 assists…. except it was in the AHL. I suppose that warrants a new one way deal in Tres World.

  • McRib

    Apparently Calgary “missed out” on signing Ryan Reaves despite “pushing hard”, phew dodged a bullet in intentionally. What is Treliving doing?!?!? Reaves is Troy Brouwer 2.0. I’m starting to lose all confidence in Treliving as a GM.

    • Mickey O

      Have yet to see the actual reasons why anyone is in the “Hard no to Ryan Reaves” camp. Brouwer was brought in to be 1st or 2nd liner, Reaves will always be a 4th liner and likes that role.

      (Some reasons for yes to Reaves are on the Draft day thread. I’m genuinely curious as to why getting Reaves would have been such a dreadful mistake. I don’t get it.)

      • piscera.infada

        He can’t skate well, he can’t pass, he can’t shoot. Literally the only thing he has going for him is he’s tough and he wins fights. He’s probably the worst regular forward in the league.

        That’s why it’s a “hard no”–and honestly, “hard no” might be underselling it a bit.

        • McRib

          He signed for what $2.75 million, so you’re saying “he’s a fourth liner”. That’s not what you pay fourth liners and guess what he is as he has only averaged 7-8 minutes a night for his entire career. I am all for “thoughness”, but maybe let’s get some effective toughness with players who also have some other skills.

          • Mickey O

            Hmm…so there’s some kind of handbook out there on what you “have” to pay a 4th liner to be successful. Btw, what are 4th liners getting in minutes these days, and is 10 points on the year any good? Anyway, some “idiot” GM just paid that $2.75M contract. He did it willingly, and likely would have gone higher to match any offer.

            The idiot GM is George McPhee. He’ll be remembered for the Erat blunder, but all he’s ever done is build a winner. He had Washington as contenders for years, and built a team in Vegas from scratch that made it to the Stanley Cup finals – in year one!

            The man is clearly not an idiot, thinks outside the box, and knows what the heck he’s doing. He knows the value to his entire team of one Ryan Reaves, who is a heck of a lot more skilled as a player than you might think.

        • Mickey O

          Good take. Reaves is worth $2.75M a year for 2 years. Somebody just set his price, and he got a bargain of a deal. Reaves wasn’t even on the Cinderella team to start the year.

  • freethe flames

    Over the summer there will be a number of these kind of signings to fill out the Heat squad. Is it likely he gets a call up; maybe if there is a score to settle with a given squad. The problem is that he does not bring functional toughness.

  • Stockton's Finest

    Solid guy. Not overly impressive or disappointing. Maybe ends the road for Goloubef. Would pair nicely with Kylington or Valimaki. Would play the “stay at home” d-man with either of those two.

  • freethe flames

    Two FA signings ago the rumor was out there that the Flames were signing Brouwer to a 4 year deal and I said I didn’t like it the moment I heard the rumor. The only rumor we have heard is Ryan for 3 years @2+m; is that what others have read? I could live with this. It’s likely to take any of our center prospects 2 years to be NHL ready anyways. I just hope I don’t wake up to any rumors of long term deals for guys near the end of their careers. Also hope that Tavares signs out East (hopefully he stays on the Island)

    • The GREAT WW

      Right after the Flames signed Brouwer, I asked a Blues executive what he thought of the contract.
      He laughed and said: “he’s not worth 4.5…..”

      True dat…..


    • piscera.infada

      The only thing that worries me about Ryan, is that a lot of people out of Carolina say Peters used him as a crutch–overplayed him the lineup and gave him largely unwarranted powerplay time.

      I think Ryan would be a good depth signing for the Flames. I just hope we’re not complaining about the Derekplay next season.

      • everton fc

        Ryan is a good depth signing as a 4C. That’s how I see it. People say he would play RW – where? Over Frolik, on the 3rd linr? I can’t see that happening.

        • McRib

          I like Ryan way more than Reeves because at least he is a hockey player, but our new coaches past favouritism does also concern me, because GG was the worst I have ever seen.m and I can’t stand it.

          In our new coaches defense though Calgary’s centre depth is a LOT better than Carolina’s last year. Monahan and Backlund are miles ahead of anyone on Carolina last year, when you consider Jordan Staal was basically the only true centre they had.

          • Mickey O

            Reaves isn’t a hockey player? Someone should let George McPhee know pronto! He might have just paid a junior accountant or a librarian to play on the 4th line of his hockey club.

            Sarcasm aside, GG’s player usage last year was simply amazing to watch. He can’t set a line-up, and he can’t coach on the fly. He can’t coach period. I like Peters, think he can do all three.

  • Mickey O

    Chris Johnston

    Verified account

    Follow Follow @reporterchris
    Word is there were teams willing to go three years on a deal with Ryan Reaves. Vegas matched the money — a hair below $5.6M — but did it on a shorter two-year term.

    Okay then.

    • Mickey O

      So it looks like BT might have offered a 3 year deal, but drew the line at $1.85M a year. Because you know, “value” and what his old contract was worth.

      Hey, maybe Matt Cane’s computer model was handy nearby. Which came up with of an expected contract of $1.3M x 2 based on Individual Stats of a player for $2.6M total. The player got $5.6M. Close. Hockey is a team game.

      Reaves is highly valuable player to a Hockey Team, and B-Rad decided that he has to remain cheap out of general principles? When he’s got no enforcer, and could have signed the best at his craft when he became available?

      I think I’ve got that right, if Treliving was the GM offering a 3 year deal. If that’s the case talk about not seeing the forest for the Ryan Reaves tree.

      George McPhee is the only person to see this player’s worth to a team apparently. The value gained by everyone playing with a bit more swagger, and is a huge hit in every dressing room. McPhee saw the value of Ryan Reaves to his own Team.

  • freethe flames

    It would be real nice to wake up to Canada and see my favorite team having signed their own RFA’s, extended Tkachuk, signed a solid center at a reasonable deal, traded Stone and some other asset for a forward who can play in our top nine; wait it’s Canada Day- not Christmas. Happy Canada tomorrow folks.

    • Still no edit button?

      “Expect centre Derek Ryan to sign a three-year deal with the #Flames on Sunday. He left money on the table to reunite with Bill Peters after 20 #NHL teams expressed interest.”

      Sounds promising