Development camp concludes with a scrimmage (9:30 a.m., Winsport)

The Calgary Stampede can be a challenge of anybody’s temperament and resolve, and so it can be helpful to find indoor activities to recover. Well, the Calgary Flames are happy to provide one today, as they conclude their annual prospect development camp with a scrimmage!

Today’s festivities kick off at 9:30 a.m. at the main arena at Winsport. Be sure to get there early; around 9 a.m. is a good ballpark to find parking and seats.

Full rosters for the scrimmage can be found on the Flames’ site. It’s the only chance of the year to see the college and European prospects in Calgary, as they’ll all be unavailable for training camp in September.

Here’s a quick rundown of the major names to keep an eye out for on each side.

Team Conroy

No Player Notables
59 C Dillon Dube 2016 second rounder
World Junior gold medalist
50 RW Yasin Elhiz Free agent signing
80 C Glenn Gawdin Free agent signing
WHL Playoff MVP
47 RW Matthew Phillips 2016 sixth rounder
60 LW Brett Pollock Part of Kris Russell trade
76 C Martin Posposil 2018 fourth rounder
75 RW Eetu Tuulola 2016 sixth rounder
78 LW Dmitry Zavgorodniy 2018 seventh rounder
42 D Juuso Valimaki 2017 first rounder
70 G Nick Schneider Free agent signing

Team Gelinas

No Player Notables
48 RW Zach Fischer 2017 fifth rounder
16 RW Spencer Foo Free agent signing
52 C D’Artagnan Joly 2017 sixth rounder
83 LW Demetrios Koumontzis 2018 fourth rounder
81 C Linus Lindstrom 2016 fourth rounder
64 LW Emilio Pettersen 2018 sixth rounder
65 C Milos Roman 2018 fourth rounder
63 C Adam Ruzicka 2017 fourth rounder
62 LW Filip Sveningsson 2017 seventh rounder
85 D Josh Healey Free agent signing
72 G Mason McDonald 2014 second rounder

    • dewtel

      Because you can’t just give him away. Just as its obvious to the fanbase he is not worth $4.5M for the next two years, its obvious to the other GM’s. No GM will help you out, they don’t want him either (unless you ‘give’ them something to take him).
      We are paying to keep him or will have to pay to get rid of him. The Brouwer solution is to minimize the cost.

        • withachance

          Also think about the optics. No GM in the league will buy out his own marquee FA signing after 2 seasons. It’s a bad image for himself and the organization to just throw a guy out of the club immediately. Yes, I wish Brouwer is not on the roster so young guys can get a change and I wish everything is based on merit, but this is the real world, so don’t expect Brouwer to be bought out this season.

          • Still no edit button?

            That is a really good point. Looks bad if you give them the contract then buy out in a few years. Won’t help bring in future FA’s. Though I am totally on board with getting rid of him however we can

  • freethe flames

    So here is my report on the scrimmage.Foo was invisible except for in the shoot out. Dube was very good, Phillips plays a very solid 2 way game; I really enjoyed his play away from the puck and a number of times he broke up promising rushes because of this. Valimaki really stood out because of his hockey IQ and his skating. ET showed some very good defensive awareness although he had one terrible give away but he made up for it by his recovery. The only guy who I did not know who stood out was McMann; he scored a great goal after a bad pinch by the D and was frequently around the puck in the Ozone. There was not a lot of offense from either side. Some nice shoot goals; Foo’s and young Janko’s stood out.

    Pretty straight for forward report.

    • Trevy

      I was also at that the scrimmage this morning and pretty much agree with Free. I’d also like to add that although Foo was more or less ineffective, he still showed great hustle and battled hard. He also had a nice assist. Gawdin has a very average outing and I thought ET had an awful game until he finally scored on a great wrist shot. The new draftees this year were ok. Pospisil looks like he has potential and at one point thought he and Fischer were going to go. But I was impressed with Zavgorodny, the small Russian. He had the puck on a string and was a dynamic little playmaker, although he never had any points. McMann had a nice game for a walk-on. Dube and Phillips were easily the best duo on the ice and Valimaki a man among boys.

      Even though both Edm and Calgary pulled out of the Penticton Classic, I understand they will conduct their own little scrimmage in Red Deer with two games. Just not sure exactly when

      • cberg

        When I first saw the line-ups I thought “Crap, Team Conroy is going to dominate”, which they should have and did. Looking at the video it seemed they were all over them.

  • Sir ryosus

    It’s my understanding that flames will not be in Kelowna this year for prospect tournament. Does anyone know if they have other plans where we can get a look at the kids?

  • redhot1

    Conroys team, as expected, was the better of the two. Dube, I’m my opinion, was the best player on the ice. Looked really quick, and really smart. Phillips was good as well. Valimaki was always up in the play looking for offence. He looked really good.

    The college guy (Brown if I remember) was pretty impressive as well.

    Not a whole lot of other stand outs. Although Zavgoridniy made some nice plays.