97Rasmus Andersson
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Rasmus Andersson recalled, Travis Hamonic placed on IR

The Flames have recalled top prospect Rasmus Andersson from the AHL’s Stockton Heat. His recall comes at the expense of Flames second pairing defender Travis Hamonic, who has been placed on the IR with a facial fracture, sustained after a fight against Erik Gudbranson. He is listed as week-to-week.

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Andersson was the final cut of training camp 2018, and likely the hardest to make. He couldn’t crack the NHL roster’s right side depth, being passed over by TJ Brodie, Hamonic, and Michael Stone. With the Flames being unable to move either defender like they did with Brett Kulak for Juuso Valimaki, Andersson was sent down to Stockton to begin the season.

Hamonic missed much of the first period against the Canucks, before returning for the second and third frames in the season opener.

Based on Thursday’s practice pairings, Andersson could slide right in to Hamonic’s spot on the second pairing for the rematch against the Canucks. Flames extra defender Dalton Prout was in that spot next to Noah Hanifin, perhaps acting as a placeholder.

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Hanifin-Andersson was also a preseason pairing for a few games, so perhaps they are put back together. We’ll see at Saturday’s morning skate.

  • dontcryWOLF

    If someone took a broken jaw for me, that would really motivate me to bring it all the next game. It’s an unfortunate injury, but may actually work out for the flames.

  • Mickey O'Reaves

    “Extensive research has shown you don’t need an enforcer…”

    Kewl. Tell that to Travis Hamonic’s busted up face.
    You can send him a link to all these brilliant studies after surgery.

    • Bean-counting cowboy

      And if Prout wasn’t on the ice at the time of the incident? Does everybody just ignore Gudbranson’s hit on Dube until the next time Gudbranson has a shift so we can get Prout on?

        • Mickey O'Reaves

          Unfortunately, that wouldn’t have worked. Because everything would have ratcheded up, and then 6’6 Gudbranson would have beaten up anyone that the Flames had dressed for that game.

          Hamonic stepped up, got busted up, and is now out for weeks. If a confidence building exercise is to see how many guys can go on the IR by the end of the season, the Flames are off to a roaring start.

      • b

        BCC, by my recollection this is exactly what happened it was a later shift when Ham dropped the mitts. Substitute Prout for Ham and it’s likely a different result

    • Kevin R

      Mickey, this is exactly what we have been preaching. Honestly, if we are only going to play that 4th line 8 minutes a game, then go out & find as nasty, tough as nails 4th liner you can that can skate. Whats the point of having a 4th line of Janko Bennett & Czarnik/Frolik for 8 minutes a game. Heck I was thinking the other day that the Stampeders are owned by the Flames, lets have a mini camp of the linebackers & see who can skate & play him even on the power play with order to just plunk himself down in front of the net & draw two defenders to try & even budge him.

      • Mickey O'Reaves

        In all honesty, there were so many penalties the Flames way that cut into Janko and Bennett’s ice time last game. But you hardly needed to be a card carrying member of the psychic hotline to figure out that what happened with Travis Hamonic was a distinct possibility.

        Hamonic was the default tough guy. He’s a gamer, but he simply isn’t big enough. You need a big body deterrent in the line-up somewhere. I’m not even saying go all ‘revengified’ and drag up Peluso from the minors, and play Hathaway. In that case someone has to sit, and it makes the overall set of forwards worse.

        The Flames have gotten themselves into a pickle one game into the season. The flawed rationale of just playing Dalton Prout when “you think you might need him” came to fruition rather quickly. As far as I can see, Prout is not worse than Stone. Prout needs to be in the line-up.

        • Baalzamon

          As far as I can see, Prout is not worse than Stone. Prout needs to be in the line-up.

          Finally, a truth from you. Prout is exactly as good as Stone.

          Neither of them is better than Andersson though.

    • Crazy Flames

      Why play Prout when Rasmus is the superior player. Hamonic’s face would still be alright if he didn’t drop the gloves. No one made him do it he was just following an unwritten “code” of sticking up for your teammates when something dirty happens to them. If Pettersson had that hit on Dube would Hamonic have to fight him? If the Flames had McGrattan out there and Gudbranson tuned him up would anyone say anything? Gudbranson didn’t hunt Hamonic down like Marchand on Eller or Domi on Eckblad.

      It’s too bad Hamonic got hurt but his injury is an opportunity for Ras to establish himself as an NHL and hopefully bump Stone to the press box when Hamonic is healthy. No reason to play Prout or load up on goons. It would be great if the Flames had a functional goon but those are few and far between these days.

      • Mickey O'Reaves

        Okay, so if you play Rasmus over Prout and one of the Vancouver guy’s runs Dube, Czarnik, Ryan et al. there will eventually be a scrap. That is the stone-cold reality of the game of ice hockey.

        Nobody may admit it, but even going back to last season the player’s are scared. Because they know there is absolutely nobody to take on the other team’s big boys.

        You need one guy, at the very minimum. Now there is an opening on the back-end one game into the season…and that spot needs to be filled by Dalton Prout.

        • R4anders

          Everything you’re saying is an opinion, you bash the facts but numbers simply don’t lie. Feel free to take a look at the teams in the NHL last year with the most fighting majors, none of them won the Stanley Cup none of them came close to winning the Stanley Cup. You need to be winning games plain and simple and while I agree that there needs to be a reaction to a cheap shot I don’t think you need to have what would be considered in today’s NHL a goon in the lineup at all. Edmonton has lucic and they suck. How good was Anaheim last year? They have a couple fighters, so does Minnesota. Dube should of had his head on a swivel. It’s his fault he got caught. Hamonic being out sucks but the is the nhl. Gudbranson isn’t even a fighter himself. I agree fighting should be a part of hockey but not because you need a staged fight after a hit.

    • Searsy

      Agreed. I would have Peluso on the roster and have Lazar playing big minutes down in Stockton. That would at least provide the option of some added toughness when required – like tomorrow night.

      • Justthateasy

        Regardless of how to exact a measure of revenge, we did not play very tough overall. The hit on Dube was not that vicious. You have to take the man and I think you’ll see Pettersson find the going a little harder next game.
        No matter what you think of Marchand you’ve got to love the example he made of Eller.
        This is not Show Boat football and even a big fat grin on the bench after a goal is not acceptable. Unless of course it’s your first goal in the Bigs.

  • Searsy

    I’m hopeful that we see Rasmus jump up to play with Nanifin tomorrow night. At least see how it goes for a period or two before going to Stone. I don’t think they will want either Rasmus or Prout playing with Valimaki.

  • snotss

    hamonic paid the price for a team with out any grit….dress prout he is a better option than stone…toughness…i know that word sounds strange to flame fans………………the rest of the league knows that calgary is soft !!!!!!!!!!!

    • HAL MacInnis

      I have nothing against Hamonic, but I watched that fight in the 1st and thought to myself, “Is this our toughest player?” Then CRACK! That last punch sealed the deal for me. Hamonic should not pull that sh!t again.

      • snotss

        hamonic stood up for a fellow teammate…..he knew he was in tuff against the bigger tougher player but with no other player on the team to stand up to gudbranson he took it apon himself…………bt should shoulder some of the blame for his injury…last year lucic and now this year with gudbranson bt to pull his head out of his ass and start dressing some one who can chuck em…thus protecting the rest of his soft soft team

        • HAL MacInnis

          No one’s denying his heart. However, he’s not an enforcer. He should not be dropping the gloves with guys twice his size. It was stupid and now we gotta figure out how to patch the hole. Nobody on the team should have fought Gudbranson that night.

  • Sanintarious

    I am potentially fine with Prout, but ONLY if it means sitting Stone. Having both in the line up will do more harm than good.
    Hannifin-Andersson (showed chemistry in preseason)

    Alternatively, Hathaway (4th line) moving Czarnik to 2nd line as we saw second half of the game.

  • Stockton's Finest

    Looking at Stockton’s roster (thanks AHL.com), the Heat did not sign Justin Auger. Here are my expectations for line combos in tonight’s game in Bakersfield:
    Mangiapane – Quine – Foo
    Klimchuk – Gawdin – Phillips
    Pollock – Graovac – Robinson
    Lomberg – McMurtry – Ehliz

    Defense is a bit tricky, as Andersson is up and I don’t know if Taormina is here (he is not listed on the roster) or if Hogstrom is playing. It completely changes if these players are available. With only 2 right shots on the roster, here goes my best guess:
    Kylington – Paliotta
    Valiev – Healey
    O’Brien – Doetzel

    Gillies in net

  • everton fc

    There is really no question Prout and Gudbranson “go”, if both are on the ice Saturday evening. Let’s get that out of the way, quick.

    However – and I’m not a fan of the pure “goon” – we could have used a guy like Ferland, on opening night. We better find a way of playing that will limit our getting pushed around. I can’t think of any way to stop a team system like the one Peters is trying to instill/install, other than applying pressure via physicality and toughness.

    If we had some skilled “grit”, like Ferland… Alas, the clock never goes backwards, in the NHL. Even if you move Czarnik onto the line w/Tkachuk and Backlund (which should happen), you don’t sit Frolik, to play Peluso. Nuts.

    Prout was signed for this purpose. Let him play, and sit Stone.

    • NoBuBlackOPS

      I don’t see why Gudbranson has to “go” like you say. Hamonic took exception for what Gudbranson did to Dube challenged him to a fight the result is a broken face for Hamonic. As far as I’m concerned the second the Hamonic Gudbranson fight was over that ended the issue with Dube. Gudbranson doesn’t have to answer for what happened to Hamonic as Hamonic was the aggressor in that situation. If I’m Gudbranson I’m not engaging with Prout unless he does something to a skilled Canuck player that warrants retribution. If anything I’m gonna try to goad Prout to take a penalty that the best way to hurt the flames inserting Prout into the lineup.

  • CalgaryBornandRaised

    Easiest way to solve the Canucks (or any other teams) players taking liberties on our players is having a PP that punishes teams for taking penalties, no team will push you around if they keep getting scored on down a man all the time,

    • Mickey O'Reaves

      Oh boy. Yessum, I love me this argument! Right out of the Analytics Handbook for the Stars. Too bad it is completely living in fantasy land.
      Maybe, just maybe, critters should put down their iPad, take off their shoes and socks and tangle a toe or two into the turbulent waters of the real world.

      • Off the wall

        Lol Mickey. I see it didn’t take long for you to adopt your old name back.

        We won’t last in the Pacific if we don’t address the need for functional toughness.

        Prout needs to dress against the Canucks on Saturday.

    • snotss

      their power play will scare no one….thus the need {right now} to make sure they are not being pushed around ………..”when” the power play starts to get some results you can adjust the roster

    • Avalain

      This is exactly it. The biggest problem isn’t that we don’t have a goon to fight. The problem is that the powerplay is awful. Gudbranson isn’t afraid to step up and fight, so having someone to fight isn’t going to be any sort of deterrent. Having him hated by the fans and yelled at by the coach for taking stupid penalties that cost them the game? That makes them think twice.

    • Mickey O'Reaves

      Right on, you learn something new every day from the young pups. So the way to not get pushed around is to have a really good powerplay. And if you have a really good powerplay you won’t get pushed around. Got it, thanks guys.

      • Mickey O'Reaves

        Ah, let’s see. Currently at a 30-2 cheers to trash ratio. Help me out here guys, please.
        When you sip the intoxicating nectar of the analytics kool-aid is it acceptable to dip your cup directly into the punch bowl, or should one show a little sophistication and use the ladle provided?

    • mrroonie

      On the first goal Valimaki pinched deep and Janko fell down causing a 2 on 1. Stone did exactly what a defenseman is supposed to do in that situation, prevent the pass and focus on the guy without the puck while the goalie focusses on the guy with the puck. If he’d played Pettersson it would have left the pass open and Pouliot would have had a wide open net.

      On the third goal, Valimaki went behind the net with Beagle and then left him alone and started out towards the player at the blue line, Gudbranson, who was already being covered by Dube. Both Ryan and Lindholm started towards Gudbranson as well leaving Stone to defend against Beagle, Leipsic, and Granlund. Gudbranson took a shot, Beagle tipped it, Smith made the save and the rebound went directly to Leipsic who scored.

      Neither of those situations constitute the goals being on him. Other Flames on the ice made bad decisions and in both cases left Stone defending an odd man situation. He wasn’t on the ice for the other three goals.

  • Stanley Cupp

    For just this game dress Prout and send a message to the Canucks young “future stars” the same way they did to us on Wednesday. Flames need to start going to the dirty areas in front of the net if they want to make things happen. Only one game so lots of time to get things going!

  • Flames fan since 83

    Hamonic is a warrior. I have nothing but respect for him.
    I’m in the camp that we miss Derek England. Derek was a bottom pairing guy that was effective defensively, but has the ability to enforce and deter when needed. If Stone can’t contribute offensively, and he won’t contribute pugilistically, then I’d put in Prout and take Stone out.
    Anderson in Hamonic’s spot is perfect.

    • everton fc

      Let us not forget, Engelland was also hated here, by many FN faithful. Now we all know why he was signed. And he was/is better than Stone, at his position.

      • Cfan in Van

        And let’s also not forget that he would have likely still signed in Vegas if he didn’t get picked, regardless of whether we wanted him here on a contract that made financial sense.

        • everton fc

          I know he wanted to go to Vegas, regardless. But I always liked Engelland w/the Pens. I like Borowiecki in Ottawa, for similar reasons. Borowiekci is the type of d-man we could use, who can keep the peace a bit. the Nucks will have Roussel back, in a while, as well (I would have loved to sign Roussel, here). They’ll continue to bully us, as part of the rivalry, all year.

          I say we are not prepared for this type of play.

      • Rudy27

        We always seem to have someone to hate. Seems to be a trend on social media. But I for one, never had an issue with Engelland and was happy for his success last year with Vegas.

          • Baalzamon

            2.9. At the time people raised eyebrows when they thought that was total… then they found out it was the AAV.

            I (and others) said numerous times that no one would care if he was making 900k. None of the prospects were really ready/being blocked, and he was putting in 11 or so decent enough minutes. Kulak – Engelland, for all that it was barely used, was the best third pair the Flames dressed since Brodie – Sarich. It still is, and will continue to be until Andersson permanently takes Stone’s place.

    • MDG1600

      Well, Dalton Prout is here to “negotiate” with the likes of Gudbranson and make sure other players in the league know they will be dealing with him if they cross the line. If it has to wait till the next time they play so be it. If Prout didn’t play tomorrow I would have seriously wondered what the point of having him on the roster was.

  • freethe flames

    So as I said in a previous post I did not watch the game live but I PVRed it and just finished watching it from a more analytical view than an emotional one. Here are my takeaways and some of which are consistent with what I saw in the preseason. First take away: our goalies are too deep in the crease and Smith needs to do a better job controlling rebounds. If he was out more the rebounds would end up in less dangerous areas. Two: Johnny needs to take his defensive responsibilities more seriously. Three: There is no chemistry between Ryan and Neal. 4. The PP is horrible and they try and do the same things with both PP units and it’s easy to defend. With Andersson being called up he would be my point man on the second unit(he can hit the outlet pass and can shoot the puck) and I would change the 2nd power play unit and take Ryan and Czarnik off it and play Bennett and Janko and play that unit with speed and dump the puck in; they were the only pairing who played the fore check system on a regular basis. Have Bennett be the behind the net guy and get Neal into a shooting spot. This way you have 3 shooters (Andersson/Janko/Neal) out there with Backs and Bennett.

    • Baalzamon

      I have to disagree with you about Bennett on the powerplay. That’s been tried, and somehow he’s gotten worse at it every year (and he was never a good powerplay scorer in the first place).

      • freethe flames

        My point of bennett on the PP is that he would allow the second unit to play with more energy and speed which is completely different than the first unit.

    • R4anders

      If you’re going to make suggestions for line changes that’s perfectly fine but your logic should at least make sense, saying that Bennett and Jankowski bring more speed than Czarnik is a joke, he’s faster than both of them. Taking Ryan off of the second power play unit is a terrible decision as he is one of the best face-off men in the entire league as well as being very good in his own zone. Jankowski and Bennett have done nothing to deserve a promotion.

  • Vinnsanity12

    Flames need to worry about winning and not revenge. Andersson deserves to be in based on camp. Prout and avenging the Hammer’s beating by #44 can wait until later in the season. If I was Stone, I’d be worried. If Ras performs well, when the Hammer is back Stone could become that 7th D-man…wishful thinking?

  • Part of me agrees with the “be the better man/team” argument and just play hockey. The other part ( for now the majority) says that you make them pay for the hit on Dube. It was cms away from a serious head injury. I know he is shorter than Gudbranson but the hitter needs to be responsible for making sure it is clean. Hamonic was a warrior for going above his weight class for this one but I thought we should have HAMMERED Pettersson. Not dirty to seriously injure but hit him as hard as possible whenever you can. I thought after the hit on Dube the Flames either showed a ton of restraint or were too disinterested.

  • Flaming moe

    Last night Dougie Hamilton ties the game with a slap shot with 60 seconds left in the game.
    Tonight Mr Michael Ferland already has a goal and an assist.