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Quips and Quotes: Flames lose to Nashville 5-3

The Calgary Flames lost to the Nashville Predators by a 5-3 score on Friday night. Here are selected reactions from players and coaches following the game.

“They played patient. They were sitting back a lot, I thought, in the neutral zone, waiting for us to turn it over. But I thought as the game went on we did a lot better at putting pucks in and going on the forecheck. It’s tough. It was a 3-3 game in the third, right, so it’s tough to swallow right now. There were some positives, there were a lot of good things in that game, but we’ve got to clean up those little breakdowns that good teams are going to make you pay.” – Flames captain Mark Giordano on the loss.

“We chased the game. We gave up a goal in the first minute and chased the game from that point on. Every time we tied it up, we did something to get in our own way and made it harder than it needed to be. I thought they were real good. I thought they checked well, didn’t give us much room. Once we got going I thought we did the same thing, but every time we looked like we were going to take a step and get some momentum we gave it back.” – Flames head coach Bill Peters on the flow of the game.

“We flipped Janko and Doc there and got a bit of a jump. I thought he was on it. I thought he was relentless on pucks and I thought that paid off for us.” – Peters on his in-game adjustment to put Derek Ryan on the third line.

  • SouthernFlame

    I finally got home to watch the third period. Bennett’s goal was a beaut! Smith looked alright. Was hoping Neal could tie with his shots but didn’t happen. Hopefully we win the next two on the road! Would like to see Rittich in the next game

    • everton fc

      Coaches comments about swapping Ryan for Jankowski, and getting a “jump”, Ryan “relentless for pucks”…

      Not good, for Jankowski. Czarnik may replace him, next game.

      How did Dube and Hathaway look?

      • Jumping Jack Flash

        We all watched the same game. BP was giving Janko’s line lots of shifts in the first period. The line played well but BP is familiar with Ryan and has a history with him. Ryan had more fire in his belly but Janko is losing his confidence always looking over his shoulder. The fourth line is being wasted especially Dube with 8 mins. I don’t think benching one of your top goal scorers from last year every other game is helping the team or the player. Similiar to when other players are not scoring it does not mean they are not contributing. I think we all know who should be starting.

        • Sol Goode

          If Janko wants to stay in the line up, he should play with more emotion. He doesn’t seem to hit or win many puck battles along the boards. He is a big guy, he should be stronger and more willing to throw his weight around.

          • Jumping Jack Flash

            Fair enough…but did he do any less than Monny tonight. These players play differently…Janko is never going to be an energy guy just like Monny… but when used right they can bring great value.

          • Korcan

            IMO Janks needs to find a way to get engaged in the game. In roughly ten minutes of icetime, he came up with all 0s in the stats column, no shots, no hits, not takeaways, nothing. If he wasn’t taking faceoffs, one wouldn’t even know he played the game. That needs to change. We can say it’s poor utilization, but he has yet to show Peters any reason why he should be played more. Tonight Peters started him on the 3rd line with two good players who have been playing very well lately and he didn’t take advantage. Instead of making plays, he was killing plays by turning over the puck, etc. One period was enough for Peters and in the second he was replaced with Ryan, after which that line was probably the Flames best line. It may seem unfair, the whole argument that if he would just be given more minutes he would perform better, but the NHL is not a development league, it is a win now or else league. Coaches can ill afford to be patient with young players in the hopes that eventually they will come around. I feel bad for the kid, but the onus is on Janks to give the coach a reason to play him more and so far he simply hasn’t done that.

          • Korcan

            Regarding the Mony comparison, yes they do have similar temperaments, but the difference is Mony has basically averaged 30 goals a season ever since his rookie season at age 18. That kind of consistent production earns a player a much longer leash than a player who broke into the league with a 17 goal season as a 24 year old rookie. Jankowski still has a lot to prove to coaches and management and they, understandably, are not going to be as patient with him as they will with someone like Mony

  • Chucky

    Jankowski may need to show a bit more emotion and throw some hits but it is hard to see Ryan as the answer. He made one good pass that Bennett converted, but zeros across the board and 50% on faceoffs is below the standard for the third line.

    • BlueMoonNigel

      What you present as a bold pronouncement, I call humdrum as any player in any sport can be traded in the right deal. That you are finally willing in your head to pull the trigger on a Johnny deal would actually mean more than an idiotic remark if you were the GM of the Flames and not a fickle fan whose mood fluctuates with the fortunes of the club game by game.

  • Jumping Jack Flash

    @Korcan you bring up some good points on Janko. However, he is not going to start running around hitting players when that is not his game. He needs to get back to basics and that includes taking more shots instead of trying to dish the puck as soon as he gets it. Maybe he needs to be tried as a winger so that his objective is to win the board battles and release his shot. I think there are better candidates to scratch than Czarnik, Frolik, and Janko.

  • TheBear64

    After that first meeting between these two clubs, I’m not surprised that Nashville tightened things up. They are a very good team and take pride in their on ice success. Some positives are that the Flames still seem to have a “never say die” attitude, and kept responding with goals whenever they got down, and we continue to see Bennett stepping up and making a strong case for him being an important part of the Flames’ lineup going forward. Also Lindstrom continues to play some very good hockey. I thought Smith looked weak on at least a couple of those goals, so the goaltending continues to be a big question mark for the Flames.