FlamesNation Mailbag: Between a Stone and a hard place

The Flames are going to be buyers on trade deadline, but who they’re targeting is a bit of a mystery. Defensive help? A top six forward? A bottom six forward? Goaltending insurance?

One name keeps coming up, at least among the fans: Mark Stone. The Senators RW has been a hot trade target for a number of teams, and may be the best available option this trade deadline. With almost no supporting cast (his two most common linemates have fewer points combined than he does), he’s putting up another excellent season and could be dynamite on a team that can actually surround him with talent.

He’s a hot topic among Flames fans. What will it take to see him in the right shade of red? Will it be too much? Will it be worth it?

The price is definitely a first and a top notch prospect, or at least two very good ones. The Sens certainly know that they need to rebuild so it’s going to be about the futures for them. Given their frugal reputation, it’s unlikely that they want to take back big money on long-term contracts.

The Flames are certainly sniffing around Stone, but the likelihood they actually pull the trigger on a deal is low. Maybe it’s just the cynic in me, but it seems that the team is going to be lowballing what the Sens want in the hopes that they have the best deal before the actual deadline hits. The team doesn’t seem to be in the position to give up many assets, but they also certainly want Stone (or players like him). It’s going to be a tough decision: go for it now, or hedge your bets?

Extending him is almost entirely out of the question. Stone was looking for $9M as an RFA last offseason, and with a substantial uptick in value this season, it’s not impossible for him to be looking at eight digits on a long-term deal as a UFA. The team is going to have their hands full with Matthew Tkachuk and David Rittich this offseason. There’s no way they manage to sneak all three under the salary cap while managing to ice a whole quality roster. Even if they manage to shed some of their more expensive contracts, it’s going to be tough sledding to keep Stone around as well as the rest of the band.

Stone is definitely a top six guy, no questions about it. The question is which of the top two lines does he belong on.

You could easily make the argument that he belongs on the top line. He’s one of hockey’s best RWs, so why not put him on the best line? He’s a high scoring player who could easily boost the already outrageous production of Johnny Gaudreau and Sean Monahan.

You could also easily counter with the fact that the Gaudreau-Monahan-Elias Lindholm line has also been great and that there’s no reason to break that up while it’s still clicking. The Flames have been desperately trying to find a permanent RW for Monahan and Gaudreau since, well, ever since they’ve broken into the league. Lindholm has been that guy so far. They have chemistry together and it’s one of the main reasons this team is second best in the league. Unless they stop clicking, there’s no reason to break that up.

Thankfully, Stone looks like a better fit on the second line. He’s currently carrying the Sens, leading the team in 5v5 CF% among players who have played more than 250 minutes, but is still sub-50% in offensive zone starts. That’s what the 3M line has been doing since they’ve been formed. They’ve lacked a clinical finisher for a long time, so adding a guy like Stone who is on the verge of scoring 30 goals while also being defensively responsible seems like a perfect match.

Naturally, that bumps Michael Frolik out of his spot (working under the basis of what we said above). I think he can easily slide into the 4R spot currently occupied by Garnet Hathaway. Ergo, our lines:


Doesn’t look too bad.

It depends on the rental, but I think my maximum price is giving up a first and a B prospect. The first, assuming it’s in the 25-31 range, isn’t going to net you anything fabulous, so I don’t mind giving that away. There’s a handful of players in the minors that I would also be at peace with trading.

I wouldn’t want to throw in an Oliver Kylington, Andrew Mangiapane, Juuso Valimaki, or Dillon Dube into the mix in addition to a first round pick. That’s giving up a bit too much, in my opinion. Those are four players who could all feasibly be NHL regulars by next year, which is incredibly valuable for a team that’s going to be experiencing a cap crunch soon. A late first round pick isn’t going to help your team in the immediate future, but these guys certainly will. Some might feel that the price is justifiable for a rental player who can push the team towards glory, but I remain a bit skeptical. I think the team might have to hedge their bets, just in case not everything goes as hunky-dory in the near future as it has in the past few months.

That being said, if it brings the team a Stanley Cup, I’ll immediately forget who was traded.

Honestly, I don’t think the break has had any impact on the Flames. I would say that a lot of the things that have gone wrong recently are issues that have popped up at various points in the season, but have been ignored due to the Flames being able to just score at will. Sloppy defensive zone play and slow starts have been recurring issues all year, and the opposition has been making them pay for it since.

Goaltending has been an underrated problem. Since Christmas, David Rittich is only a 0.905 goaltender, as opposed to the 0.923 guy he was before the holidays. He was struggling before the break, but his flaws have been on full display since, and he simply hasn’t been as solid. With early season Rittich, the team could count on him to keep them in close games, but now it seems that the tables have turned. The Flames have recently been forced to keep Rittich in it, rather than the other way around. During that 12-game stretch, Rittich has allowed three or more goals on seven occasions. If he wasn’t pulled against San Jose, it’s likely that it would be eight games. Compare that to him only allowing three or more seven times in his first 20 games of the year. Needless to say, Mike Smith hasn’t been able to pick up the slack.

The only real change since the break has been the lack of powerplay scoring. They’re 1/14 since the break, despite picking up eight powerplay goals in the four games before the break. I think that will turn around soon enough, and they better hope so just in case the goaltending doesn’t start trending back towards what it was earlier in the year.

This question has been bandied about all season. Rittich being great kind of kept that talk at bay, but I would still be sniffing around if I was the Flames.

Rittich has shown that he’s not invincible, and it was likely that he was going to hit a slump at one point or another. I think he bounces back, but the question becomes whether or not you can trust that heading into the playoffs. What if he hits another slump in mid-April? I don’t think there’s any faith in Smith being the guy to step up. If the Flames are smart, they’re still digging around the goalie market.

The potential trade options have been tirelessly discussed all over this website, both in articles and in the comments section, but I’m having a hard team seeing the Flames managing to pull off a solid goalie trade. Maybe Anders Nilsson is the Senators player they’re looking for, but given that he’s been the first solid goalie Ottawa has had in a while, there’s probably a major reluctance to trade him. Jimmy Howard remains an option, but one that’s going to be expensive and will likely take the Flames out of the running for other trade pieces.

  • Off the wall

    Today is a snow day!
    I don’t know why I’m celebrating, since I haven’t been to school for decades.

    Great posts this morning FN!
    I’m enjoying reading all of your fine comments this morning, while sipping on my coffee.

    Question. Does Bennett become trade bait for a top 6 forward?
    We love his fierce disposition and he tends to show up in the playoffs. Does that make him more attractive in the next few weeks for other teams?

    I grew a moustache in tribute of Benny, Mrs Otw asked me to shave it off before we met the Vancouver contingent group. Said I looked like _____ you fill in the blanks. She’s probably right.

    You all know how I feel about this year. I want that damn Cup and am willing to do whatever it takes to secure it. Next year be damned, this year we should be pushing for the big run!

    It’s not often we enjoy our team leading the Division, never mind the Conference.

    Anyone notice our gap is closing quickly from SAN Jose and Winnipeg?

    Truth be told, I hate all this snow. It creates havoc for my work week. Now I’ll be behind trying to play catch-up.

    I don’t want to see that happening with our Flames. Let’s get some Ice melter (trade) to get us back where we belong.
    Hoisting that beautiful shiny Silver Cup.

    For now, I’m going outside to shovel out for the next few hours, while listening to children enjoying their SNOW day..

    • SouthernFlame

      Im gonna have to disagree with the Bennett move OTW. I dont think the return we get would be worth it. I would move Janko before Bennett. Bennett is only 22 years old. If I could have grown a mustache like that when I was 22? Lets just say there would be few more kids running around and my bank account would have more money in it. You just dont let go of a 22 year old that can grow a mustache like that in fact you keep him and pay him more. What would be the return on a Bennett trade?

      • Jumping Jack Flash

        I think we need to give Janko a crack in the top 6 like Bennett has received before making a decision to ship him off. I think Janko would outscore Bennett given the same opportunity.

        • Albertabeef

          You know I should hope an older bigger player could be better than their counterpart. I do hope you are not saying this because of Janks scoring 4 against Vegas in the final game last season. I just say this because I remember Bennett scoring 4 in a game that was not a throw away game against Luongo in Florida. I do believe Hudler had 3 assists in that game.

    • Jourflamesfan

      You hate snow? You think you got it bad?
      Come to Montreal. It’s a literal skating rink in many places.
      It snow’s so much that they have to cart it away in dump trucks.
      This year they been lazy so now we have ice mountains everywhere.

      Mrs Jourflamesfan is always cold! A far cry from her Island home of +40.

      So, enjoy shoveling your snow…meanwhile I will be chopping mine. ?

      • Retire#14

        Ha! When I lived in Montreal I wondered why my neighbor put a toilet plunger on his car. Well after the first dump of snow it was apparent. To find his car.

      • Off the wall

        All fair points friends!
        That’s some funny stuff Southern and Jour.
        At 22, I was doing that side profile thing, watching in the mirror for the newest whisker to make its way out. And then pulling on it so it would grow faster.

        Now I need to watch hair doesn’t come out my ears and nose overnight. Seriously, I swear the older you get, the more Father Time likes to mess with you.

        I once had a hair grow a inch and a half on my ear overnight. I swear I could hear “Fee-fi-fo-fum,” as some Jack ( ass) was whispering in my ear.

        Maybe that’s why I suggest some outlandish trade ideas.
        Bennett being one of them.

        If you need an axe Jour, I have plenty of them. That’s how I shave now!

      • Off the wall

        Funny Cfan. I actually did prior to the trip in Vancouver. Messed up shaving my short beard with my axe. Had to start over. Kept the stache, cuz I thought it was beautiful.

        Apparently not. Mrs Otw always gets her wishes. I pretend I’m the boss, however I know who runs the show in our house..

        • Off the wall

          Btw Cfan, I LOVED your jersey!
          So glad I had the opportunity to meet you and your Better Half- your words…not mine.
          I didn’t realize your half was wearing a shirt that was in line with your jersey name, until I looked at it again. We’ll have to discuss that when time permits again. I’m sure it’s got an interesting story behind it.

          And you know I can’t resist a good story!

          • Cfan in Van

            Sorry OTW. I promised you that story. Next time. Better Half’s shirt also has a decent story behind it.
            Thanks for the props on the jersey. I was shocked that a guy in my section also had a Flames-Home-Whites. We high-fived twice over the course of the game. So many Flames fans there that night.

  • sRo

    I don’t understand why you hate Hathaway? When you were creating your lines if Stone was added, Frolik bumps Hathaway and you keep Mangiapane. Really? Hathaway kills penalties and HITS!!!! Mangiapane does neither. If anyone is expendable, it’s him. If this team doesn’t toughen up, they’re not going past the 2nd round. They’re certainly not going through Winnipeg or Nashville as is.

    • everton fc

      Hathaway is the type of player the Wings used to have, when they were winning. Low-cost, low-maintenance… Plays his role, great on the PK… Creates space for his linemates…

    • Honkydonk

      Is that so? How did Vegas beat these guys again last year?

      That’s the joke about this. Just play your game in the play offs as that is who you are.

      Trying to be me tough guy isn’t gonna help you score goals.

      Possession abdvoutworking however will and any team that has to play the flames 6 plus times will get exhausted and frustrated.

      Series in play offs are won on the back of your top two centres and special teams.

    • Cheeky

      Bang on. You need diverse players playing different roles, can’t have same type through out line up. Hath has been a beast for us in the 4th line role, nobody will mistake him for a 1st liner which he is not. We have talked about these “muckers” that are needed for playoffs, guys like Hath along with Benny, Neal (we all hope) and Chucky…

  • Garry T

    Had another great idea. Re-Sign Iggy. Would take him two weeks to get back into shape as he looks after himself.
    use him rest of this year and give him a one year contact for $ 3.0 mil and bob’s your uncle, Stanley cup Calgary.

  • everton fc

    Here’s some trades I’d make, but doubt they’d ever happen;

    Kylington for Kapanen

    Frolik/Czarnik for Zuccarello/McQuaid

    Our 2019 1st for Dzingel

    • The Beej


      Those trades would be great if they were all accepted. They are not that biased towards the Flames… at least a place to start a discussion.

      Kylington for Kapanen. Tough. If I was the Leafs I dont think I would accept as is. With Gardener likely out next season Kylington could replace him in the top 4. But Kapanen has proved a little more in the NHL at this point. Becausr Kapanen likely helps them chase a cup more, they already have Rielly and Gardiner, this would be more of a move they would probably look to make in the summer when the pressure is on to sign their guys. You might have to sweeten it a little too. Not a ton, but a little.

      Frolik/Czarnik – Zucc/Mcquiad
      Not bad. Frolik replaces Zucc next year and Czarnik is probably a better flyer than a declining Mcquaid. If I am the Rangers I ask for a 3rd to sweeten it but pretty even. Rangers get the better deal for the future with two players under contract and we get our depthD and Zucc on the second line could be a great fit. Also helps us clear Frolik for next years RFAs. But with Fro and Czar both coming off the books who knows could maybe even keep Zucc.

      The Dzingel trade works well in tandem with the Zucc/Fro trade. Giving up Frolik is palatable if we are upgrading that spot on the third line with Dzingel.

      Kapanen trade prob isnt doable this year but with Zucc and Dzingel you got the job done. You also got the Depth D in Mcquaid.

      But I would subout the Kapanen trade and add Gillies plus to sweeten the Dzingel trade and then include Nilsson to get our Goalie.

      Then you use Kylington as bait to pursue Kapanen in the summer when Toronto cant afford to resign him and will be pressured to move him.

  • Honkydonk

    Please look and consider moves made to be beyond simple play offs and into next year. The flames will need cap space.

    Frolik is my key indicator as I feel the flames are looking at a move that will move Bennet to the second line and replace Frolik with someone who has potential upside but would cost less annually. I also feel the flames are done with Czarnik and if not now they might look to move him at end of the seasons.

    Otherwise the last bit really is about goaltending I see them making a push for a goaltender that stabilizes that positional issue now and in the future

  • Rockmorton65

    I think if you can get Hayes out of NY at a reasonable price and an veteran 6-7 D, a lot of tumblers will fall into place.


    Veteran #7

    If they play the system like they did in Dec/Jan, this looks like a team that could go deep in the playoffs.

    • everton fc

      But we can’t resign Hayes. We might be able to resign Dzingel. I think Zuccarello’s girlfriend/wife is a model in NYC. Can’t see her leaving – he might as well sign on the east coast somewhere. But he might be willing to sign here.

      We shall see how it all pans out, soon enough. I’d take Christian Fischer from Arizona, as well. But I doubt they’ll be moving him. Kapanen for Kylington makes some sense. Kadri would also be a nice pickup, for the Flames.

      • Albertabeef

        Kapanen for a first. We can’t trade a D because we don’t have enough for emergency purposes in the playoffs. If you trade a D you must get one in return, unless Stone is ready to play. Stone has been out so long I would not count on him at all this season.

  • Kzak

    I see a lot of comments on here that we shouldn’t spend future assets on rentals but I also see that we only have about a 2-3 year window. So, to me that looks like we have two options. First, we stick with the status quo and hope that we catch magic in a bottle in the playoffs one of these next few years. Or second, we accept the possibility that this season has been magic in a bottle and that with a couple of bold moves, we could be the Cup favorite. Let’s imagine for a moment, that we are able to get both Stone and Duchene (and maybe a prospect like Nick Paul) from the Sens and let’s say we gave up Bennett, Janko, Neal (we swallow some salary), our first (maybe another pick or two), and let’s say Kylington or someone. I know that’s a lot but here’s what our lineup would look like:


    That lineup gives me goosebumps. Of course, it would only be for this season (although getting rid of Neal would open some room to sign one of these guys) and we’d be short Bennet and Janko, but Dube will likely be ready to slot in next year, Manger will be ready for more responsibility, and perhaps it would be time to move Brodie in the summer to add some centre depth.

    I realize this idea is both irresponsible and reckless, but we’d be in for a helluva few months. Let the thumbs down begin.

        • flames2015

          wow, as in the idea of it is absolutely ridiculous. For one, those two are UFA’s this summer. There is no salary space for them as it stands. The Flames are bare in the cupboards already for high draft pics, you’d be mortgaging the next few years of prospects plus they would want roster players. All for what? We have no idea how far this team will go in the playoffs as it be. Janko, Bennett and Neal alone wouldn’t land you one of the players let alone both. Neal with his point total has zero trade value right now with his salary cap.

          • Kzak

            As I said, the price would be high but I think we would have the best chance of winning the Cup. The salary cap doesn’t mean anything because it’s so late in the season, their actual cap hit for the rest of the season will easily fit. You’re right about Neal, but as I said, we’d have to swallow some salary.

    • flames2015

      You don’t seem to understand how the salary cap works. By your definition, at trade deadline. If teams blew their next few years of picks, they could all land the taveres, the seguins, the benns, the mcdavids on their teams at deadline. The team making it through the first round or two of playoffs is a big IF right now. They are simply not going to throw away the future for a huge unknown only to be set back a few years.

      The asking price for one of those players has been made public, it will basically cost a 1st rounder, a high end prospect, impact roster player and a conditional pick. How exactly would the Flames achieve this times 2 for both players?

  • Stu Gotz

    If the Flames are indeed interested in Stone and can come up with a package to make it happen I would want to ensure that the Flames have a tentative deal in place with the Stone for an extension. That would make it a creative summer for Treliving in order to make cap space for both Stone and Tkachuk which is possible. Stone would elevate the Flames to a new level going forward.

    • SgtRoadBlock

      you would have to move about 5 players on the roster now to even plan for what you thinking… Stone for $$ 5 year Matty for $$$ for 5 years .. and then on this so called roster what forwards do we protect from the Seattle pick? and they going to pick cause we have a good roster not like the Oilers ;p

  • Cheeky

    Gotta love the ideas being thrown out here. Tough decisions for Tre and Co. in next couple weeks. If we try a hail Mary and land someone like Stone, it will cost us big time and there will be a fall out if he is just a rental. If we tweak, it may not get us far in 2nd season, but won’t cost much and no fall out…you need to give to get without disrupting chemistry, then throw in the salary cap situation…Good luck Brad!

  • freethe flames

    Of all the little tweak trades that have been made this week is there anyone that would have helped the Flames organization? Are there any that would help this team go any deeper into the playoffs than the current crew and the Heat guys can’t handle? The only guy who moved in the tweaks that could of helped the Flames depth on D is Folin; not sold that anyone else in these deals would make a difference.

    For those who think we can’t sign one of the FA; do you honestly believe that BT will not be moving at least one of Frolik, TJ, Hammer, and Stone(if he gets healthy). I suspect he will be looking for picks or prospects to fill these vacancies not expensive replacement parts.

  • SgtRoadBlock

    lol a small % of Flame fans never plan ahead it just year by year aka Sutter GM thinking

    1.we need big cap room for RFA /UFA not even going to talk about the Farm teams RFA
    2. Rental player going to eat up Draft picks we can’t lose we need them…
    3 Seattle oh Seattle who do you pick.. cause we not tossing Draft picks away for a Rental and then again down the road to save a player from the Seattle draft..

    • freethe flames

      You can’t worry about Seattle if you believe you have a chance to win this year. Too much time to deal with those things between now and then. I would gladly give up a middle 9 forward or a bottom 3 D to Seattle to win the cup this year.

      • SgtRoadBlock

        one it will be top 4 d or top 8 forward… The rules r you can do 7 F- 3d -1G or 8 any…ntc r auto protects and the three on D i would protect would be Andersson, Kylington,Välimäki the rest r open seasons so yeah it would be good to plan it out…

  • Em Durp Em Hrudey

    Robin Lehner needs serious consideration to be signed by the Flames this off season. I beat the drum last year pretty darn hard for him, but sadly he went elsewhere. Rittich/ Lehner…..can you dig it….suckaaa!!

  • TKO

    Zuccarello may be small, but he may be the perfect guy to fit with Neal, who is a sniper and needs a disher like Zucc to feed him for the one-timer, plus he should be decently priced

  • freethe flames

    So for all of you who are opposed to any significant trade you would be happy if BT does little even if the Sharks, Jets, Preds, and Knights do something significant.

      • freethe flames

        No I am saying that if you are serious about winning the cup you do what needs to be done. My position has been clear I do not want to use the first rounder simply for a rental. This is the best chance we have at the cup and if BT does not keep the team competitive at the TDL then many people will be disappointed. I would be happy to see the a trade or two that helped solve our issues; a depth defender who can play and has some physicality would be great, a forward who is an upgrade on the farm guys who can play up the lineup and a third string goalie who is an upgrade on Gilles. If BT significantly improved the teams chances of winning this year and added some organizational depth along the way I would be happy. But nothing happens in a vaccum; if he goes big game hunting now he will be selling around the draft. Getting better and deeper is essential if you want a chance at the cup.

        • SgtRoadBlock

          don’t see us winning a cup,
          1 Peter never been in the playoffs we not going to see 6 -4 games.. we r a team that like to let the first shot on net go in or in the last min we let a goal in.. That can lead to a exit to any team…Plus r powerplay is cooling down real fast at a time when we need it to work…

    • Skylardog

      Not happy if we do nothing. I get the idea of standing pat, but I still think this team with some tweaks is a strong candidate to win it all. I can live with holding onto our first round picks.

    • withachance

      Yes, I’d be ecstatic actually if BT only did some tweaks and held fire on big trades. I could care less what the Sharks or the Jets do – if they want to make a splash go right ahead.

      • Off the wall

        Yeah, I’m watching the Canucks game too Chucky. Two (hand) tips by Vancouver players into their own net. Why couldn’t we see that team on Saturday?

        3-0 SAN Jose. 10 minutes gone, not a registered shot by One Canucks player. Sigh…

        • Chucky

          Well they had a little pushback but basically pretty feeble. I feel sorry for DiPietro to be stuck with a team that would abandon a kid like that for the first 12 minutes of his first game.

        • Chucky

          Maybe if we have enough to drink it will not be so bad. Only problem is that the liquor store is about 2 blocks away and with 28″ of snow I might not be able to replenish supplies for a few days and I am down to my last 8 cans of cider and totally out of beer. I guess it is rum for the rest of the night.

          • Chucky

            I would need to live in the desert and have Costco pricing for booze if I had to watch and listen to this every game. Sharks go up 6-1 and the first thing they say is “Canucks had a couple of chances”. Centre Ice is worth my liver and the sanity.

    • Chucky

      Maybe they heard that the most knowledgeable guy around the AHL was in the crowd and they didn’t want to be adversely compared to guys you see every night.
      The Nucks looked about this bad in the second and third but they had way better goaltending. and that is not a comment on Depietro who was not that bad except the second goal.

  • Skylardog

    Here is the last capfriendly team I put together about a week ago, just before the Matthews signing. Uses $83 million, although TSN is speculating that the cap next season will be $85M.

    Note that I gave everyone I thought should be signed, a new contract, even if in Stockton. For the most part, you must give them a small raise if they are below $1M per season as per the CBA (there are some allowances here). I also signed Ritter, Benny, and Tkachuk to what I thought would be expected.

    Note that there is $1M+ of cap room left, however, I used Parsons as the backup. We are sitting at $1.8M for a backup if you take him out.

    To make anything work, Stone has to go on LTIR.

    It really shows how tough getting even a $4 million player would be without moving players out. Yes, cap space can be created, but at what cost?

    Here is the link. I hope it works.


    • SgtRoadBlock

      i like it…. But the 7th D should be Prout he very cheap and don’t cost us games when he plays under 7mins . Plus i would not have a rookie rot in the pressbox when he can gain ice time on the AHL Farm roster that Empty…


    • Off the wall

      Yeah, that looks good Skylar.
      You have Tkachuk signed for $8M x 7 years. I’m glad you got him to sign that deal. ?

      Rittich at $4.5M might be a tad high, but it’s within the ballpark for sure.

      I guess our speculation about BIG trades is a wish, more than reality after looking at those numbers.

      If Kylington, Brodie or Frolik are moved after the season, it will provide more flexibility at the draft.

      Perhaps Treliving is going to make sure he’s got very little money leftover to place Stone on the LTIR. It’s the only way he can capitalize on his $3.5M salary to make any trade?

      Great job on Capfriendly!

    • Chucky

      Lots of time when you consider that they have 4 guys under 23 and 4 more under 29. The problem is that they probably won’t have a top 20 draft pick for the next 3 years so Tre will need to make a deal some time in the next 18 months.

      • Off the wall

        Anyone worried about SAN Jose now? It’s not looking favourable for the Flames the way they are playing right now.

        I’m going for Pepto- Bismol. I’m out of beer and rye..

        • Puck Head

          Sounds like you manage your liquor cabinet the same way the Flames run their junior team – the cupboards are a bit barren at the moment. You both need to do a better job at planning for the future.

          No beer or rye….unthinkable!

          • Off the wall

            Haha Puck, you ole’ fart. Give me a hug. I need one.

            I can’t get outta my driveway. Snow is deeper than our farm team. Bad joke, I know.
            Even Johnny Sockey refuses to go out and pee. Pretended he has a broken leg. Was hopping on 3 legs… guess he HATES snow as much as I do?!

            Can you deliver? I’d be extremely grateful for “skip the dishes “and have a drink with you!

    • freethe flames

      As we have discussed this quite a bit there are more than way to fill the gap than just the draft and you have identified the other two ways. CHL undrafted over ages is another way as well. But I suspect the Heat will have some real tweeners on next years team.

  • Goodvirtue

    3 way trade with CLB and FLA? Tons of moving peices involving Bob, Panarin, Huberdeau, Bennett, Shill/Andersson, picks/prosepcts from all involved. Who could end up where?

  • Toma41

    Don’t touch the defense! Kylington will be a top 4 in this league. Dont even think of trading him.We have Valimaki stewing in Stockton and Prout is better than we give him credit for. Last couple of weeks in the season, I would start sitting players just to let Prout get some steady playing time just in time for the playoffs. He could end up being our secret weapon. We don’t need him to score. We need him to be a stay at home though defenseman who will clear the front of the net and fight. After this season is done, look at trading Brodie. He will get us the most. Keep Hamonic. He brings some toughness.

  • everton fc

    Reading the Leafs may try to move Connor Brown. 2.1mill cap hit thru 2019-20. Just turned 25. RW…

    Also seeing Kadri’s name occasionally mentioned, along w/Kapanen. RDH on an ELC is coming up as the asking price for Kapanen. Interesting.