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Brad Treliving set his prices and didn’t budge at the trade deadline

The Calgary Flames went into the trade deadline second overall in the National Hockey League. Speaking to the media in Manhattan, general manager Brad Treliving tried to put things into perspective when reflecting on the deadline process.

Adding Fantenberg adds to team depth

Treliving noted that the Flames were familiar with Oscar Fantenberg, adding they scouted him in Sweden and the KHL. Given his recent playoff experience, the team thinks he’ll give them some depth.

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“Left shot, can play either side,” said Treliving. “Gives us depth. One thing that we were cognizant about this whole time is we’re in a position that we’re in based upon the group that’s here. If we can support it more, we want to do that. And when I look at our young defense, we want to support them rather than replace them.”

The Flames are carrying seven defensemen. Fantenberg gives them eight NHL defenders, the impending return of Michael Stone from his blood clot gives them nine, and Juuso Valimaki is almost up to speed in Stockton after missing over two months with a high ankle sprain. Simply put: they have options.

Up front, the forwards that have been brought up from Stockton throughout the season were brought up to assess the team’s depth. The team seems comfortable with their options there, too.

Keeping up with Western Conference moves

Given all the hubbub and hype about the big rentals available at the forward positions, it’s probably natural to be a bit disappointed that the Flames didn’t add a big piece – especially when Vegas added Mark Stone, San Jose added Gustav Nyquist and Winnipeg added Kevin Hayes. That said: Treliving seems very pleased with the team’s performance through 62 games and didn’t want to make big moves just to make them.

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“I said coming into this deadline our goal was to try to help our team without taking off of our team,” said Treliving. “But that caveat was always there: we weren’t prepared to move Juuso Valimaki, we weren’t prepared to move Rasmus Andersson, we weren’t prepared to go deep into first round picks. Those were the acquisition costs for a lot of the people out there.”

The Flames’ hockey ops group set their prices weeks ago, determined the pieces they weren’t comfortable with moving, and stuck to their guns.

“We’re not going to sit here and for very short-term help impact the long-term of this team,” said Treliving. “I’ve got a great deal of faith in this team, and I said it many times: if we do nothing today, the same 23 bodies that have gotten us this far, they’re still here. If we can add to that, great. If we had to do something that’s going to impact us moving forward, that just didn’t make sense for us.”

There was no appetite for deficit spending from the Flames this year.

“We’re pretty excited about our team,” said Treliving. “The fact that we wake up and I’m gonna go have a cold beer and still have guys like Valimaki in our organization, that’s a pretty good day. Let’s all put it in perspective: we got a good hockey team and we’re excited about the last 20.”

This and that

Treliving also appeared on Sportsnet 960 The Fan and mentioned a couple interesting items.

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The team’s cap situation is good, in that they have some wiggle room for recalls and likely can fit in the expected performance bonuses – $850,000 for Matthew Tkachuk and likely a mixture of smaller ones for other young players on entry-level deals – without significantly impacting next year’s cap.

  • snotss

    well done bt for not giving up our young talent for a quick fix..or rental player…but bt you did nothing to make a already wimpy and easy team to play against tougher!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!that will come back to bite this team in the ass…playoffs take toughness to a whole new level..the flames are really soft..we will find out if it bites bt in the ass or not

  • freethe flames

    So we have 9 games left against teams that are either playoff teams or at least still in the hunt. SJ has 14 left against these teams and Vegas has 9. If we take care of our own business and are 50% against the play off squads we should finish first. And it’s a good thing that we have control over our destiny.

  • buts

    Didn’t address goaltending depth and didn’t add grit, didn’t add to the second line which is 1 winger short. He added a depth D we don’t need. All this while 5 players are having career years. Brad Treliving just layed a big egg. I give him a F.

    • cjc

      I hear ya but it was either going to be a huge move or almost nothing. I wonder if Treliving recognizes this team isn’t quite ready, and wants to give them a year to mature before spending a lot on an add.

  • cjc

    I wanted to see an add, but I am okay with this result, even if a 4th is a lot to pay for a guy who will be your 7 or 8 D. I Fantenberg doesn’t start getting reps over Kylington. At the end of the day Calgary would be paying a lot for a rental, regardless of who it was. Ironically Treliving did slightly more last year.

    It’s just frustrating to see every team around Calgary in the standings get better (at least on paper). How Calgary uses the picks they retained and assets like Kylington, Mangiapane and Dube going forward will be im

    • Iyangandy

      Concur it’s a hefty cost. Hopefully he will sign a longer cheap contract and part of the future dcore when Gio, Brodie, Stone, Harmonic or Hanifin or Kylington are gone after the Seattle draft.

  • SgtRoadBlock

    The goal is to get the kid’s + Peter some playoff games…it’s very hard to get into the playoffs, Peter has 0 games in the playoffs sames as 4 of r D man…next year the push before Seattle Enters…
    Like i said the Draft day is going to be the turning point…from what i was told we where about to get Quick from the kings this may happen next year.
    So we dip in the kings Roster for a Swed to join the many Sweds on this roster ..


    • Skylardog

      Its not that hard to make the playoffs. More than half the teams in the NHL make it every year.

      Over half the teams get a first round playoff experience every year.

      Experience is learning how to win a first round playoff series.

  • MDG1600

    Acquiring players at the Trade Deadline is liking buying flowers on Valentines Day. Very expensive and they don’t last long!! Build from within. It is virtually unanimous in hockey circles that Tampa are the best team in the league and they have built through the draft.

      • Off the wall

        We count flowers here in February. It’s a thing we do annually, just to piss off the rest of Canada.
        Jokes on us this year, the snow killed a lot of them!

    • Harley Hotchkiss’s Ghost

      Tampa Bay made a big splash last year on McDonagh and Miller at the deadline, but I don’t mind saving some drafts picks this year and going all in at a later date. Our window just opened, I hope at least, you never know really.

  • Off the wall

    When I went out looking for a truck for my business, I set a few parameters.
    1. Cost
    2. Length of service it would provide
    3. Payload

    Those were my 3 criteria. I accomplished 2 out 3. I spent a little more than I wanted, so #1, (cost) was a little higher than anticipated.

    However, it provided me the other two important factors.

    My payload was much better than what I had, and the truck was going to last me several years beyond what I currently had.

    Do you think I was overly concerned about #1, if the other items on my list were perfect.

    Not a chance. I pulled the trigger, bought the truck and have been happy with my choice ever since.

    No, I didn’t overspend, buying the newest, most sought after truck with the best payload in the business. That’s what commercials do. They sell.
    That’s what GM’s do as well. Ask a price, then negotiate from there. We all know sometimes you find a good deal, other times you don’t.

    Treliving did his homework beforehand.. He stuck to the parameters of what he could afford realistically. He might have overspent a little bit in one area, ( Dman) but he didn’t fall for the others GM’ sales pitch. Good on him.

    My truck has been a solid investment. It hasn’t let me down. It’s not the newest, nor the prettiest, but it definitely gets the job done.

    Does that mean I’m done upgrading. Nope, just getting all the use out of this one, until I see something that really makes me swing for a trade that is too good to pass up.

    Treliving is smarter than I am. He’s going to do even better!

  • Puck Head

    Correct me if I’m wrong because I don’t follow the ins and outs of the Shelbyville CoilErs that closely, but they appear to be totally screwed, no? They started a rebuild which failed. I don’t believe they have any blue chip prospects in the pipeline, and are kinda thin in the prospect department. So where do they go from here? Most of their players aren’t worth too much. Do they implode and start from scratch or struggle through the best they can, thereby wasting the best years of McD? What a $hit show up there.

    • ZKman

      That’s an interesting question. Yes, they are a sh!t show up there from a management perspective, and have only their poor manage to decision making to blame. But there is a bit of a structural issue here as well… how can you have a balance team if your top guy makes 17% of the payroll? Are 2 six million dollars a year guys worth more than a single 12 million dollar guy? I think along with a team salary cap, the next CBA will have a player cap to protect stupid GMs from themselves.

    • The GREAT WW

      ” They started a rebuild which failed.”

      …..which one?!!!
      They drafted Hall a decade ago…
      (Having a down year, we may be able to pick him up at the draft….).
      RNH actually only has 2 more years left before he is free.

      They are in for Hughes though….!


  • Skylardog

    For the record I had Vali and Anderssen as untouchable.
    I don’t think those 2 were needed to get Nyquist, or Hayes.

    If not offering up either and that cost us Stone, then good work on that front BT.

    • freethe flames

      The TDL is over BP knows what he has and it’s up to him and his team to the best they can. I’m done moaning about it and it’s time to see where they go. As I have said a couple of times today; that the Flames control their own destiny and can still finish first in the conference and I would rather play a wild card team than Vegas; let the two buyers go head to head. But to get that opportunity the Fab 4 upfront need to get it going again.The middle 4 need to step it up as well and the bottom 4 need to continue like they have the last few weeks. The way Czarnik has played the last 4 games it may be hard for Neal to get back into the lineup. I believe that the black aces on the farm can fill needs in the bottom six but my concern has been and remains can someone step up. Bennett and Frolik alternating in the in that spot seem to get the job done to a reasonable level but not true top 6.
      The 6 d we dress most nights is fine and I’m looking forward to Valimaki being back, Prout and the new guy give us depth on both sides and that is a good thing.
      The biggest question mark is can Rittich and Smith give us playoff caliber goaltending; if they do then despite not being the most physical team we will be a tough out. Let’s see where this goes.

    • freethe flames

      Which it probably would have been needed. The thing is that all of 4 young D are just getting better and will be more valuable after a playoff experience. They will also probably make it more palitable to trade TJ in the summer.

    • withachance

      If you look at the packages:

      Nyquist was gotten for 2 2nds – Flames dont have 2 2nd rounders. So wouldve been something like next year’s 2nd and a Dube/Mangi. No thanks.

      Hayes was gotten for a 1st, a 4th, and a roster player like Czarnik. Too much.

  • Harley Hotchkiss’s Ghost

    Can we please just talk about how Nashville absolutely fleeced Minnesota getting Mikael Granlund straight up for a soft, inconsistent Kevin Fiala. Paul Fenton Is quietly doing a really good job of destroying the Wild and forcing them into a total rebuild. His drafts have been terrible and his trades bad. He could be the worst GM in the league now that Edmonton fired Peter.

  • CowTownHiccup

    If we win our division, one of Vegas or SJ will be going home after the first round. I like our odds of home ice against the winner of that series. Getting past Nashville or Winnipeg in the Conference final will be too mch for this group, but I would still love a deep run to acquire the necessary experience needed to win going forward.

  • Lazarus

    Treliving yesterday reminded me of a favorite scene of mine in Braveheart when the English are thundering across the plain to the waiting Scots
    “Steady…hold…hold..HOLD!!…(Oscar Fantenburg appears point blank) NOW!!!!!!”

    • Getpucksdeep

      Good movie…typical hollywood butchering of history however. Aside from a few names the entire movie is nonsense and never happened as depicted. Sorry its not a hockey point but US versions of Hollywood “history” are terrible analogies.

      • Lazarus

        Oh I never claimed it was accurate. Lol. Hollywood… If you believed Hollywood WW2 movies would baffle you as the Germans are the most incompetent soldiers ever..how it took 5 years to defeat them is anyone’s guess..lol

  • freethe flames

    No more whining about what Tre did not do. No need for discussing what Tre might do at the draft. Time to deal with the here and now and with what we have. There will be plenty of time to discuss the what if’s and who we should draft when the season ends. The only non current roster concerns should be NCAA free agents when their seasons end and whether Tre can snag some of them or CHL guys whose season ends.
    Tonight’s game against the Islanders should be a good one; they should be pi$$ed about losing to us and expect them to be physical against us; it’s time for the big guns to start showing they can play in a playoff style game.