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Flames first round playoff schedule released

With that regular season business wrapped up, it’s time for the Stanley Cup playoffs. The playoff schedule for the first round against the Colorado Avalanche has been released.

The series kicks off in Calgary on Thursday, April 11 at 8 p.m., with subsequent games happening every other day after that. The series will be aired in Canada on Sportsnet for games one and two, and CBC for all of the first four games. If the series needs to go longer than four games, CBC will probably carry the remaining games.

One thing to note is the late start times for each game, including an 8:30 p.m. local time puck drop for game two. Typically 7 p.m. or 7:30 has generally been the usual start time for the team this season, but with the NHL staggering games for the postseason, the Flames are starting a bit later than normal.

    • The GREAT WW

      I think it was Don Cherry who early on said that McDavid’s career would be cut short due to his style of play; cutting to the net at full speed over and over again.

      He may have been on to something….


      • LannyMac

        Ya well he doesn’t need two bit D-men who are caught sleeping wacking his feet out from under them because they don’t apply themselves. Listen I think Gio is a good D-man but when you analyze yesterday and Koivu it makes me wonder about his integrity on the ice. That was a bush league play last night. I have always hated the oilers from day one of Calgary’s entry into the league but last night I lost a lot of respect for Gio. He made you look like a tool be a man and accept it Gio

          • LannyMac

            Yes you do let him go to the net because Gio was so flat footed Lucic would have had a chance. If he is that tuned out and is not aware that McDavid is on the ice you should do your teammates coaches and fans a favour and not dress. Then because you have a brain fart you turn and wack at A guys feet. He was so far past Gio that even if he would have stretched as far as he possibly could have his stick would not have contacted the puck. Very bush league Gio

          • Speed Kills

            You Know there is a Reason their Logo has a Giant Teardrop as the centerpiece… Only the Other team should get a penalty, and cheap-shots and goonery are Only Allowed to be done By the Oilers (and boy do they have the talent and players to do that), Every penalty the Oil get called on is a Conspiracy to keep them down… Etc Etc Etc… LannyMac, The Rock(Same guy by the way) and Bag of (@#$!)pucks and other less Trolls are the epitome of clueless classless biased fans that are an embarrassment to every organization. Unfortunately they never know when to zip-it to stop embarrassing themselves and their fellow Nation fans.

        • Flint

          It would take too long to explain to you why you are wrong, that’s it’d be better if you just argued the point against yourself and saved us the time. You might get something figured out that way.

          I’ll help you get started. Competitiveness. Offensive decision making. Edge Control center of gravity. Speed of play. Randomness and Chaos.

          • canadian1967

            I think there’s something wrong with him. He needs to be aware of Dangerous situations and not put himself in a position where that can happen.
            That is up to Connor.
            Somewhere in McD’s obviously dim brain, the thought should have come to him that “No D-man ever just lets a player go around them so I need to turn into the Corner so I don’t become part of the boards because this could be Ugly.”
            I thought maybe he learned his lesson when he broke his Collarbone, but maybe Self Preservation is a lesson Connor needs to learn every few years.
            I hope you’re ok Connor, but you have to look after yourself, nobody else will.

    • Richard B. Rittich

      They say they’ll have all Toronto and Calgary games on.

      “The NHL’s Stanley Cup playoffs begin on Wednesday and you can watch the action live on CBC TV or live streamed through CBCSports.ca and the CBC Sports app.”

  • buts

    I’m not optimistic as the backbone of any playoff team that’s going to go deep is goaltending. 2 shots that go right through Smith’s equipment are not reason to be along with his seasons body of work. It’s Rittich or bust and management seem’s scared to go with him and Smith started the last prep game last night which means they are going with him. Unless they make a unsuspected decision change it’s Smith which means a first round exit friends. I’m just being honest.

    • Avalain

      Well, hey, it’s possible. But seriously, this isn’t rhe NFL. The game isn’t one-and-done. The coach isn’t GG who never makes any changes ever.

      If we lose in the first round then so be it. Colorado is coming in hot and anything can happen. I don’t think we’re going to lose games by like 5-4 after letting in 2 bad goals, however. I actually expect that if we lose it will be 1-0 and 2-1 games where they manage to stifle us. Those are the games this season where we looked like the better team but just couldn’t break through, and make no mistake – we are the better team.

      • LannyMac

        We we couldn’t break through because we were to soft to go to the dirty areas. If that changes I like our chances. If everyone follows the Backlund lead then refer to second favourite team to win the cup.

        • His Dudeness

          Are you high lanny? I really hope so. First you say Gio shouldn’t play hard and just let McYoYo drive to the net. Then you say we are too soft and don’t go to the dirty areas. What is it bud? Play hard or not?

    • Jobu

      Jobu always laughs when they say you need to play the goalie with the experience. But if they don’t play Rittich in the playoffs then he gets no experience.
      Catch-22 of the year. Just let the kid play already.

      As far as Smith goes, he has been playing better, but still not looked nearly as solid as BSD.

  • T&A4Flames

    Holy crap is there a awful lot of whining going on on Oilersnation about MvDavid. Apparently Gio should have just let McDavid have a clear path to the net. 🤨

    • Flames Fan in Edmonchuck

      Yup it’s crazy. McDavid is allowed to play at full speed, MAXIMUM effort to score a goal cause “he’s a competitor, he’s got one mode”. But Gio is supposed to let up cause the game doesn’t matter and it was a “bush league” play. Honestly Oilers fans need the same advice that Michael gave Tobius….. “get a tape recorder and record yourself talking all day, I think you’re going to be surprised by some of your phrasing”…..

    • cjc

      In fairness Gio himself said he would have let McDavid go if he knew an injury would result. There was no malice or negligence on the play. However, that same play happens often between forwards and defencemen in the NHL, and most times it just results in a penalty. Nothing dirty about it though.

  • The Sultan

    Ironic that an Edmonton radio station makes a poll about what fans would like to see in the final regular season game of the year, and kne if the options was “Gaudreau getting injured”. Well, here’s your come-uppance. Bad team is bad. If I’m McDavid I’m not mouthing “it’s broken” I’m mouthing “F- Edmonton”.

  • Pizanno

    Ok Nation, let’s put last night’s stuff to bed. Four sleeps to Game One…a game that matters. If we’re going to analyze an injury I’d like to discuss Rantanen’s. If he can’t play, or if he is not 100%, that really affects that first line.

  • Weirddave

    Since game start times are listed here in MT (and why wouldn’t you? I’m not complaining), I’m used to automatically adding 2 hours mentally because I’m on ET. I saw that tweet above and my first thought was “Playoffs start at midnight?? I’m gonna be calling in a lot to work these next 2 months…”

  • Flamesforever

    First in the West by a long shot and still some of the talking heads are picking us to be “upset in the first round” in my opinion we are not getting the respect we deserve. Please keep the bulletin board material coming. Stanley we are coming for you!

  • SgtRoadBlock

    i see Calgary winning this in game 4 or 5 or Av’s winning it in game 6 But would be funny if Colorado won in 7, after the Flames score a perfectly legal overtime goal which gets disallowed like in Tampa many years ago.


  • LannyMac

    Hey speed kills and the rest of the people that support his post you are the epitome of idiocy there can’t be a lower example of stupidity on the planet if the roles were reversed and that would have been Johnny on the ice holding his leg you no brains would have been calling for the Coiler defenceman to be removed from the league. I am a flames fan through and through but I am one of a very few on this site that have the balls to call things as they are. Reflection of the world I guess.

    • HOCKEY83

      Dude…who cares people get hurt in hockey…that’s why they make millions. it’s a chance they have to take. McDavid drove hard and fast to the net cause that’s what he gets paid to do and Gio took him out cause that’s what he gets paid to do. It resulted in an injury…deal with it. Plays like that happen in every game played all season long…every season. Sometimes they get hurt sometimes they don’t. It’s the wonderful world of hockey.
      The Flames are in the playoffs. Get over it.

      • Puck Head

        There is NO discussion to be had here and this is why: if there was even a hint of Gio doing it on purpose he would have had a line up guys taking numbers to kick the snot out of him. But nothing happened…. There was no intent to injure, Gio was doing what any defence man would have done, and the Oilers know Gio well enough now to know that he is not that type of person.

    • Speed Kills

      Hey TheRock or as your pretend Flames Fan account “LannyMac” No one is buying your weak attempt to pass yourself off as an Actual Flames Fan… Nice reflection of the world and yourself indeed. Oiler Fans like you are the bottom feeders sports blogs everywhere, No one is buying your sad attempt to sway opinion and be Anti-Flames or Anti-Gio after last nights game. Besides, Right about now I bet Connor would gladly take Dri-Money to be a Flames instead of the center of the EDM-universe who’s once again on the cusp of an eternal black hole of Hockey. Please just give up the creative-less charade, its weak and just silly. Cheers~! 🙂

  • Flint

    Ok! Enough about McDavid. It’s bad luck, stuff happens. Wish him the best. But WE have the playoffs to talk about and Edmonton can spend the whole summer with another distraction to complain about, vs actually improving their team.

    You drive the net like that (twice in the game in fact), you accept the risks. You dance with the bull, you might get the horns.

    • HOCKEY83

      That’s worth 3 points in my pool. Not a single star was awarded the gordie how hot trick points in 30 of the top nhl stars selected in my pool. Makes ya miss Iggy.