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Sean Monahan named a finalist for the Lady Byng

The NHL is slowly releasing the list of award finalists, announcing today the three players who could see their names engraved on the Lady Byng trophy for being excellent guys in addition to being excellent players.

One of the three is the Flames’ own Sean Monahan, whose 2018-19 campaign featured plenty of goalscoring with few trips to the penalty box, the two things that help win this award.

The Lady Byng Memorial Trophy, awarded to the player who “exhibit[s] the best type of sportsmanship and gentlemanly conduct combined with a high standard of playing ability,” and voted on by the PHWA, is generally won by a great player who also keeps his PIMs low. Monahan’s resume fits that to a tee, finishing the season with 82 points in 78 games and just 12 penalty minutes.

FlamesNation profiled Monahan as a potential Lady Byng candidate during the all-star break, and he solidified his campaign since then by picking up 21 points and just two penalty minutes in the final quarter of the season.

He is competing with Aleksander Barkov (96 points in 82 games played, eight PIMs) of the Florida Panthers, and Ryan O’Reilly (77 points in 82 games played, 12 PIMs) of the St. Louis Blues for the honour. It’s stout competition for sure, as both players were finalists for the award last season, losing to Vegas’ William Karlsson.

Monahan has received votes for the Byng before, finishing fifth in 2014-15 and 14th in 2015-16, though this is the first time he’s been named a finalist for the award. Previous Flames winners include Joe Mullen (1986-87, 1988-89), Jiri Hudler (2014-15), and Johnny Gaudreau (2016-17).

The NHL awards ceremony takes place June 19.

  • KootenayFlamesFan

    Completely unrelated, but I was just looking at some stats and Mackinnon has 5 points but a +/- of 0 in the series. Shows once again how useless some stats can be.

    • madjam

      Him and Johnny got to play more physical in this series . Still figure Flames will win series playing more physical , but not taking stupid retalitory penalties . Will Dube and Lazar not bring more speed and physicality to Flames lineup , and bench Neal , etc..

    • withachance

      Yes, trade the best players on the team, only to look to acquire similar type of players that are capable of putting up 100pts (JG) and consistent 30 goal seasons (monny).


          • EddyBeers

            Physical and fast yes. Capable of putting up around 70 points. I’d take those guys all day. Have you noticed the games have become more difficult? Playoffs are different. Monahan and JG are completely ineffective right now…. and this is Colorado! I think the ultimate goal is success in the postseason right? BT has built a skilled team. That’s great for regular season but it’s a crap shoot in the playoffs.

    • Chiz

      Gaudreau and monahan haven’t just disappeared in the playoffs. Go back and take a look at regular season stats for those guys in games against heavy teams. I remember early in the season they had a three game roadie through California… lost all three and the top line was completely invisible. And it’s not like Anaheim or the kings were good this year. I would seriously consider testing the market for one or both.

  • fretsey

    Congrats Monny…well deserved. Thanks for trying to get us to the playoffs last year playing with 2 hernias,a blown out groin and broken wrist…if only you weren’t so soft.

      • Rockmorton65

        IF it’s determined that our “best players” are only our best players in the regular season but disappear in the playoffs, then you absolutely consider an upgrade.

        • withachance

          Agreed. Self reflection on what went wrong will be done in the offseason, along with some other prominent teams in the league.

          Counter argument: players who shine in playoffs, like a Smith-Pelley, like a Bickell, like a Brouwer are quite honestly bad players in the regular season. Cant play in the playoffs if you dont even get there. Elite players across the entire season are great, but dont exactly grow on trees.

          You never know what you have until you cast it out.

          • Rockmorton65

            And once it’s “cast out” & it’s not good enough, how long do you give it before you make a change?

            This is the second post season where Johnny’s been a shrinking violet & Monahan has been a non factor (so far). Are you willing to wait to burn another year to find out it’s the norm. Keep in mind another playoff flame out could be Gio’s last. I’m not convinced either way, but if you’re Tre you need to at least consider it.

      • _vntony

        Zero playoff success despite career years from your fab 5 players. Is Gio going to be Norris calibre next year? Is Monahan, Gaudreau, Tkachuk, Lindholm all going to repeat another 70 point season?

        This is not the first year they have not had playoff success. In each of the last few playoff years, a trend that has to be at least noted is the performances of Gaudreau and Monahan. Like many have said they’ve disappeared every time.
        Now I don’t think any sane person on here is suggesting that we just get rid of them for nothing cause they’re playing so poorly. The thought here is that if you have the chance to upgrade and improve your team, don’t you consider it?
        If Tre is trading Gaudreau or Monahan, it would have to be at the very least an upgrade. As they are proven regular season performers on darling contracts.

        Again, not saying we must trade them. But at some point if this team doesn’t make it past the Avs, there has to be some reflection and there has to be something that gives.
        You have to do whatever it takes to improve your team. That’s it.
        This league is about winning.

      • fretsey

        He’s not soft…he’s actually a tough guy if you look at what he’s played through in the past. I think it’s the way he thinks the game like you said. I’m not sure if he’ll ever develop a mean streak or turn into a checker..same with Janko…I wouldn’t trade either of them anyways. Both guys should join Prout at the boxing ring and learn how to protect themselves and start giving as good as they get

  • Off the wall

    Great, now we’re talking about NHL awards in June.

    We should implement a new award. Call it the Unicorn Award.
    Given to the player who most exemplifies being incorporeal, (almost invisible) during the NHL season.

    My vote goes to James “the phantasmal deal” Neal.

    Who’s your favourite for the Unicorn Award? Please feel to cast your vote.

  • Theo 2.0

    Another Lady Byng trophy coming to Calgary??? Really??? You’d think Mony man would be embarrassed to be amongst the biggest centre men in the league and only have 12 frickin penalty mins through 82 games!!! Yes great choice for a number 1 centre heading into playoff hockey.

    • withachance

      Team gets penalized, fans complain that the players are taking too many penalties and allowing Mackinnon to run wild.

      Player gets nominated for an award for least penalties in the league, fans get upset that he doesnt have enough penalty minutes.


      • The Penn

        I’m not ready to give up on our team. Adjustments need to be made. Valmaki look good last night..Time to sit some Playoff experience and add more youth and exuberance.


      • MontanaMan

        Wasn’t me talking it up. Never have liked the award. It doesn’t mean you don’t value sportsmanship but you need a compete level to be an elite athlete. Monahan plays with no emotion in a game that demands it.

        • withachance

          Like someone else said above, the guy played with a broken hand and wrist through about a quarter of a season trying to get this team into the playoffs. Get outta here with that argument.

          Anyone who says he doesnt care and has no passion or emotions is quite simply flat out wrong in my opinion. Full stop.

          • MontanaMan

            Playing with an injury and playing with emotion and heart are two different things. If you think Monahan leads teammates into battle with his soft game, you’re kidding yourself. Guys like him are easy to play against in big games. Full stop.

          • withachance

            Haha ok agree to disagree. Not sure what else someone has to do to show will to win and heart for the team. If your hands get hacked to the point where you need 10 surgeries but play a quarter of the season anyway just in an attempt to make the playoffs, and thats not enough for you, then power to you.

            Would you like Monahan to say what his emotions are while playing the game? like do you need it spelled out? Or do you want him to just body check people as a sign that he cares?

            Anyways to each their own, whatever floats your boat.

          • _vntony

            Monahan played with a broken wrist and a sports hernia etc. etc. last year as per someone else from above. ‘Get outta here with that argument’ ‘Funny how recency bias works’.

        • Off the wall

          Wow, the word hell made it through the FN firewall!
          Hell ya, hell, I’m gonna say hell a lot. What the hell. Go to hell. Hell yes.

          Ok I’m bored now…

  • withachance

    Ben Simmonds who plays for the Sixers said something about his own fans booing the team off the court the other day “If you’re going to boo, then stay on that side…if you’re a Sixer fan and you’re going to boo then stay on that side.”

    I get it. We are fans, we are entitled to feelings and emotions. I get we feel that changes need to be made and I agree, changes should be made and are hopefully. But stick by the players, believe in the team that you love to watch, cause god the knee jerking, vitriol and willingness to throw aside people we all believe in a few short months ago is disturbing.

    If we dont believe in the team when they’re down, then we dont deserve the happiness and joy when they’re up. There’s a game 5 left. Go Flames Go.

  • Budgie

    Last time Monahan tanked in the playoffs was because he was playing through injuries, is Monahan injured? I do think smaller players struggle with the hitting and checking during the playoffs, Colorado has fast, skilled, and big first line players. Perhaps size matters after all.

  • Flamesforever

    Whatever the results of tomorrow nights game are I just want to say I’m proud of how far this team has come, our best years are still ahead of us. Guys like Tkachuk, Andersson, Mangiapane, Valimaki and Dube will lead us into the promised land in the next 5 years. BOOK IT! GFG🔥

  • Lazarus

    Congrats Monny. Well deserved. Plays smart, doesn’t get caught with a devastating penalty late in a pivotal Game 4 I’ll tell you that much.
    People wanting to trade Monahan. Lol. Stupid. Trade him like Eberle because he couldn’t score in a playoff round? Look at Ebs now.
    Flames win Game 5 For Sure

    • Sol Goode

      I sure hope so, all the pressure is on Colorado to close it out now. They do have the benefit of one of the best players of all time for advice, let’s hope it doesn’t help.

    • Puck Head

      The problem is that Monahan is a 1C who cannot drive play. Yes, he scores some goals, but that is because the other team forgot he was there – he doesn’t hit, agitate or control play by wanting the puck on his stick. Sorry, he’s a nice guy but he’s not the type of player who is going to lead this team to a Stanley cup. Unless he can turn a corner and prove otherwise I’m kinda done with him.

      Signed Stupid

      • oddclod

        He’s really a 1B on any team with a 1C tho. More appropriately a 2C.

        Johnny would inflate Hathaway to 20Ginos.

        That said, O’Reilly is the mould Monohan should aspire to if he plans to stick to the Byng stizzy.

  • Abagofpucks

    Maybe Peters should feed Johnny Skittles during the next game, maybe it will remind him how his dad got him to play hockey when he was just little ….. or whatever the reason was.

  • deantheraven

    Personally, I like the timing of this announcement. It’s a real slap in the nuts, as if to say you can have this, but if you’re nominated for this you ain’t gonna win The Cup.
    I’d like to see Monny come out hard in Game 5, punishing Avs D-men on the forecheck and winning goalmouth battles, getting his hands up in faces after the whistle.
    Which is not going to happen