FlamesNation mailbag: Talking trade value

Well we have nothing else to do besides plug holes we’ve made out of boredom. Trade value, some off-season moves, and depth players, up ahead.

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It’s an option, but not one I would go all-in on. Laurent Brossoit is intriguing based on his 21 game backup stint with Winnipeg, where he put up a 0.925 SV%, but that’s the only highlight of his entire pro career. He’s bounced around from NHL to AHL to ECHL and has only had consistent success in the lowest of those leagues. It’s likely this season is a random good one instead of him rounding into form as a great backup goalie, but the caveat is that he’ll be cheap and easy to wash your hands of. Brossoit is one of those low-risk, high-reward UFAs that is good enough to get teams interested, but not proven enough to get them committed.

I’ll concede that he’s young enough at age 26 where he could be turning it around, but I would remain wary because of the large bets you’re taking. Not only are you betting on Brossoit to be just as good as last year, you’re also betting on Rittich to bounce back from injury and his rough second half to also return to form. That’s two large question marks that aren’t being entirely addressed. If it all works out, the Flames might be set in net for a long time, but it’s more than likely that Rittich is fine while Brossoit struggles and then the Flames are back to where they started. If Rittich or Brossoit fall back to below average goaltenders, then it’s a disaster.

I think the best option is to try and find someone a bit more proven in the NHL. It sucked to see this season get flushed, it would be disastrous to see another.

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Yeah. He’s probably the seventh defenceman with Dalton Prout on the way out and Michael Stone also likely joining him (how, I don’t know).

Fantenberg isn’t spectacular, but he’s proven that he can at least play regular minutes for the Flames without being a disaster. With Juuso Valimaki and Oliver Kylington being pretty inexperienced, it’s good to have a defender that can step in when the youth eventually hit a rough period. If he costs less than a million dollars, he’s worth it.

Alexander Yelesin, the rumoured but still unconfirmed mystery signing Bill Peters brought up at garbage bag day, is pretty intriguing. He was a KHL all star this year, boasts a 102 MPH slapshot (although he only scored 10 points this year in 55 games), lead the league in hits, is a desperately needed RHD, and is just 5’11.

I don’t think it’s anything other than a depth move thus far, so don’t think anyone serious is moving out as a result of this signing. He’s only 23 and will need some time in the AHL to refine his game and get it up to NHL speed. I don’t think the Flames are banking on him to become a major NHLer, so he’ll provide much needed RHD depth in Stockton. If he does anything more, I’d be surprised.

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It’s tough to get a good read on how other teams would value TJ Brodie. He’s got a pretty friendly contract, is on the right side of 30, has posted at least 30 points a season for the last six years, has good possession numbers, can play first pairing minutes on both sides of the ice, and seems like he’s generally regarded as one of the NHL’s better defencemen. However, he’s also never been as great a player away from Mark Giordano, has had a pretty rough end to the season, and takes more risks than most would like their first pairing defenders to take. His value depends on whether prospective suitors see the glass half full or half empty.

The Flames probably won’t take less than a first round pick and an NHLer for Brodie. He’s been a loyal servant to the team since he broke into the league and is one of the friendly contracts for a key player on a playoff contending team. As frustrating as he can be, those qualities are hard to find around the league, and especially so at that price. Treliving isn’t going to sell low on Brodie, nor should he. It’s not a Dougie Hamilton situation where the team is willing to sacrifice their supposedly untouchable player for a critically needed upgrade elsewhere – they would be getting rid of him just to get rid of him. Cap concerns are valid, but there are a few other contracts they should prioritize getting rid of before Brodie’s.

For Mark Jankowski, he’s probably around third to fourth round pick value. He’s also on a good contract and is RFA at expiry, but he’s also approaching 25 years old, isn’t outstanding at anything other than shorthanded situations (and even that tapered off towards the end of the season), and hasn’t shown much to suggest that he’s going to be much more than a 3C. If the Flames can pull Jankowski out of their own AHL farm system, what’s preventing other teams from doing the same thing? With depth pieces, you can usually find them within your own organization or on the market for around the same AAV without needing to pay an additional asset, so that’s probably where other organizations will look. Even if a team was interested, I think the Flames are okay staying put on Janko considering his production and cost.

I wouldn’t draft Spencer Knight in the first round. The Flames could stand to have a more promising future in the net, but they really need a goaltender now and Knight isn’t going to be ready for three to four years. There’s other things they can do with that pick that can reap benefits now when they need them.

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[Editor’s Note: We’ll be getting into the (few) pros and many, many cons of drafting goaltenders early closer to the 2019 NHL Draft.]

Well if you trade Mikael Backlund, the return will be Not Mikael Backlund, so you really shouldn’t bother. If a team wants a Backlund type player, then it’s likely they don’t have a Backlund to give back to you, and if they did, why would they bother asking for Backlund? There’s only a few players who are as impactful on ice as Backlund, and teams generally don’t go about trading them.

The thing to remember about gauging trade value is that the value of the assets returned is not always the same as the value lost. Let’s say Backlund gets you two first round picks right now. I think most people would take that in a heartbeat, but forget to consider that you’ve deprived yourself of a defensively reliable 2C for the next few years in exchange for two lottery tickets. That’s a problem when what you really need right now is a defensively reliable 2C.

Let’s go back to the previous question which dealt with Brodie. His value, in a vacuum, is less than a first round pick and an NHLer. No one is going to pay that price for Brodie, but when you consider his role in Calgary, that’s what it will likely cost to pry him out of here. Backlund, right now, is untoucheable unless someone offers a deal where the Flames get an undoubtedly better centre out of the deal. That isn’t happening, so trading him for the sake of getting value out of him is a bad idea.

Value is a relative thing depending on the situation you’re in. Right now, Backlund holds more value with the team than away from it. Sure, he has five more years on an expensive extension, and he also did just cross the dangerous line of 30, but you can make that argument for just about the entire team if you really felt like it (imagine trading Mark Giordano for these reasons when he was facing the opportunity to go UFA). Backlund is still a great two-way C who has yet to show signs of decline. In perhaps a few years when he actually starts declining, this question rises up again, but for now, there’s really no purpose.

The Jason Zucker trade seems to be inevitable, so they probably trade it, provided the Michael Frolik + first package is still the one that’s happening.

If the Zucker deal falls through, I feel the team will still be eager to spend that pick. They are already comfortable with trading it for immediate help, and it would be extremely Treliving to have another deal lined up in case the first one didn’t go through. There’s not much available at #26 that can help you now as much as an already established NHLer can.

The only way the Flames keep their pick is if all other trades don’t materialize, but I can’t see that happening.

Toronto is probably smart enough to realize that William Nylander’s “bad” year (which was still pretty good) is an aberration and probably want to hold onto him for the time being. They do need money for Mitch Marner, but trading Nylander is a step in the wrong direction. He’s still young and hasn’t even hit his ceiling. If he does take a step forward next season, his $6.9M AAV quickly becomes a steal. They have other contracts to trim and they’re probably not getting rid of the player that took so much pain to keep cheap.

The Flames really can’t do anything for the Leafs. Both teams need to have cap space to sign RFAs, so trading Nylander means the teams have to swap salary too, which kind of undermines the entire reason for trading Nylander.

  • withachance

    God that entire paragraph on Backlund just hit the nail on the head. Same logic applies to Monahan and Gaudreau. Why would you ever trade these players when that’s what you’d be looking for in the return.

    I also wouldnt say the Flames and the Leafs cant do anything with each other. Brodie and Kadri has similar cap hits, a 1 for 1 plus conditional picks is totally possible in my opinion

    • Skylardog

      The problem with the Backlund paragraph is he says he is a 2C. There in lies the whole problem. Until Backs is a 3C, we are going nowhere. And as we now apparently only have Mony as a 2C, we need to go hunting for a 1C. And don’t tell me that Lindholm can be that guy. If he is, then we need 3 right wingers.

      All the flaws in the lineup got opened up in the playoffs (except in goal). We’ve talked about those holes on here for 3 years, yet they still remain.

      We have to fill in the holes, not open more of them up, so I do agree with not trading guys we need. But we will have to find cap space by moving guys that are surplus.

      • withachance

        oh agreed. Thing is teams arent in the market to trade 1Cs. Do you get Duchene? Theres just not that many elite 1Cs in the league. Who would you think is a realistic get for that center spot?

        Me personally, I think a top RW is much easier to get than a top center

      • MDG1600

        Neal was supposed to fill one of the “holes” on RW and instead has made the situation much worse because:
        a) Didn’t add a much needed productive RW
        b) Has eaten so much salary that it is now even tougher to fill a hole RW.

        I consider the Neal contract an unmitigated disaster.

      • The Beej

        By every metric Backlund is a 2C. He puts up second line production and plays against top opposition. To say he is not a 2C is 100% incorrect. You cannot back it up with any real numbers and rely only on fallacious narratives.

        • Skylardog

          Actually I can

          He ranked 57th in points by centers, and 57th in PPG. With 31 teams, that does put him as one of the top 62 centers in the league.

          Problem is, that puts him in the bottom of the guys considered as a 2C not a top one, something that you need if you are to be a top contending team. He ranks as the 26th 2C if you just rank him with no thought to teams.

          17 teams have at least 2 centers ranked higher than Backs. That includes Vancouver. Edmonton has 3 as does Vegas, and SJ is drowning in guys that can play center and score at a higher pace than Backs. 11 of the other 15 playoff teams have 2 centers that score more than Backs.

          It is not a full out analysis. But it does speak to what we saw in the playoffs from Calgary: A team unable to drive play from the center position with even a single line. It is such a key position in the NHL.

          4 teams have 2 centers better than Monahan in terms of scoring.

          Until We find another top 6 center, we will continue to struggle in the post season. This is nothing new. I have been saying it for 3 season on here.

    • Oil Spilly

      You’d be looking to trade for players in return who cannot perform in the playoffs? I think if your trading Monohan/Gaudreau/Backlund you’d be looking to trade for players who don’t do the spring disappearing act. Then again all other teams now know after multiple seasons of marshmallow softness of these 3 players that it will be very tough to upgrade. The Hurricanes are flying high right now and are giving their coach all they got. Hamilton and Ferly have played phenomenal the last couple months (when it matters most). BP must be shaking his head.

    • Luter 1

      You mean we would trade soft players for soft players? That would be dumb. Come on getting rid of a guy like Brodie will not be a whole in our defence in fact I don’t think ( call me crazy) that Kylington would look any different after 40 games than Brodie and he has upside. Take off your Flames blinders Brodie is more detrimental (soft, pouty, weak shot, bonehead plays) than beneficial to the success of this team.

      • withachance

        uuuuhhh I said Backlund, Monahan and Gaudreau. Never said anything about Brodie.

        I think Brodie should be traded. Not because he’s too “soft” thats a weak argument. He has the highest value out of anyone thats tradeable on the team, so yeah. But dont act like Brodie has not been a key part of this defensive corps for the past 3-4 years

        • Luter 1

          I think his play speaks for itself, soft as they come and as a top pairing defenceman, you can’t be. Backlund soft too, too soft for your supposed shutdown 2C but you can get away with a soft forward. You can’t hide on D, did you watch the playoffs? Looked a lot like he would have preferred to be on the golf course. Trade him before it’s too late as our D was exposed big time in the playoffs for our supposed strength.

  • Skylardog

    Everything Flames still just pisses me off.

    The hurt of going out so early, with barely a whimper is going to take a long time to get over.

    We need a sensible shakeup. No one should be untouchable, but very few should be moved.

    There is no place for a do nothing summer. Just keep Tre busy at the end of June and on July 1. Not hockey busy – maybe a kayaking holiday somewhere where there is no internet or cell service.

    • The Beej

      I totally disagree. I doubt you will see much of a shake up.

      Treliving does not make moves just to make moves. He will make moves only if he is improving the team.

      Change for the sake of change can be harmful and dont forget this was BPs first time in the playoffs and he was obviously very hesitant. This was a learning experience for the group.

      I dont think Treliving is dumb enough to fall into a knee jerk reation and trade away core players (unlike some posters on this site ) for less value on the dollar. Not what he does. Not what he has done. And 4 playoff games are not going to make him panic the way it is making this over dramatic silly fanbase panic.

      The team is not soft. We out hit them. They brought an urgency we didnt and they kept it simple. Thats important because keeping it simple keeps giveaways down. We had a lot of giveaways and that is not because we are soft (which is a ridiculous narrative and fallacious). We werent prepared to play the way you have to in the playoffs. Thats it.

      • calgaryfan

        They are soft! Monahan, Backlund, Jankowski just to name a few, are unwilling to battle for pucks during the regular season, never mind at playoff intensity.

  • Oil Spilly

    I think it’s safe to say the roster will not be as good as this year considering Tkachuk gets a massive raise. Does the team need to start thinking about what johnnys going to ask for when his contract expires? He will want marner/Matthews money. 10 million + per. As Tim and Sid said on Fridays show the Draisiaitl deal already looks like a bargain at 8.5 and he’s finished top 8 in points and top 5 in goals the last 3 years. Matthews at 11.5 really throws things off. Plus flames are playing Russian roulette without a proven number 1 goalie and we know how that always plays out. Flames will most likely fall between 14-22 points this season but that’s just speculation so you can dismiss it as such. Hagd.

  • Skylardog

    News Flash!

    Fantenburg isn’t signing here unless he has a spot in the to 6. Would you sign here to sit, when you could sign anywhere else and play a regular shift?

      • Skylardog

        Ras and Fant were our best Dmen in the playoffs. Would like to think it makes Fant a rather good signing if we could keep him. He lands a regular spot on about 25 NHL teams.

  • Derian Hatcher

    I was listening to Boomer and Warner and they asked a very interesting question. 82 or 5? Are the real flames the 82 game reg season team or the 5 game playoff team?

    • Skylardog

      It really wasn’t 82 and 5.
      In truth it was 51 and 36.
      First 51 games, 2nd in the NHL, 19 games over 500, top line rolling, PP clicking at a decent rate.
      Last 36 games, 15th in the NHL (reg season) 3 games over 500 (reg and playoffs combined), top line struggling, PP awful.

      The thing is, in the first 51, there were poor efforts and slow starts where the team played with some desperation and pulled rabbits out of a hat. They were also better than the record showed in the last 36.

      But when the game got tough and tight, this team played at the post All star break pace. They were a last 31 team when it mattered.

  • Alberta Ice

    On another note, I only wish the Flames were having the kind of fun that the Hurricanes are having at this time of year. That would also equate to the wish that our Flames fans were having the same kind of fun that the Hurricane fans are now having in this run. Those fans are crazy at their own barn and it is giving them extra karma and energy. And that’s what the playoffs are all about. The Islanders lack of scoring seems now to be catching up to them in that series.

    • Albertabeef

      I blame Ari for the Canes doing well and the Flames sucking. She really really really needs to change her avatar from Dougie’s jersey to anything else.

  • Garry T

    Call New York Rangers. Brodie for the following: 1. Buchnevich, 2.Swapping rotation on NYR middle pick for our pick
    and 3 The first two of the NYR 2nd round picks 2019 draft 1st and 2nd round applicable. And for those of you who think Brodie is worth less, cancel your apprentice GM scholarship classes.

    Tre does not need to trade our first round pick again. We are so short of players in Stockton , it is ridiculous..
    If he does that, I am all in for firing him.

    We have some weak players that need an about face in how they perform.
    1. Jankowski – he has the potential to be everything Feaster thought he was. The guy is far too comfortable with
    “being in the NHL ” He needs to be brought into Calgary for the entire Summer and he needs to work on getting a two
    or three step improvement on his skating. He needs to increase his speed , his desire to reflect that he is holding down a valuable position. Advise him, if he does not make changes, he will be sent to Stockton for a full year and possibly two years to develop the desirable qualities necessary. He could be a super star. No two ways about it but somebody is going to have to get in front of his face and lay his back-checking, speed out of the blocks, using his body effectively and using the scoring and play making skills he has to effect.
    Monahan is a big body. He is a poor fore-checker, an even more brutal back-checker and frankly wins the lazy man
    title for the team. He has to develop a mean streak to be effective. He has to hit hard all over the ice. He has to skate
    50% harder. And he has to do a heart transplant with Czarnik. He has to get into scoring position and be totally aware as to where he is going to need to shoot to be any goaltender and he has to hit those spots.

    Johnny needs to be given guys who can skate with him or he has to change his attack mannerisms. He tries to do it all and all the teams are onto him. Make a play, get into scoring position and make sure you hit the net Johnny.

    We have a number of free agents who won’t be back and there is interest in them. Rather than letting them walk, find out where that interest is and get some 4,5,6,7 picks for allowing teams to talk to them prior to releasing them.
    It is worth a try.

    • BlueMoonNigel

      Apart from possibly Hathaway, which Flames FAs have “trade worthy” value to any clubs? Prout, Fatenberg, Smith? A GM would be nuts to trade a jockstrap to get dibs on any of these FA. Bigger question might be is how many of Cal’s impending FAs will even be in the NHL next season?

      • HOCKEY83

        I don’t think it’s a question at all. Prout, Fantanberg…gone. Smith possible 1 cheap year deal or his career is over. otherwise who cares about all 3 players.

    • Just.Visiting

      The most frustrating Flame to me in many ways is Janko. Lots of skill. He can skate a lot better than he typically shows. But he seems to be missing an intensity gene. If he played as hard as Frolik or Mangi on a consistent basis with more of a physical edge, we’d potentially be talking about him as our first line C.

      • piscera.infada

        Forgive me for my (apparent) never ending tirade against Jankowski–I’ll leave it at this, I promise.

        There’s a disconnect here between “the superstar he could be” and “the player he is”. He had never been that player “that Feaster drafted”. This is the inherent problem: the perception of Jankowski.

        I still remember the days when Lambert would write articles religiously following his college career–often in person, might I add. He would get routinely pilloried for writing such things–I understand that in part (I never really cared for his tone). However, 7 years following Jankowski being drafted, perhaps it’s best to look back on what Lambert said about the player. Most of it amounted to the exact gripes mentioned above–skating, nonexistent physicality for his size, doesn’t shoot enough, doesn’t push the puck up ice, detracts from scoring chances typically created by his linemates.

        Not much has changed. So, is the player he can be the real Jankowski? Or is the player he’s always been the real Jankowski?

        • Skylardog

          I said only 2 seasons ago that he would never be an NHLer. I also called a call up game he played, a “thank you for being a good soldier but you will never make it” game that he could tell his grandchildren about.

          I was somewhat wrong, but not out to lunch. He has become far less than what was expected, but did amount to more than I believed. He should have a roll in the NHL as a third or 4th line center on a team that is retooling.

          • MDG1600

            He reminds me of Hathaway. Everyone hated Hathaway as 3rd liner but when he got placed on the 4th line (where he belongs) he suddenly didn’t look out of place and people warmed up to him. I suspect Janks would look better as a 4th liner (maybe on RW ) who can kill penalties.

        • There have been a few of us that live in reality and have from the day he was drafted. From the first day the chances of being elite was slim (but it was still there as it may be with any draft pick). As he “progressed” through the organization it just became more and more evident that at best he was going to be a 3rd liner and more likely a 4th liner if anything in the NHL. Now there is really nothing wrong with that. The problem is no one should be thinking he is anything more than that and that is he “just needs to work his butt off on skating and/or increased intensity” and he can become this superstar. Not happening.

    • Albertabeef

      Pavel Buchnevich? You want to give up a top pairing D for a second or third line left shooting left winger who we don’t need? And not even get a top pick back? Hell no!

        • piscera.infada

          Damn, this site has become hard to use on mobile.

          You’re absolutely right (@44stampede)… I know the common response will be “…but Blake Wheeler”. If someone is banking on Jankowski turning into Blake Wheeler, I wouldn’t hold my breath. First, an extreme outlier isn’t an effective way to justify your point. Second, Blake Wheeler always had a better all around skill set than Jankowski (at least in my opinion).

  • Puck Head

    Can someone explain the rationale of trading for Zucker? Was the plan to ship out Fro and have him play LW on the 3rd line? He’s not a big guy (surprise surprise!) and is about a 0.5 PPG player. Is this type of player worth a 1st round pick plus?

    • BlueMoonNigel

      I didn’t get it from the Wild perspective. Wasn’t Fenton trying to make his club younger? If so, why would he have wanted Frolik? The opportunity to get a very late 1st rounder as well hardly seemed a golden inducer.

    • BendingCorners

      I was about to ask the same question. I understand why the Flames might trade Frolik – he is older, has only one year left on his contract, and seemed at odds with the coach at times. But looking at their stats, Frolik seems better than Zucker at almost everything, and in tougher minutes. If Minnesota is willing to trade him just one year after signing him to an extension, something must be wrong.

      • Albertabeef

        If Minny was to start a rebuild they would get rid of old guys for draft picks, which one pick might have been added. They get a vet leader for a season and/or a trade piece for another pick.

    • Toma41

      I hope this trade doesnt happen. I think Tre was angry at Frolik and his agent and was trying to get rid of him. But frolik and a first is a huge over pay for a third liner.

  • Flameon13

    Zibanejad had a great year for the Rangers and plays a hard style and isn’t afraid to use his body. If the deal is right for a rebuilding rangers team he could be had. The Rangers won’t be a contender for a few years would want picks and prospects for their star center and would most likely make the deal if it meant they would be bettering their selves a few years down the road. He may not be considered a number 1 center on a lot of teams, but he is still an upgrade on what we have and him being available is not out of the realm of possibility especially if the rangers believe his value is at its highest now. The trouble is determining what exactly would the rangers be looking at from our group of prospects and picks and what kind of contract they would be willing to take back as part of the deal (preferably and most likely frolik). Say a deal costs us our first this year, second next year, Janko, Mangi and Frolik. Yes it is a lot to give up but those are the pieces the rangers would more than likely value most from our prospect group, but does it not seem worth it when the return is a 74 point player on a terrible rangers team? Well here is what the lineup looks like with him.

    Now what if Brodie is moved to recover a first rounder for this year and is replaced by a cheaper reliable Fantenberg? Move or buy out Stone and all of a sudden we have a lil more cap room to maybe bring in a UFA preferably Ferland coming back at 3-3.5 AAV. Now our line up looks a lil like this:

    That would look like a cup contender with enough speed, skill and grit to make a good playoff run, but the decision of whether the cost is worth it is up to Tre.

    • Kevin R

      Zibby would be a great get but why would Rangers trade a 26 year old Centre? Rebuild or not he’s still young & these rebuilds for most teams usually turn around quick.

      While I agree both Leafs & Flames need all the cap space they can to sign RFA’s, a Brodie for Kadri has a lot of merit. Leafs are about to see Gardiner walk, they need to replace his minutes. Brodie easily brings what Gardiner brings. Brodie has that 1 extra year Leafs badly need to gain the Marleau $6.25 cap space back & the $5.3 mill Horton space back.

      Kadri allows the Flames to potentially put Backlund as a 3rd line centre. Or upgrade substantially the 3rd line with Bennett & Neal/Czarnik/whoever. Heaven forbid, we all know we need to improve that 3rd line. Seems like a perfect match between the Leafs & Flames. Someone send an email to Tre please.

    • Toma41

      Quine is not NHL material also Ferland was injured half the year with Carolina and is yet to play a playoff game. He has a huge history of injuries and that will only get worse as he gets older.

  • 谢谢兄弟,我爱你

    Brodie and 3rd for Zucker and 5th?
    That 5th for rights to Ullmark?
    Buyout Stone?

    CapFriendly.com Armchair-GM User-Generated Roster

    FORWARDS (14)
    Right wing: Jason Zucker ($5,500,000) – Sam Bennett ($2,700,000) – Michael Frolík ($4,300,000) – James Neal ($5,750,000) – Austin Czarnik ($1,250,000)
    Centre: Sean Monahan ($6,375,000) – Elias Lindholm ($4,850,000) – Mikael Backlund ($5,350,000) – Derek Ryan ($3,125,000) – Mark Jankowski ($1,675,000)
    Left wing: Johnny Gaudreau ($6,750,000) – Matthew Tkachuk ($7,900,000) – Andrew Mangiapane ($937,869) – Dillon Dubé ($778,333)

    DEFENSE (7)
    Right: Rasmus Andersson ($755,833) – Travis Hamonic ($3,857,143) – Oscar Fantenberg ($1,383,123)
    Left: Mark Giordano ($6,750,000) – Noah Hanifin ($4,950,000) – Juuso Välimäki ($894,166) – Oliver Kylington ($730,833)

    David Rittich ($2,400,000) – Linus Ullmark ($1,200,000)

    BUYOUTS (2)
    Troy Brouwer ($1,500,000) – Michael Stone ($1,166,667)

    Roster Size: 23
    Salary Cap: $83,000,000
    Cap Hit: $82,828,967
    Cap Space: $171,033

  • Just.Visiting

    I’ve never been a huge Kadri fan, but I can see where he might be a good addition, particularly if he may have ourworn his stay in TO. He might benefit from a change in scenery, and i can see how a Brodie-Kadri base deal could make mutual sense.

    Since you have to give something to get something, another potential deal that might make sense involves Hanifin and Anthony Mantha.

    While those would be big changes on the back end, the ability to move Ras up the line up, to bring Vali in with Hamonic and to play Kylington on the third pair mitigates the losses. Stone or Fant could be the sixth.

      • Kevin R

        You may even be able to extend the deal of Brodie & Gilles for Kadri & Sparks. Sparks had a real bad year last year & not sure what happened but Leafs may see getting Gilles as a positive & move out Sparks. Sparks would be an interesting backup for Ritter.

    • Derzie

      We need more bad guys. My barometer for upcoming moves will be: “who got the more despised player”. That will be the winner given the requirements to succeed in the playoffs. Nice guys need not apply. We’re flush with good guys. Look where it got us.

    • First Name Unidentified

      Jack is good and I’m a fan but he’s not “Johnny plus a first” good. That’s actually laughable because he’s also a bit overrated.

  • SgtRoadBlock

    BT and the Staff will be doing a roster check on every one… every one can be move for the right price, This Ufa market is HUGE this year and that scare me cause he may dip into after trading a core player …
    we could see about 3 to 4 players gone from this List
    Backland 11 years as a flames time to try something else…

    The team comes first not the player don’t care if you like him etc etc…


    • Luter 1

      Wouldn’t miss a beat without the first 4, the last one you don’t trade without getting big return. Backlund I assume has some real value but I think to shake up this team a few of these softer players need to go. Rather get 90 regular season points and show up in the playoffs.

    • 谢谢兄弟,我爱你

      I think Fro and TJ are traded this summer, and Stone is bought out.
      Neal. How do you trade that guy after this season? I think you hope he plays better next year, then maybe hope Seattle takes him in the expansion draft.
      Backes and Money aren’t going anywhere.

    • Albertabeef

      Nice list of player to be rid of but you forgot a few. You forgot Hamonic, Hanafin, Gio, Johnny and Jankowski(on ice for zero goals for and 6 goals against vs Avs)

  • Albertabeef

    Gio has NEVER been out of the first round of playoff. Gio was injured when Brodie lead us past the Nucks into the second round. I think people want to trade the wrong Dman.

      • fretsey

        Don’t worry….Gio will be gone at the Trade Deadline…I’m sure he sees the window closing on his career and will want a shot at The Cup. Tough to see him go but it’s inevitable.

      • Albertabeef

        What I meant was 13 career playoff games by a mid thirties, 800+ regular season games, top D, captain, Norris Trophy finalist, is “kind of” unacceptable.

  • fretsey

    Tkachuk is not signing for less than $9-$10 Million/year…..is everyone comfortable with that? What would he be worth in a trade? I love the guy but I don’t see him as a $9 Million dollar player. If he won’t sign for less then we have to trade him…What’s he worth on the market?

    • Albertabeef

      If he gets more than 7.5 mil I will be really upset. His regular season 5vs5 play, he only has about 10 more points than Backlund, who has about 10 more than Frolik. I think the Nylander contract may keep this thing grounded a bit.

    • calgaryfan

      Tkachuk should not be getting anything close to 9 or 10 million. He is not a 200 foot player, same as Mony his skating is poor, and I fear his lack of foot speed will hurt his game going forward.

  • Toma41

    Wow some very interesting news from Tripp Tracy a fox news Carolina TV analyst. Michael Ferland has not bought in while in Carolina and has been in the dog house off and on. He says he should have been traded at the deadline.

  • freethe flames

    The Flames need to add a top 6 RHF who can play both Center and RW. Some mentioned Zibby from NYR; in many ways he would be perfect but the cost would be high. It would probably takes Kylington, one Bennett/Janko/Dube and our first fro Zibby and the NYR 2nd rounder.

    The Flames also could use another middle 6 RHS forward as well; preferably someone with some skill and some edge.

  • SeanCharles

    A couple thoughts:

    – I don’t get all the Zucker hype, we don’t need another middle 6 left handed winger.
    – We need to add right-handed shots to our top 3 lines, having 1 right shot on our top 3 lines makes us too one dimensional and easy to defend IMO. Ryan at 32 and 4th liner/tweeners in Hathaway and Czarnik just don’t cut it.
    – If we make a trade with Toronto we should be targeting Kapanen. Lindholm has already been discussed as being a C for next season so I don’t understand the Kadri idea – I generally don’t mind the idea but RHed shots should be priority #1.
    – I think Rittich started struggling mostly because he was injured. Reports indicated he has been dealing with a knee injury since Feb/Mar so I think at the very worst he is a 1B goalie. Personally I think he is better than that however and deserves more of the net next season.
    – I’d only consider bringing Smith back if it was a 1yr deal for cheap.
    – We need to offload some expensive aging vets to make room for fulltime roster spots for player like Valimaki, Dube and Kylington. These 3 along with Andersson and Mangiapane need to continue to develop at the NHL level to get better.
    – Brodie, Frolik and Stone are some of these vets that should be shipped out to accommodate the youth.
    – Give our young core another chance at this because the team as a whole, except Bennett and Valimaki, played tentative the entire series against Colorado. They were self-fulfilling prophecies: scared to make mistakes so they didn’t make good plays and instead played too ‘safe’ which caused them make mistakes. They need to learn from this and be better, give them the chance to be better before we made crazy trades.
    – I don’t know what the hell we are going to do with Neal, he proved to be an unmitigated disaster. I expected him to fall off a cliff but not for another couple seasons.

    Gaudreau, Monahan, Tkachuk, Lindholm, Mangiapane, Dube, Backlund, Bennett, Ryan, Hathaway, Gio, Hanifin, Hamonic, Andersson, Valimaki, Kylington and Rittich are all players I think are part of the solution and should be back next year. Jankowski I like but am unsure of what he his potential is.. is this what he is now? can he improve his skating as well as get stronger to better utilize his size? will his 5v5 metrics improve or does he need to be a 4th liner/special teams guy?

  • Derzie

    Success comes from drafting and internal grooming. There are no quick fix solutions through trade and free agency. What we need is not available. We need to accept that and work on our drafting and farm system. Given the summary Stockton’s Finest wrote about the year end wrap up, we’ve got some glaring issues there. Starting with the coach. Time to build up the futures and selectively pick away at the roster problems. Won’t be solved in fell swoop. Take opportunities when they come. If things are forced, it won’t work. We’ll be ready when we are ready. Not a moment sooner.

    • freethe flames

      So lets ask the question; do we have anyone who has been developed that will fill our needs next year. Upfront we need 2 right handed shots(IMO) one of who can play top 6 and the other who can play middle six with a little edge. We have Phillips. Gawdin, Foo, Robinson, Lomberg, anyone I am missing? If the answer is no then BT needs to add a player via trade. Like many here I have a feeling that both TJ and Frolik are likely to be moved and if they are the need to be replaced. I suspect that Dube/Mangaipane can likely fill Frolik’s spot. Andersson can replace TJ but that leaves a hole on the RSD third pairing and while Klyington and Valimaki are good I am not sure either can play the RHS.

    • calgaryfan

      the Flames do not need to repeat the Sutter module, trading draft picks for team fixes now. If trading existing roster players helps, thats great. Treliving could move anyone if the return makes the Flames better going forward.

  • Bawcos

    Why is Zucker trade a thing? Don’t know a lot about Zucker, but is he really that much better than Frolik? Giving up a 1st rd pick plus MF plus taking on an extra 1m cap hit for much longer – just to have a different half pt per player? What am I missing? Frolik and Backs have been great together for years… why is Zucker a better situation?

      • freethe flames

        At this point in Flames progression I would prefer a player for either Frolik or Brodie. If the window is opening we need to replace and upgrade on the guys leaving. Dube may be able to replace Frolik but there will be signoficant growing pains.