FlamesNation mailbag: more like May short weekend

Because we didn’t get that many questions.

Well, it is indeed too early to think about this stuff. The roster is going to change a bit from now until 2021, so everything that I’m writing now could be incredibly dated by the time we reach 2021. Knowing Brad Treliving, it could be dated by this year’s draft weekend.

But let’s just make some assumptions so we can answer the questions:

  • The Flames don’t trade any of their players signed beyond 2021. This is Johnny Gaudreau, Sean Monahan, Elias Lindholm, James Neal, Mikael Backlund, Derek Ryan (UFA 2021, so still eligible to be selected but wouldn’t count for exposure requirements), Dillon Dube, Mark Giordano, Noah Hanifin, Juuso Valimaki, and Matthew Phillips.
  • We’ll also assume they sign 2019 RFAs Matthew Tkachuk, David Rittich, Sam Bennett, and Andrew Mangiapane, and 2020 RFAs Rasmus Andersson, Oliver Kylington, Mark Jankowski, Tyler Parsons, and Glenn Gawdin. The rest of the prospect pool is either exempt (two years or fewer in the NHL/AHL) or probably won’t be signed.
  • They’ll also probably add a forward that will be signed beyond 2021 and can be exposed. There’s rumours out there, but nothing confirmed yet, so we’ll call him Zason Jucker for the time being.

Based on these assumptions, we have our groundwork.

Gaudreau, Monahan, Lindholm, and Tkachuk are certainly protected. Based on how well they’re performing as they get into their 30s, Backlund and Zason Jucker could be protection worthy also. Ryan could be the seventh forward protected, providing he continues to be a 30-40 point C, but he’ll have to hold off just in case Bennett finally breaks through. I don’t think Neal will be able to redeem himself, so he’s exposed. Jankowski, Mangiapane, Phillips, and Gawdin may put up cases to be protected, but that’s one of those things we won’t figure out until 2021.

So there’s no worry on the forwards end. The Flames will be able to protect their essential players and expose a bad contract or two (kudos to Treliving for not handing out NMCs). There might be a promising youngster that could be selected, but it’s small potatoes compared to what they’re protecting. There’s also two upcoming drafts of exempt players, so it’s not as if they can’t easily replace them.

Defence is tougher, and where the Flames might get hurt in 2021. It would be very hard to leave Giordano exposed, but given his age and the need to protect players like Hanifin, Valimaki, Andersson, and Kylington, the Flames might have to make a decision. I don’t think there’s any situation where Giordano gets exposed, but that leaves one of their up-and-coming elite defenceman exposed.

I think he’s made the Flames next season. Dube’s NHL stint was rough, physically at times, but overall it wasn’t that bad. His AHL time didn’t leave any questions about where he belongs.

What position he’ll play is an interesting question. He’s listed as a C, but he’s rarely played that at the professional level. Based on game day data, he only played there four times this season, exclusively within the first ten games of the year when the team was figuring things out. Dube started as a LW 13 times this season, and that’s where he would start from October onwards.

But necessity might dictate that he gets some RW time. The Flames are pretty loaded at LW, with Gaudreau, Tkachuk, Bennett, and Mangiapane currently occupying those spots. The RW is struggling, with Lindholm, Michael Frolik/Zason Jucker, Neal, Garnet Hathaway, and Austin Czarnik. Hathaway may not be with the team next season, so that could potentially be the open spot for Dube.

To put an arbitrary number to it, I’ll say there’s a 70% chance TJ Brodie remains a Flame next season.

The issue, as it is with trading any key piece of the roster, is who do you replace them with? Andersson has been touted as the future #1 RHD, a projection that is certainly not far off, but to bet that he’ll be there by October is a pretty huge leap. The team probably wants a fail-safe in case he isn’t ready. As the roster stands right now, they don’t have that.

The free agent RHD market is either too expensive, too old, or just bad, so nothing doing there. The trade market is unpredictable, but I feel teams aren’t willing to do a straight swap of first pairing defencemen. The point of trading Brodie is to address weaknesses in the forward unit while allowing younger players to fill his spot on the back end. The Flames can live with Brodie on the first pairing if a trade like that doesn’t materialize. Trading him for another defenceman doesn’t really fix the logjam on defence, and I can’t imagine there’s a team that would trade a younger, similar defenceman for an older one on an expiring contract.

The 30% is if they can swing a deal for a top six forward or a reliable goalie. If they can make a deal where they offset the loss of Brodie and emerge as clear winners, he’s a goner.

I wouldn’t trade that for Kasperi Kapanen.

The kid has some talent; he’s fast and a good PKer. But he’s had one pretty good NHL season, and he got to spend the majority of it with Auston Matthews as his centre, something that frustrated Leafs fans because Kapanen was an incredibly streaky player (10 goals in the first month and a half of the season, 10 over the rest of the season despite playing with Matthews). That raises a few red flags, as Calgary does not have Auston Matthews, or the patience for someone who can’t consistently contribute.

Kapanen’s underlying numbers are decent enough to suggest that he would work in Calgary, but remember that he’s an average player who works best as a complimentary piece. The Flames could use that, but that’s not something worth paying up for. If Toronto needs to move out Kapanen to survive cap hell, then Toronto is in a position of weakness here.

Mike Smith is probably gone, but he’s still in their back pocket as a goalie option in case they can’t find another goalie. Garnet Hathaway is in the same boat. The team did just go a whole season with those two, so they’re players they know and players who could come cheap enough, but they’re still definitely replaceable. If those two manage to escape the off-season without someone signing them, and the Flames still have enough cap room remaining, I could see them back.

If you would like a non-boring answer, I could see Austin Czarnik, Sam Bennett, and/or Mark Jankowski wearing different jerseys to start the season. Czarnik didn’t really fit in with the roster, and if there were 19 other teams looking at him last season, a deal could be made. Bennett has been stuck in neutral for the past three years and could be sold as someone who needs a change of scenery, which could reap a few decent assets. Jankowski has been usurped by Ryan as the 3C in most areas of the game and could probably fetch an interesting return as a young-ish guy. I’m not completely sold that the Flames move on from any of these players, but I’m not counting it out.

The Flames are probably stuck with Neal for at least next season, in case you’re wondering. Again, the market is unpredictable, but I think the Flames are at peace with him being on the roster for 2019-20.

No, he’s done.

Spencer Foo’s college career and his professional career were very different. In college, he showed that he could be an offensive playmaker, even in the years where he didn’t have eye popping numbers. At Union College, Foo was one of the best primary contributors all three seasons, and when he finally received the ice time he deserved, he exploded.

In Stockton, he couldn’t find that same gear. He was a top six option both years but rarely did anything with it. He’s a good power play player at the AHL level, but not at much else. Those players are a dime a dozen, and the Flames want to keep as many spots open for younger prospects.

I think trading into the top five is an impossibility.

You have New Jersey and the Rangers with the first two picks, who aren’t going to move down from Jack Hughes and Kaapo Kakko. There’s very little you can offer these two teams to step away from players who could be elite players on their ELCs.

Picks three and four are Chicago and Colorado, who are lucky to have those picks and probably won’t move either. Even though there’s a bit of a gap in talent between second and third overall, the Blackhawks and Avs are still going to wind up with great players who will come cheap. For teams that are in the playoff mix, adding some of those is never a bad idea. You’d really have to offer a lot to get them to move down, and if so, what’s the point for the Flames. Move NHL assets for a guy who might replace him in two or three years? Fifth overall is the Kings, who need any help they can get and are certainly not moving.

Trading into the six through 10 range isn’t all that appealing given the cost. I’m sure that teams wouldn’t mind moving down, especially if it comes with an NHL asset, but the payoff really isn’t worth it. If the Flames trade their first round pick, it’s likely for a player already in the NHL.

  • Kevin R

    Christian, Treliving will not part with Bennett, he loves his game & if the offer doesnt blow him away, Benny will be a Flame.
    I do agree Smith is a plan B but I see a team giving him a better offer than what the Flames are prepared to do. Lots of rumblings about Varlamov but personally I would like to see BSD be handed the reins next year. We need to keep that goalie cap hit down. A team that might be a good trade partner would be the Rangers, Georgiev may be had, 23 years old & some decent numbers for the Rangers as they have Lundqvist for 2 more years on a NMC & they just brought over Shestyrokin. I would do Jankowski & the 26th pick for Georgiev & Lemiux. Rangers may want more, Czarnik?

    • The Red Knight

      Trade Bennett? Why would you trade your top Warrior? So this team can get even softer and weaker ? If anything I’d like another player just like him.

    • HOCKEY83

      I’m thinking for $750,000 Gillies can beat Gorgiev’s 3 goals per game average over 2 seasons. I think Shestyrokin is very good but Georgiev is bad and will probably just get sent back to the AHL. Flames already have AHL quality Goalies

        • HOCKEY83

          Don’t forget to mention over 3 goals per game in his time in the NHL. Gillies has a much smaller sample size 2 seasons ago where every single flames played well below expectations including rittich. I’d love to see gillies get a fair shot before the flames start trading away for equal or lesser goalies. Goalies with better stats than Georgiev’s were waived and picked up last season.

  • freethe flames

    The underlying theme of all these questions is what can the Flames do to get better for next year. I’m not sure we should really worry about the expansion draft at this time. When does the NHL/NHPA start taliking about the next contract? There will likely be a noncompliance clause it again; my personal preference for this type of clause is that teams get 2 NCBO for the length of the deal. So hopefully no need to trade assets to get rid of a bad contract.

    According SF Dube played a lot of RW for the Heat and it would not surprise me if he was not given a look at the RW with Bennett and Backs. He might even be given a look further up the line up if BT does not add to RHS forwards this off season.

    Guys who might not be back. Lets start with Frolik whom I personally still like but I think it is clear that he wants out if for no other reason that he thinks he has a better chance of earning a better contract playing for someone other than BP. I think we could get a second rounder for him and something else. The question where would he be a fit?

    I also think there is 50/50 chance that TJ will be gone if the Flames could get the right deal. Many have mentioned that the Habs could be a good fit for him. A second this year, Montreal’s 1st next year and say a prospect like Jake Evans(soon to be a 23 year old RHS center 6′ 190 who 45 points as an AHL rookie and had 2 very good seasons his last two in the NCAA) would be what I would hope for.
    I also think that Janko, Czar, Kylington, Bennett(if the deal is right), Stone and Neal are also trade candidates but the latter two are likely very hard to move and may be buyout candidates.

    As far as Kapenen goes I would try and make a fair deal to get him but I would not rule out an offer sheet on him at $4.26m; costing only a 2nd rounder next year. Would he accept that I have no idea? Would the Leafs match that and then try and trade him after signing him; I don’t know. But I would not go higher b/c the next number costs a 1st and 3rd and I don’t see him worth that.

    Foo is likely done here but he still might get a two deal elsewhere. Lazar?

    Trading up in the draft would cost a significant roster player and I don’t see it happening.

      • freethe flames

        He is a RHS something we lack, he plays with speed again something we lack and last year he had 44 points agin something we could use. If the price was right he would be a serious upgrade on or rightside and would likely play in our top 6.

        • Jobu

          44 points playing with Austin Matthews. And most of those points came in the first two months of the season.

          If cheap? Than sure. If not then too much of a gamble, IJO.

      • Franko J

        Can’t agree more Jobu.
        From what I witnessed in the playoffs did he actually play for the Leafs in the series? I didn’t notice him. Besides I think they are better trading partners other than the Leafs.

      • PhillyWerg

        His numbers are OK, inconsistent yes, but to me he just passes the eye test, looks so explosive.
        Could be worth a gamble, but he’s not worth the $4M+ people are saying quite yet.

  • supra steve

    When looking at potential trade scenarios, it always helps to look at proposed offers from your own home team’s perspective.
    When the Flames were sitting with the 4th overall pick in 2014, what kind of offer would it have taken for you to have agreed that trading that pick was the best thing for the Flames? We had hopes of obtaining a legit top 6F with that pick. Moving back to #26 would not have been remotely smart for a return like Czarnik. The difference in value between #26 and a top 5 pick is a whole lot more than that.

  • Jobu

    Like it or not nation, Jobu thinks we’ll be stuck with the majority of the same team next year.

    We might be able to swing a deal for a backup or Zason Jucker but that won’t dramatically change the outlook of our squad.

    • I 🖤 WW

      Zucker is not worth it. He is a complimentary player. This team needs an identity. Someone up front who is a difference maker. The Flames should be trying to swing a deal for such. As much of a Hanifann fan as I am and not of Brodie, I think the Flames should try to move Hanifann for a Nylander. The Flames NHL depth is there. This could leave a top 6 of gio, brodie, kylington, vali, anderson, hamonic

    • freethe flames

      Jobu you are correct we will have the majority of our players back next year and that is not a bad thing; I see 10/11 of our forwards back and 6 or our 7 D back and 1 of our goalies. That is 17/18 of our 23 player squad back. The key what BT can do with what changes he can make. When any of us speculate that is all it is. The Flames management team, scouting staff and coaches all will have been doing this kind of spit balling over the last month and will be working towards making the moves they think will make this team better. Only time will tell how this team will be next year. Meanwhile enjoy peoples “spit balling” I know I do when the ideas seem logical.

      • deantheraven

        I’m curious about who makes up the 6-7 D you mention, Free.
        Gio, Brodie, Ras, Hammer, Hani, and…?
        Maybe there’s a deal (at the draft or before Training camp opens) for an upgrade at forward that sees Brodie go the other way. That would make enough roster (and cap) space to ice a line up like:
        Gio, Ras
        Hammer, Hanifin
        and two of Kjller/ Stone/Fanta for the third paring. I believe Olli and Oscar should be kept. They both can skate and have puck moving skills, and both of them “play bigger’ than Brodie.
        If Brodie doesn’t go until the TDL next Feb (and I believe he will go by then), then the log-jam will handcuff Mgmnt with two D sitting in the press box until then.
        The spitballing about Stone’s status is the wettest question mark I have. Comeback? Trade- with or without salary retained? Retirement? Buyout?
        That’s the million dollar oyster.

    • deantheraven

      Jobu may be right about not seeing any dramatic changes but I hope Tre and Mgmnt see that this team is not built for the playoffs, at least how they’re played and reffed now.

      • Puck Head

        If there are no major changes to the mindset, intensity and toughness of the tram we might as well blow it apart and start fresh. As constructed, this is not a lineup that has shown it can play playoff hockey. We either go for it now and pause and right the ship.

        • SeanCharles

          He made that mistake at the trade deadline.

          We need support up front and have depth on D. A trade will happen I’m sure of it.

          Tradebait will be Frolik, Brodie, Jankowski and picks. Frolik and Brodie can be replaced internally (Dube/Mangiapane/Valimaki/Kylington) and Jankowski was our weakest center last yr but probably has value.

        • The Red Knight

          It should be a team rule ,if you can’t hit or take a hit for the team to make a play ,then you don’t play ,go play golf And ringette,even Johnny tried to put out acouple hits , no excuses for the rest , not impressed y this team at all , there is a lack of leadership!

      • HOCKEY83

        I think the team will give them another shot with very little change. Let them grow from the embarrassment that was this years playoffs. I also have a feeling someone other than Brodie will be gone. Kylington and one other as far as D go.

  • Garry T

    I have posted two solid trade suggestions over the last couple of weeks only to be booood off the page.

    We have weakness at forward in terms of size and skill. If you are going to move Frolik and TJ you have to get something for them of value. That comes in the form of a 1st. and a 2nd for TJ if you want picks only. Frolik could bring you two 2nds..

    If you were looking to fill the holes and replace these two guys, again I would do a deal with Toronto for Kappenen and
    either Moore or a center. If you are moving Frolik who is having a very good European tour, his value is climbing rapidly and we will get calls on him. I look at Columbus with all of their acquisitions prior to the playoffs and see Duschene,
    Dzingel who are not signed that could be brought over in a trade for Frolik. I would also ask for Anderson and include
    Czarnik in the deal to get that done. In Duschene, you get a replacement leader for GIO. In Dzingel you get a young guy who is fast, skilled, a playmaker and has tremendous desire. Anderson gives you the winger size you need to pound bodies.

    With Toronto there is a center who is a bad boy and the guy exudes the desire to win. I would love to see him come this way but Gio and He would have to put their differences aside and I think that could be done.

    You bring in 4 /5 guys and move out two to three guys who do not fit and you get picks for them. Your lineup is vastly
    changed and is more playoff built than the 2019 playoff team we had.

    • freethe flames

      Both Duchene and Dzingle are FA and likely going to FA so I don’t see the value in trading for their rights. The rumors on Dz is he wants to play in the States and Duchene will be a big ticket item that I don’t see us affording. I like Anderson and have for a couple of years but I suspect Columbus would want a lot for him.
      It would be great if we got 2 seconds for Frolik but I think that is overly optimistic. I see a second and later pick or a second a prospect. Kadri whom you are referring too would be an interesting add but at what cost? I don’t see him and Gio co-existing unless there is something deeper going on than the hockey stuff we know of. An apology, a beer or two and a come to each other’s assistance would change things quickly.

    • Kevin R

      Garry, you have some reasonable propositions in your proposals & then you have some that are just deal breakers or dont make sense. For 1, Columbus wont part with Anderson, they have no cap issues, in fact they need players. Why give away any assets for Dzingel or Duschene. Just court them aggressively during that 1 week period.
      I too like the idea of adding Kadri, Brodie & Jankowski could be what we dangle back at them. Gio is a pro, I am quite sure he would have no issues call Kadri to break any ice & welcome him to our team.

      • Garry T

        Kevin, the perception of trying to be up front with Columbus is the right to talk to these guys first and know you are going to get them. Otherwise you back off. If they will come, then Columbus did pay for them and they need something back. You never know when you may want to talk to them again. Finally, taking Columbus into consideration, they may appreciate your intent and talk to you about Anderson. My thought process is that deals are all about relationships and it is always handy to have a trade partner or someone who appreciates your business ethics and if you need to know something about another player on another team, they might be prepared to give you some insight if they were asked. Appreciate your comments. I think Kadri and Kappenen would add a ton to our team. They both have that will to win and that is something we lack.

      • I 🖤 WW

        No, he isnt a leader as far as leadership is, but he is a beast on the ice. High talent. Makes everyone around him better. He didnt make team Canada Olympic teams for no reason. If Gio is as good o a leader as some believe, it’s all good.

      • HOCKEY83

        Agree about Duchene Jobu. Not only will he be looking for at least between 7 and 8 mil he’s the opposite of what most are looking for here. He’s way too soft a player under 6 foot and very hot and cold. He seems to shut right down when things aren’t going his way. Also the only will Kadri has is the will to self destruct without thinking at all about how it may affect his team. Big no thanks on Kadri. Josh Anderson I agree is a great player. Big, very good defensively, just less than a career half a point a game guy and loves to hit but I can’t see any scenario where columbus gets rid of him. They should be able to sign him for around 4 mil. Dzingle is ok but I think the flames already have a handful of dzingles

    • BigChefJeff

      You wouldn’t get two seconds for Michael Frolik on easy mode on your Xbox. He’s a 31 year old bottom 6 forward making $4.3 million per year and the entire league knows he wants out of Calgary. If you think his value is “rapidly rising” because he has been putting up points in the WC against Italy, Austria and Norway–I have some bad news for you. Personally I like Frolik and wouldn’t mind him staying as a really good 3rd line winger, but chances are he gets dumped — for less value than two 2nd rounders — because (a) he wants out, (b) his cap space is probably needed to pay Tkachuk, and (c) I don’t think the market for him is what you think it is.

  • freethe flames

    Lot’s of ideas/suggestions floating around for BT to do. So I thought I would add mine.

    I begin with my major priorities for the Flames 2 RHF I of whom can play center the other can play RW. They need to be skilled and or pay with a bit of an edge The second priority is an upgrade over Gilles as the potential back up. For any of these ideas to work I acknowledge that it takes two parties to make a trade and for the parties involved to sign the contracts.

    First priorities are to clear some cap space by trading TJ and Frolik: the savings would be @8.95m. What I realistically think we could get for them is something along these lines: TJ a second rounder this year from Montreal and a first next year along with either Amira or Jake Evans; if needed I add Czarnik(1.25m). Frolik a 2nd and a later round pick or a prospect. I like Armia and I really liked the role he played with Jets in last year playoffs and coming of an injury plagued season I think he could be had. Evans stats remind me a RH version of Mangiapane.

    With the trading of TJ and Frolik’s contracts our cap space grows from $14.45m to $23.4m.

    Next step is sign Tkachuk for between $8 an $9m for 5 years.(this is middle ground between Nylander and Matthews contracts which is fair IMO) He eats up all the savings from Frolik and Brodie leaving. So we are back to @14.5m sign Rittich, Bennett, Hathaway and Mangiapane for around 8m combined leaving $6.5m to fix your other problems. Do you go after a legit top 6 forward are two middle six guys. Is there a RHS guy who might be on the verge of breaking out lie Lindholm did last year by playing with Johnny and Monny?

    Lot’s of noise about Zucker but I just don’t see how he fits our needs; a LHS who plays both wings and is being paid $5.5 m; unless he can be had cheap he is not my ideal get. Personally I would be more inclined to look elsewhere either Shaw at $3.9 or under performing Bjugstad at $4.1 would be my preference over Zucker. If I was looking at Bjugstad I would want to do a deal like this: Janko($1.675) and our 3rd (but would move to the 2nd we got from Montreal:, Gilles for Bjugstad and Jarry. Making the add just $2.45m leaving $4m+ to add a FA like either Connolly or Doinskoi at @$3m.
    This would be my second choice in adding what we need.

    My preference would be to do a deal with the NYR: trade our first, Janko( I would make it Bennett), Klyington and Gilles for Zibby and Georgiev and one of their seconds. Why a think this might work. While the Rangers are in a rebuild they want and need more than just draft picks; they need guys who can play in the NHL to go along with their draft picks. If this was not enough I would be prepared to add one of the draft picks we have added. Zibby would change the dynamics of our top 6 significantly. If this trade happened then I would buy out Stone to have the cap space to pursue one of Connolly or Donskoi.

    My forward group would look something like this:
    Tkachuk/Lindholm/Connolly or Donskoi

    • Puck Head

      An $8-$9m player should be a franchise player who can lift a team on his back on a regular basis, especially in the playoffs. MT is good but his disappearance in the playoffs is going to cost him, and rightfully so.

    • Franko J

      @ Free the Flames, I like the aspect of trading for Mika Zibanejad, but as long as Monahan is the so called #1 centre on this team, the Flames will not ever get past the first round of the playoffs. The guy lacks the necessary intangibles to lead a team. If you could somehow manage to find a RW now a put a Gaudreau / Zibanejad / ? combo I would say that is a good start to something better.

    • HOCKEY83

      Zib would also need a good reason to want to go to Calgary with his full NMC. Not sure why rangers would want to get rid of him either in a rebuild. He’s young and at a great price for the next 3 seasons.

      • freethe flames

        Franko and Hockey 83. Good points. Would I change the package and go Monny for Zibby and a little yes, I think I would. However I also think Monny supporte d by Zibby or vice versa would be a very effective line especially if the second line is as good as think it would be. Zibby NMC could be waived by him if he really thinks the Flames could win and with him in lineup the needle would move significantly. Why I think the Rangers would go for a deal like this especially if Monny replaced the Janko/Bennett options is that they know they are not in it now but any of these combinations speed up the rebuild a couple of years. A Monny for Zibby deal would still likely need to include a Kylington to get it done or a 2nd round pick(one that I suspect we get if move Frolik or TJ). Again this likely all pie in the sky but until BT actually makes some deals it is something to add for discussions here.

  • Gus Fring

    Here is my 5 cents. Trade Neal for Turris it has been discussed numerous times on different sites so no need to go into the benefits and change of scenery from either side. Would a trade like Brodie, Mang and a Bennet be enough to get Hall? There is grumblings out there that he likes Jersey but isn’t a fan of going through another rebuild. He wants to play playoff hockey and Jersey is years away from that. He is turning 28 does he want to sign long term to another team who might not have the pieces to make the playoffs in years to come. He can come home and be a big part of a team with a young core and the potential to play playoff hockey every year for the near future. Jersey only has a couple good pieces no real top 4 defence men, no big strength in net? Almost a mirror image of what he saw in Edmonton. A few good forwards with not much else. He has one more year left so if he does re sign then Jersey loses him for nothing. This way Jersey gets 2 young players with Top 9 potential, Bennet can be a heart and soul player. Brodie can easily be a smooth skating top 4 d man which they lack.
    We would then have lines like
    Johnny Mony Lindy
    Tkachuk Turris Hall
    That moves backlund down to the 3rd line and we can move players out like Janko Czarnik etc maybe swing a deal to bring in Burakovsky it’s stated Wash is ready to move on.

  • SouthernFlame

    My turn! I’ve said it before. Andreas “Happytoseeyou” from Detroit. Kronwall is a UFA and Andreas is entering his last year on his contract. He caps out around 3 something mill. I believe Kronwall was about the same as Brodie. Send Brodie, Jankowski (since they were playing Andreas as a 3C) and also Czars. That way each teams cap doesn’t change and we get an awesome player that can be a top 6 center or wing. We actually gain a mill in cap space I think.

    • Garry T

      Southern Flame. Hope you will not be upset but, we would need Kronwall plus a second for Brodie. I would think that Czarnik plus Lazar would be a fair trade for Kronwall. A lot of people want to trade Jankowski. Jankowski ooozes scoring talent. I think he needs a nose to nose meeting with Conny about four things. His being too comfortable that he is in the NHL to stay.
      2. He needs to use that large frame at both ends of the ice with far more aggression. 3. If he is not working right now regarding increasing his speed by 25 percent over the next two summers, he should be. 4. The really good players get that look in their eyes that they are P-Oed and that they are going to change the flow of the game by themselves if they have to. Jankowski does not have that but his great uncle Berenson did and he needs to learn how Red Bernese earned the respect of every player in the NHL in his day.

      Red played. Red played like a Tiger. Janks not so much.

      If ……..
      You could get the need to play hard and want to make a difference into his head, he would become another Bobby Clarke or a Kenny Linesman. He needs a hot poker up his ass. I would hate to see him leave and have another club inform him what a priveledge it is to play in the NHL. And then motivate him to become a superstar because that is not out of his reach if
      He wanted to pursue it.

      • SouthernFlame

        Not upset at all Gary. I wasn’t meaning bring back Kronwall just saying Detroit is gonna need a D to replace him, I believe he is older than Gio. I should have been more clear on that. So it would be Brodie for Andreas and if we need to throw in Janks or Czar then do it. I say Janks just because Andreas was their 3C I believe. I just remember us playing them and the only player that stuck out to me was Happytoseeyou. That’s all I remember the announcer saying most of the game was “ here comes Happytoseeyou”. Good player with speed.

  • MDG1600

    People who think we can trade our way to playoff success are starting to drive me crazy. First off, most trade suggestions are unrealistically one sided in Calgarys favor and will never happen. Secondly, Calgary has had improved success drafting in the last few years and i’d like to see them keep more draft picks to capitalize. I will puke if we trade
    our 1st rounder again. Drafting a good player simply can’t be beat.

  • Jumping Jack Flash

    I understand the balance between not fixing something that is not broken and the tweaking the team needs to take it to the next level. The reality is that we need to shed some contracts if we want to keep building. I can’t see a scenario where we keep Brodie and Frolik and sign our key RFAs. So it is best to maximize our assets without negatively impacting the team.

    Trading Brodie should yield a 1st rounder or be used as a key piece to. Secure a top 6 winger. As for Frolik, he wants a fresh start and could secure us another role player and draft pick.

    IMO the team needs to tweak in 3 key areas: 1) Improve team speed which will happen organically by inserting players like Dube, Valimaki, and Kjillington. 2) Improve grit in the top 6. The top line needs a Tom Wilson type enforcer with skill. This will come at a cost. For me the cost is Monny for Josh Anderson +. We are wasting Johnny’s contract without providing protection for our primary asset. This deal is good for all parties. Columbus gets a 1C who can score on a bargain contract, Calgary gets a stud RW that won’t hesitate to defend his linemates while keeping up with .Johnny will turn Anderson into a 40-50 goal scorer. This also breaks up the Johnny/Monny bromance which is not a bad thing. Plan B would be to re-sign Ferland if he showed a clean bill of health. The goal is to never have our star player get cheap shot like we have seen far too often.

    Finally, bring in a cheap veteran Goal keeper to help Rittich transition into the starting role. Varlamov seems like a reasonable and affordable candidate.

    As a bonus, I would draft a player like Leason in the 26th spot, who has the size, grit, and skill. He is a perfect example of a player that has improved his skating to a point that he is a break away threat. A player like Brett Leason who has yet to focus on hockey specific training is just scratching the surface on his potential.

  • Stockton's Finest

    Heat sign Mason Morelli to an AHL contract for next year. He scored 3 times in 9 games at the end of the year for the Heat. He played at University of Nebraska Omaha where he scored 19 goals and 36 points in 38 games. He is a left wing.

  • Petzl

    Biggest deal I want to see happen is Gallagher, the guys is simply better than Kap and might be available for the right price (something like Brodie?). I honestly don’t see anything in Kapanen that screams top 6, Frolik is arguably the same player but shoots left and on our team already.

  • slyall41

    We have to trade Brodie, he had good numbers last year and he’s a garbage can. Down the stretch and in the playoffs he was a disaster. Sell while his value is at it’s highest.