Photo Credit: Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

Flames shut out at NHL Fan Choice Awards

The fans have spoken, and they have said “no” to the Calgary Flames.

The team was up for two categories, best GIF and best goal. Mikael Backlund’s solo effort against the Washington Capitals finished fourth in its category, racking up just 12% of the vote. Connor McDavid’s between the legs goal against the Stars was the winner with 31% of the vote.

Johnny Gaudreau sharing purple Gatorade with his linemates post-goal also lost, finishing third place in the best GIF category with 15% of the vote. Artemi Panarin doing whatever this is was the winner at 36%.

The NHL Fan Choice Awards, voted on directly by all fans of the league, is pretty inconsequential but the results only further proves Kent Brockman’s wise words:

Let’s hope for better results for the actual awards.