25Dustin Wolf
Photo Credit: Chris Mast/Everett Silvertips

Flames select Dustin Wolf at 214th overall

To end their 2019 draft, the Flames have broken from their forward-only draft mantra and have selected goaltender Dustin Wolf at 214th overall.

From the Everett Silvertips of the WHL, Wolf stands at a pretty small (relative to goalies) 6’0, weighing 161 pounds. Despite slipping to the seventh round, he put up an absurd .936 SV% in 61 games as the Tips’ starter, the best SV% of all regular goalies in the WHL.

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Pretty smart kid, too.

The Flames have no more picks remaining at the draft. They picked Jacob Pelletier on the first day, and have picked Ilya Nikolayev, Lucas Feuk, and Josh Nodler with their other picks today. There were no other transactions, though things could still happen.

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  • Baalzamon

    I can’t believe he was still there in the seventh round. I mean knew he would go later than his results indicated he should but man. I don’t know that I’ve ever been this pumped for a seventh rounder.

      • Nick24

        Speaks more to the quality of Wolf than to the other players drafted. Pelletier is probably the closest to being a blue chip but I thought Wolf was the #2 goalie in this draft. It’s crazy he was left available at 214. Just so happened the higher upside players had mostly dried up by 88. Feuk is pretty interesting. I’m excited to see what these players do next year. All seem solid, if unspectacular, outside of Wolf and Pelletier.

        • Garry T

          Nick 24 . Delving into Wolf, I found out he backed up and was tutored by Carter Hart. International numbers were good. His numbers were somewhat better than goaltenders drafted ahead of him. Chocolate from Edmonton and Mikey were not big boys but they were both athletic and challenged shooters. I think we might have stolen a goalie. Hope Sigalet is not around to screw him up when he is ready to make the move from junior to the pros.

          • Justthateasy

            All you have to do is look at his save percentage. Regardless of the quality of team he was on, it means he didn’t fall asleep and have lapses and let in dumb goals. He now knows what he is capable of and all he has to do is advance to the next levels. Love this acquisition.

    • Garry T

      Free the Flames … We have Yelesin the Russian, we have a new free agent signing from Sweeeeeden, we have the fellow we got from Montreal. There are guys going to be sent down early when teams hope they can sneak them through. I would be watching the waiver wire and picking up anything, forwards, D, whatever and whoever they have liked as Management this year and in the past. It did not hurt the Islander and it has not hurt Anaheim and Phoenix doing that. Just a thought for you free the flames

      • freethe flames

        How many are are young? How many have we drafted in the last few years? He did a great job drafting D a few years ago but the last couple of years we have not added to group.

    • Legend of Weevil

      Hanafin, Valimaki, and Andersson are all excellent defensemen under the age of 22 who should be great top 3 d-man, add Kylington to that whose floor is at least a bottom 3 defense and Calgary’s greatest strength in young players right now is defense.

  • Garry T

    Dustin Wolf is called under-sized but is actually six foot tall. My research on him shows he is very athletic, challenges shooters and has a great glove hand. Corner to corner coverage is really quick. Up and down movement
    excellent. Like the look of this guy. Very surprised Tre could not get deals done on Frolik and TJ this weekend. Maybe decided to keep both. I like Frolik so not terribly upset he remains a Flame and Brodie has his faults but
    if you let him go you have to replace him and we did not draft an NHL ready
    defender. Pulujjarvi has stated he is done in Edmonton and I looked at some of the goals he scored for Edmonton and this guy can skate and he goes for blood around the net. I really think there is potential there and would like to see what the Flames would have to give up to get him. Frankly he was not used properly according to some of those on the Edmonton Nation site and he would be worth a strong look.

  • freethe flames

    Here’s hoping that BT has set up some trades in the next few days. The Flames need to clear some cap space and need to move some players to create space. The good thing about this draft was that almost everyone we drafted was someone who dropped a few spots.

    • Kevin R

      I think the trades will be happening in early July. Once things shake out on UFA’s & the phantom offer sheeting stage, teams will need to look at short term other options. Demand is still there but the cost of RFA’s has put the trade market into quicksand.

      Wondering if we can swing a deal for Stone for Anderson with Ottawa. Maybe we sweeten it up a bit for them. Get our backup goalie bandaid with found money.