122Patrick Maroon
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Flames reportedly interested in Patrick Maroon (again)

The 2019 Free Agent Frenzy class might be one of the most loaded in recent memory. The Flames, despite cap difficulties, might be looking at plucking a few names out of that class, reportedly looking at free agent Pat Maroon from the champion St. Louis Blues.

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Maroon was a UFA target during last year’s frenzy, reportedly being close to a deal with the Flames before choosing to head home to St. Louis. With the Blues, he won the Stanley Cup, his most notable contribution being the game seven double OT game winner against Dallas in the second round. He picked up 10 goals and 28 points in 74 regular season games this season, and added seven points in the postseason.

Maroon checks some of the boxes the Flames might be looking for this offseason: he’s tough, has playoff experience, can play both wings, and can chip in with some bottom six offence. But the Flames should really be thinking this one through. They’ve been burned on adding playoff experienced veterans (James Neal, Troy Brouwer), and with Maroon having turned 31 this year, it’s unlikely he can maintain his level of play.

Signs of decline may already be present, as he posted his second lowest career points totals (27 points in 82 games during the 2015-16 season), and has seen some of his underlying numbers crumble. He’s still an effective defensive option (49.71 CA/60 with the Blues), but his offence is likely going to continue to crumble.

With Matthew Tkachuk’s extension and plenty of other areas to address, it’s hard to see how the Flames make this move. Evolving Wild’s contract projection model has him signing for around $3.5M AVV for three years.

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    • fretsey

      As long as we have a Multiple Owners (we do right?) every year will be “make it to the play-offs every year at all costs”
      I thought that when Sutter took over as GM that we would finally start building a team properly…build through the draft and develop our own talent,make Hockey trades to address picking BPA and team needs.ie: we have a surplus of D and need a Forward….hockey trade with a team who has a surplus on Forwards for D…stuff like that. You’d think that with all the Sutter connections in various positions with so many teams …Darryl would have had the best pulse on the league
      I honestly don’t think Ownership are interested in doing it right,it’s Play-offs or bust and to hell with draft picks

    • The Beej

      Could be good or bad depending on what the contract looks like.

      1 year at a around 1 mil would work. Anything above what St Louis gave him last year would be folly.

    • Off the wall

      If Treliving signs Maroon… then Treliving needs to find another job!
      I’m done with old retreads.
      Brouwer, Neal and now Maroon.

      Is Treliving becoming Chiarelli?

      • Justthateasy

        The guy has played the equivalent of 1 1/2 seasons and then gets almost no time off and you expect we’re going to get the same effort? Too late Tre on this guy. Remember, three strikes and you’re out. Just say no.

  • oddclod

    I like this cat at 25yrs. But for 10 goals or less…. In the bottom 6 at a discount only, I’ll take Perry.

    But alas we have James Brouwer to coddle for how many more years?

    FML this is not a dream

  • TriPPiNvdUb

    We don’t need face punchers, we need guys who are tough to play against, who punish opposing D in the corners and finish checks. Guys who will lean on you and have you looking over your shoulder when your trying to retrieve the puck. Hard pass on Patty unless it’s a one year deal

  • quinneroma

    I really hope this isn’t true. We don’t need more useless players, we need to get rid of Neal and Stone, trade Frolik, and perhaps Brodie, and that’s it! Let Dube play this year. Maroon is not a useful impactful player, unless he’s at 1 mil per year on our fourth line, but then why not just resign Hathaway?

  • slyall41

    We cannot ice JG mangy dube frolik lindholm as our wingers next year. Way way too soft. I would like to see them bring Ferland back. Him and Benny can provide that much needed grit. Lots of $$$ to be moved

    • Getpucksdeep

      Double check your work. Lindholm isn’t small and check the stats, he threw 82 hits and only Tkachuk, Bennett (120 each or so)and Hathaway with 200 threw more amoung forwards. Frolik’s an excellent 2 way forward who chips in. He’s a lefty and expendable but not bad. We need a bigger guy with a better RH shot in that spot IF it can be done. JG ain’t going anywhere, especially with that cap hit. Mangiapane Czarnik, Dube? are all 5,10 180 or under and with JG and Ryan we just can’t afford that many small guys no matter how good they look.

  • deantheraven

    Always liked the way Maroon plays the game and think he could have been a fit , back then. I wish he could finish his career at home, and I’m sure he does, too. He’d miss the hell out of his home and family.
    Stay in STL, Pat.
    Tre, shoot higher or stand pat. No need to add another 3.5 mil to the bottom six.

  • The Beej

    Sounds like Tre is working on Tkachuk contract right now and that is holding up Calgarys other moves. Once Tkachuk is done things will start to move once Tre knows how much cap space he has.

    Tkachuk is the only contract with such a projected variance where folks are saying he could get 7-10mil. 3 mil range in the prediction is quite large. No other RFAs are quite as puzzling.

    Once Tkachuk is done Tre will know the space he has and what he needs to do to make the improvements he wants to make.

    So it logically follows that Tkachuk is a priorty to get done before free agency starts.

  • Looooooob

    At least we had gotten rid of Brouwer before we signed Neal. Dropping one anchor for another just keeps your ship horizontal. Adding another anchor when you have one already starts to sink the ship.

  • WildfireOne

    I would take Donskoi. He’s only 27, and functionally replaces Frolik (look at their career stats) for probably less money.

    And as to why they’re not a playoff team, I actually don’t think it’s size that was the main problem. It’s zeal, ferocity, battle, grit, whatever you want to call the boot up the you-know-what (and spurs) that Dutter could wield as coach.
    Whenever they faced a determined opponent (like Dallas after the Stars lost for an entire straight week), the Flames wilted. That’s never going to cut it in the playoffs.

    • Off the wall

      Maroon and (backup goalie) Gillies and we expect to make the playoffs? Pfft…

      If that happens, we’re 9th, maybe 10th in the Conference!

      Without a true number 1 goalie and our lack of shortage on RW, notwithstanding Neal’s fine production and grit, we’re not making the playoffs, unless Treliving gets off his butt and does something useful.

      But counting on Maroon and Gillies is absolutely asinine!

      • Spider you muda&@#ker

        Geesh OTW whats with all the negativity? Been reading posts on here for a long time and could always count on your positive messages. Flames are a playoff team with the roster they have in my humble opinion. Unfortunately for everybody on here who want speed and skill, we have now seen the downside of not having enough sandpaper in the lineup. Maroon brings some of that to the roster I feel. Im not saying to sign him to a ridiculous contract but the flames are going to have to get more bodies who can play old school hockey. The NHL playoffs are a far cry from the regular season and alot of the high skill soft teams went out in the first round (TBL TOR CAL) Im all for getting guys who can play tight checking hockey and muck it up in the tough areas. Trash away lolol

          • Spider you muda&@#ker

            Hell yes I was thinking the same thing! Season hasn’t even started yet and fans are already writing off the playoffs haha. Lots to look forward too next year OTW, the young guys now have a taste of how hard the playoffs really are. I think the team and coaches will
            have a much different perspective on how to handle the season next year. I personally think Monohan Johnny and Lindholm were burnt out the last quarter of the season and I think BP will do a better job managing there ice time. It still doesn’t take away from the fact that this team has to get more sand paper. At this point finishing first means nothing just making the playoffs is all that matters.

          • freethe flames

            I turned 60 yesterday. I was hoping BT would give me a present and make some real news. But alas it did not happen. Keep smiling and telling stories; leave the grumpiness to others.

    • freethe flames

      As I said earlier I would love to see the Flames pursue Donskoi, Connolly, Hartman and I would be happy if Shaw was the piece coming back for TJ if a deal ever happens with the Habs. Hell if BT could get 2 of the 4 the RS would be entirely different. But again nothing happens until BT finds a way to create cap space. I don’t understand the reluctance to buyout Stone. Other teams who are waiting on their RFA’s and the threat of offer sheets are signing people and making trades.

  • Gus Fring

    We need a player that has both size and skill. That’s why we lost to Colorado. Like it has been said 100 times our skill players are small and our big guys play small.

    • Budgie

      I agree, I suggested trading Gadreau because of those reasons, now I realize 6.75 million is a good deal for a top ten scorer. The UFA and RFA markets are awful, teams will drive up the price of the RFAs with offer sheets. The league has to adjust it, Gadreau would probably get 9 mill for being too small for playoff hockey, or he would have to be put on a line with a couple of big physical forwards to create some space for him to score

  • Budgie

    No RFAs or UFAs the prices are far too high. Montreal is after Duchene, make a trade with them and let them pay Duchene, they have 8 mill cap space so they may deal away one of their top 6 to make some cap space.

  • Off the wall

    So I come home from a hard days work ( I gotta admit I spent a few minutes on FN) and Mrs Otw says, “ You’re cooking dinner Hun. I’ve had a hard day”

    Yet, Mrs Otw comes home sporting about 15 gifts from the students and faculty at her school ( tons of chocolates) and gift cards… and also went out for lunch with the tribe. Poor thing!

    I had to work in the frickin rain and was soaked and she had a hard day?!

    Not to mention, we’re going camping this weekend and I’ve got to get the trailer ready and I’m the slave when we camp..
    Mrs Otw loves camping, she gets to visit and sit down for the weekend. Otw has to work, setup trailer, cook, clean and do dishes, cut firewood.
    Mrs Otw is on Holiday. She doesn’t do work on Holidays!

    And you wonder why I’m sometimes grumpy? 🤪

      • Off the wall

        I’ll give ya the truck and trailer for the long weekend Bending Corners. It’s still got the Flames’ all over it. ( minus the Go Flames magnet)
        You’re welcome to take my family to Nanaimo with it.

        I’ll stay home and finally get much needed rest. I’ve been working 7 days a week for almost 3 months.

        Btw, my dog Johnny Sockey has a new habit. He pisses on my wife’s dog when she’s pissing…
        I’ll throw in some extra dog shampoo for ya! 😂

        I love my wife, but I need some REST… however, I guess I’m going camping…

        • BendingCorners

          I’d take you up on it but I’ll be in Kelowna for at least part of the weekend. Pretty sure Mrs. OTW prefers your company anyway – I don’t cook much. Hope you get some rest though, somehow.

  • Franko J

    Two stigmas that Treliving has faced since he became GM of this franchise are:

    First of goaltending. Since Treliving has taken over as GM he has failed epically in finding the next great goaltender to move this franchise into a Stanley Cup contender.

    Secondly, since his arrival he has tried to improve the team with “functional, skilled grit”. Whether it had more to do with Burke or not, first it was Bollig, then it was Brouwer, in between the Colburne’s and Chiasson’s. Next up was Ferland who looked to be a lock to fill the role, however, he disappeared for a good portion of last year before being traded. Then last summer he dipped into free agency again and thought he had the answer with Neal, which we all know by now is not the answer either. So Treliving instead trying to sign “slugs” and “post-apex” players like the Maroons please continue to trade for players that can actually keep up with the pace of today’s game. The game during the regular season is still predicated on speed and skill, while in the playoffs it is more about resiliency, detemination, grit and what the refs are willing to call and not call and of course goaltending.
    While Maroon might be able to help with a few games here and there in the playoffs, he really has little value to a team trying to make the playoffs.
    What the Flames really need in their lineup will not be answered by signing a player like Maroon. Now if Treliving would be able somehow or someway make a trade for someone like an Alex Tuch , or an Anthony Mantha, even Nichuskin from Dallas who has struggled, I would say that is a better step in the right direction. All guys who have some “size” but can play the game at a fast pace with some skill. The only guy we have had on our team that is remotely close to such a player is an UFA and there is little talk whether he will be back or not in Hathaway.
    So c’mon Treliving stay away from free agency and just focus on signing the most important RFA’s in house.

    • buts

      Bang on Franko….if nothing gets done outside the grease I’m fine but band aid goaltending is wrong. BT’s biggest need to address is goaltending. It was last year and has been a flaw since KIPPer left. Some grit and a top 6 winger also is needed.

    • freethe flames

      So who out there is really available; Vegas is not going to trade Tuch nor is Detroit going to give away Mantha. Nichuskin might be worth the gamble if the price is right but so far he has been a bust. I think we would be better off looking at some of the guys I have mentioned a number of times; Connolly(47 points on Washingtons 3rd line 27 or 28)Donskoi (37 points, 27 years olds), Hartman all guys who play hard, bring it most nights and have an offensive upside. They can all be had as FA but the problem as we sit is that BT does not have the cap space to sign any of them.