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Flames re-sign Rinat Valiev to one year contract

The Flames have crossed one item off their offseason to-do list, signing 24 year old RFA defenceman Rinat Valiev to a one year deal.

It’s a one year, two-way deal for the league minimum salary of $700,000. As noted by Cap Friendly, there’s a $110,000 AHL salary and a guarantee of $120,000 overall.

The Flames acquired Valiev right before the beginning of the 2018-19 season, coming over alongside Matt Taormina from Montreal in exchange for Brett Kulak. He spent the entire season in Stockton, with the exception of one call-up where he skated in warmups on an emergency basis.

The team still has RFAs Sam Bennett, Matthew Tkachuk, Andrew Mangiapane, David Rittich, and Ryan Lomberg to sign.

  • The Red Knight

    Are there any writersthatthink outside the box ? Most of these articles are all the same , change it up a bit ! Boring talking about goalies and talking about what hasn’t been done , it’s copy and paste zzzzzzzzz………zzzzzzzzzz. Rittich this Rittich that who cares he’s a back up at best write about someone else for once !!!

    • Jobu

      Not that Jobu is agreeing with Mr. Knight, but here’s a suggestion box item:

      Jobu understands that this is Flamesnation, but wonders why we don’t write up about other teams activities more often. Plenty of stuff to talk about there, especially stuff in our division/conference. Plus every Flames fan loves an Oilers or Canucks trashtalk article – the Chiarelli Farewell article was GREAT! Or how about Jim Benning’s bumblings.

      And if you wanted you could always add the “how does this move impact the Flames” section to keep it relevant.

      • Albertabeef

        If you want to read about other teams, go to their sites. This is for Flames stuff, not other team stuff. It’s bad enough they do Hitmen and the Inferno. Trash talking the Oilers is boring and lame. Lid of feels like picking on a handicapped kid.

  • drogon

    The Calgary Flames announce today that they have signed forward Ryan Lomberg and defenceman Rinat Valiev each to a one-year, two-way contracts with an AAV of $700,000.

    • Kevin R

      Easy stuff done & Magpie should be fairly simple as well. The fun stuff will be the last 3. Anyone read Staples article that the Oilers might target Bennett for a trade because Flames are tight on the cap. Hahahahaha, they’re just gushing with cap space themselves lol. As if Flames would ever trade them Benny.

      • Albertabeef

        Rumor mill says it almost happened. He was gonna send Benny with Neal for Lucic, until he found out Lucic needed expansion protection. Don’t trust Tre!

        • Garry T

          Bennett and Neal for Lucic? Somebody take Tre’s phones away from him and see if they have a room available for him in Ponoka. Anyone making that deal should be institutionalized.

          • Albertabeef

            I have never hid the fact I’m not a fan of Tre. I just think if these trade rumors have any truth to them it really makes me question him even more. Tre was ready to pull the trigger but some GM from some other team saved our butts. The Kadri deal, not just a rumor as Kadri put the kibosh on it. Zucker deal was a time issue I think, didn’t they run out of time or something? Sure he’s gotten value contracts from our RFA’s but his pro player targeting among other issues has been questionable. Like I say as well I give credit to scouts and luck for the drafts. The best grade I could give Tre at most would be a “C” grade. However just now thinking of a line of Lomberg-Kadri-Lucic, and call it either the “Suspension Bridge” or “Suicide Squad” lol

    • everton fc

      I bet Lomberg makes the team out of camp, as an extra forward. And I bet Valiev challenges for that extra defencive spot, if Brodie and/or Stone, are moved. Both Lomberg and Valiev would add some grit up here. Valiev’s a big kid, not afraid of contact, who can actually scrap. I like these signings.

  • Fat Tony

    Okay then. Next lets try either trading away Frolik or Brodie, both of which seems inevitable at this point, and get our starting goalie and future captain signed.

      • Kevin R

        Not sure why you think Brodie & Frolik are un-tradeable? They both are very much functional NHLer’s, Brodie is at worst a 2nd pairing dman & Frolik is a defensibly responsible 3rd line forward. Both on 1 year remaining deals.
        Non playoff teams like Ottawa could easily acquire these guys for picks well below market value & flip them at the Trade deadline for a profit. At the TDL, Brodie & Frolik would be well up there on the TSN Trade Bait lists.
        But Im sure Tre would like a better return but if its for cap space needed, Im sure he could pull the trigger pretty easy. My point being, its the return not the tradability of these players. Stone on the other hand, I agree, I dont see much of a market

        • Albertabeef

          I didn’t say they were “un-tradeable”, just that Tre has been trying. Maybe he really hasn’t liked the return and other times $hit happens like Kadri. But when I see Tre target guys like Kadri and Lucic I feel like he is trying to make a move just to make a move and not actually improve the team. It took me a while just to stomach the thought of oily stinky Talbot on out team(as I said I accepted it ! lol), and IDK the thought of Lucic might push me over the edge. There was also that failed TDL trade with Minny for Zucker. I still think Hamonic and Brodie should sign one year extensions so they don’t need protecting at the draft. Sometimes you just have to let money fall off the books to reload. Frolik for a 3rd round pick at the TDL I can live with.

  • Luter 1

    I don’t like the fact that we ended up with this guy in a trade for Kulak who has proven to be very serviceable and improved tremendously when given opportunity in Montreal. Another bad trade by Tre.

    • KootenayFlamesFan

      I always thought Kulak was a decent third pairing guy – nothing more. I think moving him had something to do with the D prospects we had coming in. I think that will still be the case going forward, and that he won’t be missed other than as a 7th D. He looks better in Montreal because their D is a shambles anyway. He was never going to get us any further than we will presently go.

    • Albertabeef

      If Tre hadn’t signed Stone to that extension we would probably still have Kulak at a mil cheaper. Maybe even not have gone after Hanifin with Valimaki coming up. D could have been
      Could have traded Hamilton straight up for Lindholm, maybe even thrown in Aho for Ferland and Fox. I don’t normally play the “what if” game, but here is one lol.