Photo Credit: Perry Nelson/USA Today Sports

Drew Doughty doesn’t like visiting Calgary

Friends, in case you were on the fence about Los Angeles Kings defenseman Drew Doughty, here’s another reason to dislike that individual. Speaking with the media in Edmonton on Friday prior to the Kings’ loss to the Oilers, Doughty shared a shocking tidbit: he prefers visiting Edmonton to visiting Calgary.

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While Doughty has developed a very special relationship with Flames forward Matthew Tkachuk over the past few seasons – one built entirely on mutual respect and admiration, I’m sure – the Flames and Kings have become pretty significant rivals.

The emergence of Johnny Gaudreau as a top-flight NHL star coincided with a hat trick he scored at Staples Center in 2014 in the final game before the Christmas Break. The Flames famously killed the Kings’ playoff hopes in 2015 in their last home game of the season. Heck, Jarome Iginla’s last game in the Saddledome as a player came as a member of the Kings – and featured Iginla nearly fighting Mark Giordano.

As for Doughty? Perhaps the reason he loves winning in Calgary so much is that he hasn’t done in an overwhelming amount: in 23 trips to Calgary over his career, he’s only been on the winning side of 12 visits (just over half).

The Flames host the Kings on Saturday night in the late game on Hockey Night in Canada.

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