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Good (K)Night to Stockton

Everyone keeps telling me we live in an ever-changing world. The changes finally caught up with ol’ SF. For the past three seasons I have been honored to provide first-hand reports for all Flames prospects in Stockton. Sadly, I will be hanging up my keyboard, as Mrs. Finest and I have moved out of state. While this will serve as my final article, I will still provide my thoughts on the numerous posts from the fine writers here at FlamesNation.

We will still be enjoying live AHL hockey in our new city, sporting our Heat gear when they come to town twice a year. A road trip to various California cities is not out of the question, especially when we return to the Stockton area for family visits. Calgary trips will continue along with a few other Canadian cities mixed in (a Flames – Oilers home-and-home, Vancouver, Winnipeg?).

We have made a lot great friends, and acquired a few haters, during this time. During our first visit to Calgary in 2018, we met Mickey O (brother, where art thou?) after the game to discuss all things hockey.  In 2019 and 2020, we caught up with FreetheFlame and Skylardog, with Ari joining us after the game. We also met fellow FlamesNation fans at the games between periods.

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In Vancouver, The Fall, C-Fan in Van, and OTW met up with us in 2019 to pre-game before the game. OTW made the trip again to Vancouver in 2020, where we celebrated a win with many Flames fans at Red Racer Taphouse.

Lastly, SydScout, on his way to Chicago, made an overnight stop in San Francisco to catch a Heat game with us. He made out like a bandit with the number of gifts the Heat staff showered him with, all because of a little accent.

I want to thank Ari Yanover for the invitation and support in writing about my observations as a fan while sitting in Section 109 Row 7.  I want to thank Ryan Pike for continuing the support and allowing me to provide a first-hand account of the games that FlamesNation fans would not be able to read about in game recaps or see in a four-minute video highlight reel. I want to thank the entire FlamesNation community for supporting Mrs. Finest and I during these past three years. Lastly, I want to thank my editor, Mrs. Finest, for challenging me to provide a better post after my initial draft. I am positive the readers noticed the difference from my first post to this final one.

I will miss writing a blog about my beloved Heat but will still provide live updates in the comment section of the most-current post when Stockton visits the Henderson Silver Knights. That’s right, we have relocated to Las Vegas, the home of the original heat. I guess I need to be referred to as LVF now (Mrs. Finest will always be Mrs. Finest wherever we go). So, when you visit Sin City, drop me a line and we can spend some time talking hockey over a beer or two. My email remains [email protected].

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Unless Calgary (or SJ for Mrs. F) are in town

Go Heat Go!