Betway Bets of the Day: Calgary Flames vs Boston Bruins

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Shane Stevenson
1 year ago
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The Bruins are an absolute wagon – correction they are THE wagon in the NHL this season. The Bruins main strength is that their goaltenders have absolutely played lights out for them this year while also having enough above average shooters in the forward ranks to outperform their expected goals consistently. Calgary, on the other hand, can’t make a save OR outperform their chances in any way. If Boston wasn’t on a back to back I’d say there wasn’t a more perfect storm for a Flames loss this year.

Primary Bet – Boston Bruins Moneyline (-134)

A $1 Bet here pays out $1.75. Look at the Bruins record and this should be an automatic – no matter who they play. Everything they do this season is an example of what to do led by maybe the best defenceman nobody talks about in Charlie McAvoy. Not to mention Pastrnak, Bergeron, Marchand… yeah, you should bet on the Bruins.

Secondary Bet – Linus Ullmark to get 30+ Saves (-134)

Again a $1 bet pays out $1.75. Calgary is really good at shooting the puck from low danger areas and Ullmark is really good at stopping the puck from all areas. There is a lower line at 26+ saves and a higher line to at 35+ saves, but this in the sweet spot seems most likely. Boston will possess the puck more than Calgary’s usual opponents so going any higher is too risky for myself.

Tertiary Bet – Anytime Goal Scorer David Pastrnak (-112)

A $1 bet pays out $1.90. The lowest odds for a Flames player to score was +175, goes to show you how great Pastrnak’s reputation and results have to be for him to come with a negative line here. I have no doubt he could rip one by Vladar tonight – he’s a shooter first but can make you pay if you overcommit.

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